Took my wife out on a date!

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Well as most married couples will tell you, that 8f you don’t take the time to date your spouse someone else will! So, my wife and I have religious date nights and lately we have been getting into different types of couples fun and exploring our wilder sides!

We get to Friday and we had started texting and speaking with different couples on numerous different socials networks about meeting up and playing together. We had a date set up but that fell through and nothing seemed to be the right time yet or either side decided there wasn’t enough interest yet! So, the wife and I go out together by ourselves!

We decided to go to a local bar scene here and went to one that has good food and live music! We ate, had some drinks, and danced with each other and had a absolute blast! Once we had our fill of dancing and wanted to switch up the vibe we decided to go to a quieter joint about a block away to be able to talk!

Something about the air that night we were feeling each other and making out in public so much we were wired and ready to go home! I took my gorgeous wife back home and took care of her only the way I know how (read previous posts they are very fun!) We took our time together, played in everyway we could think of, and had gone after each other for a couple rounds and shared with friends that couldn’t make it via Snapchat so they could still be in on all of the fun!

It was amazing and I can not wait to continue our adventure together!

NSFW: yes

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