Two Old Men at Nudist Camp Inspected My Young Wife for Ticks .

I’ve been sharing stories about our many weekend adventures at the nudist colony we belonged to in the California foothills. My wife was 20 and I was the old man she said , really? I was 27 . Among the many twisted sexual things that she dedicated her life to was being a exhibitionist..One of many reasons I fell for her when she was in highschool.

Many people have asked me about gonna a nudist resort or whatever you want to call them. I don’t know anything about other nudist places , but where we went, no sexual activity was allowed in view of other people. It was a family establishment , kids of all ages and many retired people were there.

But if you were young and really gorgeous , with long blonde hair and nicely enhanced boobs , backed up with a perfect ass you got tons of attention . And therein lies the reason we were regular members. We took my son from my first marriage with us for years, he grew up around his naked stepmom. That eventually led to many naughty things, but that’s another set of stories for another time .

She had earlier in our relationship taught me the erotic pleasure of being a vouyer , from watching her fucking my choice of my best friends to porn style sex with my older step brother..Her grandpa had turned her into a nyphomainiac early in life , but again that’s yet another lengthy set of stories . The takeaway here is she really liked much older men .Not to fuck usually , but to let some nice old guy get to see a genuine young pussy . Something that they hadn’t viewed in decades.

The main part of the colony had a couple of swimming pools and tennis courts. People wandered around or sat in front of their cabins or motorhomes , kids running around and playing, very typical stuff , except that everyone was nude .Up to the east side of the camp was a small lake , maybe 200 acres. What we really liked was the mile or more of nice trails that went around the lake , through the willow trees and up into the hills .

There were a lot of nice redwood benches scattered along the trails, many were secluded , and the best part was not many people were ever on the trails .We all the time carried a couple of beach towels to sit on and gallon size beverage dispenser , Long Island Ice tea was our favorite thing then .

We were sitting on a bench that was at the furthest uphill side of the lake. We could see way down the the hill and saw two older guys slowly coming up the trail. We recognized them , they all the time said hello to us in the camp . And try as they may , they couldn’t stop staring at my wifes boobs and the lack of pubic hair..My wife, Annie all the time smiled and stood closer than necessary to them when we encountered them in camp .

Annie and I were feeling the alcohol , and I had been rubbing her clit before we saw the old guys slowly coming up the hill. Our bench was about eight feet back from the trail in the deep shade of a big willow tree.

Annie whispered ” you please just play along , when they get here , ask if they can help us ” . I started to ask what the hell she was talking about and then they were in front of us , Annie jabbed me in the ribs with her elbow , so I said ” hey , could you guys please help us ?” . They were looking at Annies titties as they walked under the willow branches and stood in front us .

They were both in their seventies I guessed , slim with white hair and both their cocks were dangling in front of my young wife . Annie had her knees together and was smiling up at the old guys .” I’m sorry to interrupt your walk but I’m worried , we heard that ticks were around now and they carry viruses . ” One guy said that it was true , they all the time used a insect spray before walking up here in the hills . Annie was rubbing suntan lotion on her hardening nipples as he spoke .

She was looking from one to the other guy as she smeared the oil on her plump boobs, their eyes glued to her hard nipples. “Do you think suntan lotion will keep me safe? . They softly replied ” maybe , it’s worth a shot” . She then said ” my real issue is kinda complicated , my husband and I haven’t seen a tick on someone before, and my silly husband forgot his glasses .”

They seemed confused , but I noticed that thier old cocks had grown a little watching my wife twirling her nipples in front of them. ” Well Honey what’s he need glasses for may we ask? ” Annie innocently looked up at the old guys and said ” I think I may have a tick on me , and it’s in a place I can’t see and , well he’s useless without glasses.” I have a few small moles or beauty marks but this may be different. This is in an embarrassing place , maybe I shouldn’t even have interrupted your stroll she quietly said as she was batting her eyes at them.

She continued with ” you guys are so nice and you remind of my dear grandpa , he always let me be naked with him , I loved him so much . ” “Oh honey , that’s really sweet , of course you can trust us ! Where is this naughty tick darling ?” Annie finally moved her hands from her puffy pussy and opened her legs just a bit, and looking up at them whispered loudly ” it’s somewhere by my , she paused for a second , by my little cunny she said with her eyes looking down at her freshly waxed pussy lips . ”

The old guys were obviously thrilled , Annie told me to get up and make sure nobody else was around . She put one beach towel on the ground in front of the bench. She asked them if they could get on their knees in front of her . And probably in the fastest the old guys had moved in years they went to their knees in front of my young wifes legs .

Annie was smiling as she moved her bottom to the edge of the bench right in front of the old gentlemen . I told them that there was nobody in site as far as I could see . Okay , thanks babe ..Then she said ” l’m really embarrassed but are you guys ready to help me ? ” She leaned way back and slowly spread her legs so wide that both the guys were enclosed within her spread .

They immediately began whispering to each other ” oh my goodness , she has no hair , it’s so smooth and and oh goodness that’s so beautiful ” “Please feel free to touch me down there , please look for anything wrong , ” The weathered old hands stroked her soft smooth thighs and gently touched her cunnys lips. They had their heads together as they got within inches of her pussy .

She put her hand on her thigh and touched a small brown freckle an inch from her little brown asshole . ” Is this a tick? “she asked the old fellas. They took turns inspecting the freckle and assured my wife that it wasn’t a tick . She was soaking wet and in a trembling voice said” Oh good , thank you so much ” Then she said ” you guys have made me feel very nice down there , I know it’s against the colony rules but.. will you please do anything you would like to do to my pussy ? my husband and I would like that , right daddy? she said to me as I stood guard ” . Yes baby that’s fine I answered .

Look what you have done to my pussy , Annie put her hands on both sides of her cunt and spread her lips aside and her swollen clit stood up hard and glistening wet .. She stayed like that as the guys took turns sucking and licking her from her asshole to her swollen clit .. She asked them to finger her until she finally started shaking and violently squirted all over them..

They stood up and watched her pull herself together and closed her legs . She smiled and asked ” would you guys like to fuck my young pussy? it’s perfectly okay ? ” They both leaned down and kissed her cheeks. ” We thank you so much for making such a beautiful experience for two old guys.. you are an angel. . But neither of us could handle fucking someone as young and sexy as you , and we both are extremely old school , we are married and this was the closest we ever came to cheating. ..Can we kiss you ” down there” again sometime ?”


NSFW: yes

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