train bathroom – Short Sex Story

So it all started when I needed to take a leak on train, I go in to the bathroom and it’s one of those really weird doors that slides to the side when u press a button, so I go in and press the button that closes the door and I believed that this button also locked the door “it did not”. I unzip my trousers and begin to take a leak the toilet is on the wall on the same side of the door which is to my right, all of a sudden the door slides open and in walks a women in her mid 30s and her attention is immediately drawn to me , her eyes dart down to my Penis and she goes red in the face but doesn’t leave instead she presses the button to shut the door. I go to cover myself but at this point i am mid flow and there is no stopping, she smiles at me and then she’s says “I’m sorry for walking in on you, I hope u don’t mind I was already in here and didn’t want anyone else to see you”. I finish what I’m doing and shake off at which point she pulls down her trousers and underwear revealing her trimmed vaginavand sits down on the toilet, I haven’t even managed to put my dick away and now she is face level with it. She smiles at me from her sitting position and I am stunned and speechless she reaches out her hand and brushes my now hard cock gently she looks up at me smiles and starts to stroke me, after a few seconds she takes my cock in her mouth and starts to rotate her tongue round the head of my cock, she then takes it out of her mouth and suck on my balls running her tongue along my shift and then taking my cock back In her mouth she sucks me like this for a few minutes getting faster and deeper. I remove my cock from her mouth and kiss her deeply then crouch down she moves forward on the toilet seat so that I can get access to her vagina I eagerly run my tongue along her inner lips and taste her a mixture of her arousal and fresh piss meets my taste buds and I continue to lick her till she starts to stiffle moans. She stands up and bends over with her hands on the sink and I slide my dick into her wet inviting pussy and start to slowly pump my cock onto her while rubbing her clit. With each thrust I can hear her quite moans as we both get closer to climax after a few minutes pass we both cum and we quickly dress she gives me one last kiss then exits the bathroom first.

NSFW: yes

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