Truth or dare

So we got into an adult game of truth or dare with some new friends and my wife’s brother, who happens to be gay, which in hindsight was a enormous mistake but whatever. Clothes started coming off pretty quickly because everyone is horny and perverted. One of the dares for my wife’s brother was to pull her thong down with his teeth, which he did with a smile and smacked her ass afterward lol so it was very xxx right away. I wasn’t complaining because 2 of the girls were about 22/23 with perfect bodies and I got some dares with them. I’m pretty sure everyone had my wife’s tits in their mouth at one point, including a dare with two guys licking whipped cream off her nipples while she was holding their dicks, she was loving it…and so was I tbh. It was definitely the wildest game we’d ever played. At the end of the night after everyone was gone I ended up getting head from wifey with brother watching and nutting on both of them.

NSFW: yes

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