tried a little fake non-con with my boyfriend, now we both love it – Short Sex Story

the first time my boyfriend and I did cnc we had both talked about how rape was awful but it was a fantasy we both had sometimes, i think I was the one who wanted him to “rape” me more than he had been thinking about it but we were both really innocent about it or at least pretending to be.

We agreed that we would try it like we were just making out and he was taking it too far and wouldn’t stop. we didn’t have a real “safe word” unless me being like “NO REALLY I MEAN IT” would be a safe word. I remember talking about would I fight back? And he was fine with that he just asked would i pretty please not scratch his eyes or kick him in the balls! And I wondered that was pretty fair, but other than that he could handle me pretty easy since I’m a runt compared to him.

we watched a netflix and then we were on the couch and we started making out. it was a good makout and he started kissing down my neck and feeling up my shirt and I told him he could feel up my shirt but we probably wouldn’t have sex, okay? And he was like, well, we’ll see. so we kept making out and I let him take my shirt off and kiss my boobs. then he wanted to begin taking off my pants and i started to tell him no. At first he just kept kissing me and he put my hands down my pants but then he would keep trying to get them down and I would keep trying to keep them up, he started getting pushier and pushier and telling me how bad he wanted me, it had me SO turned on.

after a while he really started pulling my pants down and got them halfway to my knees, i started squirming and fighting him and telling him I wanted him to stop, at that point we were playing for real and I was trying really hard to push him off me but I didnt have a chance getting away from him. He got his dick out and I squirmed a lot (and I was calling him names like asshole and jerk) and for a while he couldn’t get inside me because I was twisting and fighting him so much but eventually he flipped me over and shoved his cock in my pussy from behind and I was so horny I came almost immediately, he started fucking me hard and I was still moaning and crying and telling him to get off me and that I hated him, he was telling me I felt so fucking good, i came again and then he came inside me and we both started laughing because we hadn’t realized how sexy it would be to pretend he was raping me and how much we’d like it, we were both a little embarrassed but we’ve done it a lot since then and we love it!

NSFW: yes

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