Tight dress red head giving me head in the middle of the street

I arrived at the bar first. Check the bar out, found a spot to sit looking at the door so that I can see her entering and sat there.

It was a tinder date. We didnt banter much via whatsapp which was concerning and i wondered it was gonna be a waste of my time. I liked her body in the pictures so decided to give it a go. She was short, long red hair, big tits and ass, and a cute face. I figured that this would either be great or bad.

She arrived at the bar about a few moments later and she was a stunner. she was wearing a tight black dress and smiles when she saw me. Her tits looked as if they were crying to come out any second. When I greeted her I was lost for words. “I… need a second after seeing your dress” I admitted to her. “I like it a lot”. She smiled again and accepted the compliment. It was on.

The mood was flirty and there was a lot of sexual chemistry between us right off the begin. “What are we drinking?” she asked. “I dont do alcohol” I said “but you can have anything you like. I will get myself a mocktail” “cool. I’ll have one too. which one should we get?”. “Thinking about thses two.” pointed at two drinks at the menu. “This one says it has a spicy and this one has big flavor and who doesn’t like it big?” She smirked at me and we got both to try out.

We got to know each other’s lives and told her about my company and travels. Eventually we started talking about each others bodies and characteristics like our tattoos and piercings. You could feel the sexual tension building up on every passing moment. My mind was forming images of pulling her hair and started kissing her on the spot. Im sure she could read my mind through my eyes and body language.

Eventually I got up and gave her a light tap on her ass as a sign to move to the seat next to her. She moved over and sat next to her. We kept talking but I felt like something was off. Her body language was more defensive than before and it was as if she was closing herself inwards. “Are you scared of me?” I asked .”No… I am not” “You seem like that” “You make me nervous” “Nervous in a good way or a bad way” “good way :)”. I decided to turn off the heat a bit and give her some space.

It was obvious she was into me a lot and her woman instincts kicked in blocking her. The discussion went on more platonic at that point. She started talking about her pets and how she loves animals. “Did you know how cats and dogs freeze when you lift them up from the back of their neck?” “yeah” “do you know why that happens?” “no, why?” “it’s a mechanism so that parents can handle their kids easier but it also works when the male wants to do the deed with the female and bites her on the neck” “oh” “humans have the same thing. if i put my hand at the back of your hair and pull them in a grip…” i said while i was placing my palm in the back of her head and closing my grip firmly… her mouth opened wide and her eyes rolled upwards. It was as if for a split second her brain turned off and she let herself go in pleasure. We made out multiple times and each time felt better than the previous one.

We continued talking and flirtying. Eventually I rested my hand on her lap to see her reaction. She seemed to enjoy it. As time passing by I was sliding my hand upwards her tight dress trying to reach her panties. I could feel how wet and hot she was down there. You could tell how badly she enjoyed it and wanted to make sure no one find out what is happening. “Don’t worry. I am covering you”. I am 1,90 (6.3) and she was 1.5 (4.9) so I could easily cover her whole as she was sitting with her back on the wall. I teased her clit from the surface of her panties a few times and stopped. More teasing and more flirting after (such as sticking my finger in between her cleavage to steal a peek what’s in between) we both reached the point of no return.

At that moment we both wanted it badly and there was no point in staying at the bar. “Let’s go outside. I think we both need some fresh air” I said and she agreed. I paid the bill and headed outside. We walked holding hands for a block or two. Not much talking. I guess both of our minds was trying to process what was going on. We were at her area and we were slowly heading at her place.

The walk to her place was fairly dark. It was night without street lights and it was a quiet neighbourhood. After walking for a few minutes, the built up got me and I grabbed her by the waist, got her close to me and started making out on the streets while grabbing her tits. The moment heated up and a few moments later I stopped to make sure we wont undress each other in the middle of the streets.

We kept walking towards her place and on every step you could feel the heat inside out. Every few steps one of us would initiate almost jumping on the other person. First stop was passionate making out. Second stop, she bented over, exposing her panties from her tight dress and pressing her ass against my hardon. Third stop, I pressed her against some bush wall in the side of the street, and grabbed her juicy tits out so that I can suck on them and bite them all I wanted. She pulled down my jeans and her panties and jumped on my cock. I was so turned on at that point that I would lose my mind inside of her every time I thrusted her pussy. We both wanted more of each other and that place was not the place for it.

We kept starting and stopping every few minutes. We had foreplay/fingering/oral/sex on the bushes, in the middle of the street and on some walkway bridge before we finally made it to her place. We got in with the lights off and started making out quietly at first. I lifted her up on my body while kissing her and asked “where is the bed?” she pointed at a room and carried her there while I could feel my cock was throbbing like crazy. We reached the bed and carefully placed her and removed each of her clothes until she was only wearing her bra and panties.

I started kissing her whole body started from her juicy lips, to her neck, all the way down to her belly and finally arriving at her private parts. She was drenched. I opened up her walls and kissed her right below her clip. Her breathing stopped for a second during the kiss. I love eating pussy and I truly enjoyed eating her out. Started off using my tongue on her clit and rubbing her inside with two fingers. She climaxed twice before begging to get inside of her.

I prepared myself to get inside of her only to have her bend on her knees to give me one of the hottest blow jobs I’ve had. That alone destroyed me (in the best way efficient). My dick was so sensitive from all the create up that I could feel every single of her touch to an extreme level. Her mouth was so wet and hot and she knew how to give a great blowjob. She was gentle on the balls and made sure to use a lot of saliva and use both her hands to massage the shaft.

Entering her was an incredible experience. We were on the same sexual wavelength that made it immensely better. We tried out so many different positions, entering deeper and deeper. [I wanted to write in detail what happened but I have to go. let me know before if you to know more]. I dont think I have cummed as much as I have cummed from sex that time. There was so much create up that you could feel the weight of the used condom once I removed it.

Insane night. One of my favorites for sure.

NSFW: yes

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