Tom’s first visit to Ash, an escort [MF] [feet] [30s]

It was Toms first every visit to any sort of sex worker. Since his relationship had broken down a few months earlier, he had been feeling low in confidence and despite feeling horny hadn’t taken up his mates offers of nights out.

Tom had been following Ash’s Twitter for a few years. She was a model and had done some erotic videos that he’d first found online when searching for the niche woman he really desired.

Tim had a real love of a specific type of woman. He loved a “mom bod” especially a woman with saggy tits, a stomach covered in stretch marks and if he could discover all three, a pussy with big labia.

Ash had all these things. For years she was his go to porn video star and she’d never fail to satisfy so when she offered a foot fetish session on her social media, Tom couldn’t and had no reason to withstand.

After a few messages had been exchanged a time, date and place was set. Tom’s heart had been racing at the messaging point, god knows what he’s be like on the day.

Ashleigh had agreed that Tom would be the first person she saw that day. Tom had requested she not be freshly showered that morning and that Ash be dressed in gym wear for their meet at her apartment.

Tom’s heart was in his mouth and his stomach in knots as he knocked on a plain wooden front door in a modern development.

A few moments later the door was opened and there she stood. Exactly as Tom had hoped. His fantasy woman of probably a decade there in front of him dressed as he’d asked. Ash’s long blond hair was tied up in a pony tail, her make up was light and she was stood wearing a crop top style gym bra, short gym pants, long white socks and trainers. “Hello, you must be Tom” she grinned and spoke warmly. “Hey you alright” replied Tom nervously.

She was shorter than he imagined. Her tits looked perfect in the top and the sight of her scarred mum tum turned Tom on more than he’d expected.

After a few formalities (payment) Tom was in the apartment kitchen talking to Ash. He explained how she was his fantasy woman, for how long he’d watched her videos and how shit he’d been feeling recently. Whether she did or not Ash seemed interested and flattered. She poured Tom a drink and suggested they get started.

Tom was sitting at a kitchen breakfast bar on a stool as Ash hopped up on the side just next to him. She grinned and said “Can you help me take my trainers off please?!”

Tom’s heart skipped a beat and he felt his cock twitch. “I’d love to” he replied. Slightly nervously and felt himself blush. Ash noticed and immediately reassured Tom “Don’t be embarrassed. I’m really looking forward to this!”

Tom untied both trainers that Ash had rested in his thighs and pulled them off. Tom squeezed Ash’s feet between his hands and slipped his fingers inside the top of the sock to slowly pull it off. As he did Ash lifted her foot up to in front of Toms face and as the sock popped off her foot he was greeted by her gorgeous foot in his face.

Tom immediately kissed the sole of her foot. As he did he took a cautious sniff of her feet. They smelt amazing. Not like soap. Not smelly but just that faint acrid sweat smell was pleasant. Toms cock was growing harder still. Her feet were probably a size seven. Her toes painted red and soft. Not perfect but for a busy mum Tom guessed still decent.

Ashleigh pulled herself up into the bar and positioned herself in front of Tom bent over infront of him knees on the bar.

“You’re so hot” said Tom. Her feet we poking out from behind her and as Tom pulled off the second sock she started to rub his cock and balls through his jeans with her feet.

“You can touch my arse if you want?” Said Ash. Tom hadn’t banked on that. “Really?” He stuttered. Ashleigh looked over her shoulder, her feet still gently rubbing Toms dick “How can I not treat you? I’m your dream woman! You can pull my shorts down and look at my arse whilst I rub you cock”

Tom leant forward and slowly pulled the tight Lycra running pants down. Ash didn’t have any underwear on and her arse was amazing. Her pale skin perfectly lit by the morning sunlight shining into the kitchen. Her dark puckered and what looked like a well used arse hole was spread right in front of Tom. As he looked down he saw Ash’s perfect big, lippy and hairy pussy glistening. Maybe she was enjoying this as much as Tom was.

Tom, still sitting leaned forward and grabbed Ash’s arse and spread it slightly. Tom couldn’t withstand trying to smell her. He’d dreamed of this. Fantasised about it for years.

Ash didn’t miss a trick. “Are you trying to smelly my pussy?” Somewhat putting Tom on the spot. “No” Tom said unconvincingly. “You are naughty Tom” said Ashleigh “I’ve not showered since yesterday so it’s not fresh”. Tom replied instantly “that’s perfect for me” Ash laughed and wiggled her arse back and her knees to the edge of the bar. “Go on then. But no touching”.

Tom leaned in as close as he could risk without ruining his chance. He stared at Ashleigh’s perfect swollen pussy and her dark coloured wrinkled arsehole. Tom thought how many times he’d cum looking at them on a computer screen. He sniffed. She smelt amazing. Her wet pussy was musky. It was strong smelling and looked wet.

Suddenly Ash spun around and sat on the bar facing Tom. As she pulled the shorts down she instructed Tom to pull out his cock. He did as he was told. Ashleigh put one foot on toms shoulder and the other towards his face.

Toms thick and short cock was as hard as it’d ever been. It throbbed in his hand.

Tom knew what to do. He opened his mouth and started sucking on her toes as he svymmultaniously started rubbing his cock. The smell of Ashleigh’s feet, was amazing. As he did he saw ashleigh was rubbing her pussy with her hand.

Tom didn’t know where to look. Her feet? Her legs? Her pussy? Or her gorgeous mum tum? He flirted between all those places and watched Ash pump three fingers into her sloppy wet pussy.

Tom soon realised that this wasn’t gonna take long. His cock, rock hard in his hand, was already leaking. Tom announced “I’m gunna cum” and as he did Ashleigh shot forwards and replaced her foot with her hand. The hand that she’d been touching herself with. Her sticky, wet, stinky fingers were now darting over Toms face, into his mouth and across his nose.

The taste of her pussy, even just from her fingers was too much. Tom shuddered as he exploded, sniffing Ashleigh’s dirty fingers as he came.

With that Ashleigh was up and getting dressed. “That’s was quick” she said with a smirk

Tom didn’t know what to say, put his dick away and left.

NSFW: yes

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