Two needy single sluts at a private adult-only pool party, what could go wrong? Well, they figured we are just hoes… [26F]

So I met this guy some time ago at work and he’s loaded, like literally loaded with cash, not my type tbh but at some point I was even close to agreeing to him becoming my sugar daddy for a short while XDDD

Anyways he kept inviting me to a pool party at some place he rents out with friends every now and then, I was keen to go but well, didn’t feel like going alone to a party where I only (barely) know the host, fortunately some time ago my friend got single and when I met him again she was there and I asked about the parties so maybe both of us go. He invited us over and straight away went like “well but be aware that it’s like late night pool party with tons of drinks and stuff might happen”.

So the party went down, we came to the spot and he was kind enough to go out and pick us up. When we arrived you could instantly notice there was like 2x more guys than girls, total of perhaps 25-30 people, with some girls already in the pool and jacuzzi topless, with guys all over them. We undressed as well and went to a bar, where it turned out all drinks are for free paid upfront, how convenient.

The place wasn’t gigantic, but had a decent sized pool, two large jacuzzis and they quickly shut the lights down, leaving just some faint coloured ones on. The dudes were obviously all over us from the begin, it was kinda hard to guess who’s hand is touching me underwater and tbh after few margaritas I couldn’t care less.

Shit went down soon enough, first sight was when I was on my way to the bathroom. I saw one of the girls I met before sucking some dudes cock on her fours with two of his friends sitting next to him on a couch like nothing happens. When I came back from the bathroom my girlfriend was already braless, surrounded by guys keen to move the party upstairs where there were some more couches. I went with them. Braless too of course.

At some point we just literally started giving guys blowjobs like candy. We were both sitting on a large sunbed just next to the pool, surrounded by guys standing above us with their cocks out. There were 5 of them and all of them were taking turns using our mouths. Then we moved to the larger couches. Few of them were already taken by couples or groups. Finally we found one that was free. It was 4 guys and 2 of us, so you can guess what happened – we both got spitroasted. I think every single one of them used both my pussy and mouth, at that point it was quite dark and I was both alcohol and dick drunk. I haven’t had sex like this before, duh I barely had sex outside a regular long-term relationship before. And now I had four strangers fuck me and my friend on a couch in some sort of a club with pools and jacuzzis. I had one of them finish all over my tits and belly while another kept fucking my mouth while I was still laying on the couch until he came too, first in my mouth and then covering my face and adding to the load already covering my chest.

I sat back up and had a drink looking at my friend still getting railed doggy on another coach by what I wondered was another guy. Turned out it was actually the guy who invited us over. When he finished he pointed us to bathrooms where we could clean ourselves.

In the bathroom we both tried to comprehend what happened but were too drunk to come to any conclusion other than “we’re a pair of dumb fucking sluts” xD They just used us like free hoes. Turned out most of the girls there are sugarbabes of guys that came and their friends pay them shittons of money for this sort of “events” so they bring the bitches. This night we were the bitches.

When leaving few hours and perhaps few blowjobs later the dude who invited us over asked if he can distribute our numbers with some of his friends. They are looking for dumb hoes like us. Lol. It was the first time in my life someone called me a dumb hoe and I actually had to agree.

NSFW: yes

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