TW; rape, rape fantasy

I could tell that it was early morning, by the silence coming from outside my window. I quickly grabbed my phone from my nightstand to see if I had received any messages, but when I tried to open my phone, a black screen stared back at me. That was strange, I wondered to myself, I was certain that I had plugged my phone into the charger before I had gone to bed last night. I peered over my bed, where my charger at all times stayed plugged in, and let out a quick breath, it was gone.  

I frantically looked around my room to see if anything else looked out of place. Living by yourself, as a girl, you at all times seemed to be on edge. I slowly and quietly moved to the edge of my bed, as I placed one foot on the floor, making sure I didn’t hit that one floorboard that at all times squeaked. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I tiptoed towards my bedroom door, and placed my ear against the wooden frame. I could hear a faint noise coming from the living room, but I couldn’t remember if I had left the TV on last night, or if it was something else. I steadily grabbed the door handle, moving it ever so slightly, to make sure that I wasn’t seen or heard. Once the door was slightly cracked, I squinted around to see if I was just imaging things and being too paranoid. When I determined that nothing looked different, I opened the door wider, stepping out into the open. Right as I began to walk towards the kitchen, a hand was placed over my mouth from behind me. I could feel my heart begin to race, my eyes popped, as I tried to flip around to see who was grabbing hold of me. Whoever it was, had a strong grip on my body, I couldn’t even flinch, without his arm squeezing tighter around my neck. I breathed in and out through my nose, I could feel the anxiety creeping in through every pore of my body. His breath was hot and heavy against my ear, I could feel my body starting to go limp. He pushed me onto my couch, making sure I couldn’t turn around. I heard him jostling around behind me, wondering what he was gonna do to me, until I felt the cold metal handcuffs being tightened around my wrists. He swiftly unbuttons his pants, and pulls my silk pajama bottoms to my knees. Without hesitation, I begin to feel him thrusting his hard cock into me. My face started to burn with embarrassment, as I let out of moan from the desire I was beginning to feel. From the window, I could only see a faint shape of a tall figure as he continued to dominated my body. As he started to increase the strength and pace, I could hear my moans fill up the room. My body begins to shake, and I let out one final moan as I feel my cum dripping down his hard cock. I turn around and stare up at a familiar face, and I breathlessly say, “that was my favorite fantasy babe” he looks down at me and lets out a soft laugh, swooping me up in one quick motion, leading me back towards the bedroom. I let out a soft moan, I know what is coming next…

NSFW: yes

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