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Sunday night, shenanigans! Non fiction (M29, F47)

I really have been down recently with meeting people, or it just not working out to meet. I wondered I’d try again, though. So, I reached out to a guy on the app I’ve been using to meet people. we begin talking all the small talk , all the beginning ground work, but this time it was sort of different. We just seem to fall into a good flow of conversating back-and-forth. Our schedules weren’t quite meshing so it took about 2 weeks for us to discover a time that would work for us both.

We finally had an opportunity to meet and see if there was a connection in real life rather than just online. So that happened last Sunday night , we picked a place that wasn’t too far away but away from prying eyes. I picked my outfit, a short pair of jean shorts, and a loose top that had open shoulders. Nice cleavage and some gold sandals. I get to the place first , I notice that it is a little busy, so I texted him to let him know that I was there and was going in to grab a table. I get sat down and settled. I’m a little nervous.

The waitress brings me some water. I see that he is coming in, I stand up, and we hug . He sits across from me, and we have a little small talk as we look over the menu. He looks good wearing and white and black it almost looks fuzzy shirt , black jeans he smells good as well. He has deep brown eyes and full lips. All my nerves disappear as we continue to talk about families. Jobs. We eat, and I had offered to pay since he had to drive a little further than I did. He wasn’t having it. I go to the bathroom, and he pays while I’m away.

We headed out, and he asked me if I wanted to get dessert, but I didn’t really know where we would go , we were in a strip mall area so I asked him if we could just walk a bit. He was cool with that, so we walked down the sidewalk talking at one point. I asked if I could hold his hand, and he said sure. So we were holding hands and talking. we came to the end of the sidewalk, so we were turning around, and there was a park bench, so we sat down. we continued to talk and laugh.

He put his arm around me, playing with my hair just a little bit. I love that. Then he leaned into me, and we kissed for the first time. Oh man that was a good kiss. We kiss a bit more . He asked if I had any water in my truck and so we headed to my truck. I actually brought a small bag cooler that I had brought water in. Just incase . I get the hint that we will be finding a place to park and continue our make out session.

So I pull out and begin looking for a place that would be not to obvious and close enough to other cars so not to stand out. We end up driving back behind the strip mall and parking near where employees park. I leave the truck running and get in the backseat he slides over the console and meets me back there. We begin kissing and hands everywhere. He lifts my shirt and I pull out my tit and he sucks on it before he wants in my pants. I unbutton them and pull them down he leans me back on the seat and takes off my panties and spreads me open and puts his fingers in my wet pussy.

Then he starts licking and eating me. I’m moaning and breathing hard. He makes me cum then squirt he takes his wet messy fingers and sticks them in my mouth. I lick them clean. I’m getting very sweaty but so turned on. He sticks his fingers back into my wet pussy and watches them move in and out of me. Making noises as he watches them disappear. I lean up and I want him in my mouth.

He undose his pants and pulls them off as I slip my shorts on for just incase. I begin rubbing on his hard cock as he takes his shirt off we have been kissing in between these things me tugging on his bottom lip with my teeth. I kneel down on the floor board and take him in my mouth and suck, lick and playing with his balls, licking them . Then taking his hard cock again to the back of my throat sucking him. I come up his hands wrapped in my hair he is jerking on himself as I catch my breath and I take him back in my mouth as he cums in it and I swallow. Lick my lips and sit back before I come back to kiss his mouth.

The next thing I know he is leaning me back on the seat again saying did you think I was done. Pulling my short leg to the side and puts his face back into my still dripping pussy. Fingers back in, I soak the seat , my shorts. He continues for a little bit more before sitting down again. I’m sweating and shaking.

I sit up and we kiss some more. He pulls on his clothes and we just sit there kissing and he is rubbing all over me. He just hangs out with me. We talk kiss. Rub, repeat. It was getting lateish so we call it a night. I drive him over to his car. We kiss goodnight and part methods. I want to see him again so badly.

NSFW: yes

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