Twice in one night (M27 & F28)

I did this with my ex, but it’s still a time I think about a lot.

My GF’s kids were going over to stay the night at a friends house, she texted me to come over and told me to bend her over the washing machine. When I stepped in her apartment she was wearing a black bra and black leggings. I was hard before, but this almost made my dick fly off my body.

I begin by ripping off her leggings and lifting her onto the kitchen counter and eating her out. She loved when I fingered her, so I do exactly that, while continuing sucking on her clit. After a few minutes of driving her crazy, she pushes me against the wall and throats my cock. She liked to get really messy, left my cock soggy as hell.

I bent her over the washing machine and we begin fucking. She was tight and wet, her moaning really started to get me close. I pull out and bust on her ass, I just stood there for a moment as my cum was dripping down her ass.

We cleaned up and I made her dinner.

A few hours later, we are sitting on the couch watching a movie (I don’t remember which one). She grabs a big blanket and we snuggle each other. About 30 minutes into the movie, she grabs my hand and places it on her pussy. I look over to her and we make out. I slip my hand past her panties and finger her again, she’s as wet as when we had sex earlier. I begin kissing her neck when she whimpers, “Let’s go upstairs, I want you to fuck me again.”

We run upstairs and take each other’s clothes off, I begin hitting her from behind when she grabs a vibrator from her nightstand and uses it. She’s now shaking so hard that her vagina pushes me out, she then squirts on her bed. I flip her over and she shoves me down, she mounts me and rides the holy hell out of me. She licks the vibrator as she is now beginning to scream (she lived in a townhome, and it was almost midnight, she said that none of her neighbors complained the next day).

As I’m about to cum again, she gets off me and starts blowing me again. “I want to swallow your load” she exclaims. After a couple more seconds, she opens her mouth and I precede to cum in her mouth and on her face. That was the hottest sex I’ve ever had, I get bricked up still thinking about sometimes.

NSFW: yes

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