Throwback to when I hooked up with a coworker

A few years back, I was a manager at a smaller sporting goods store. It wasn’t uncommon for me to close the store in the evening with just another person. Had hired on a girl from a local school who had this amazing body. She was around 5’4, black hair with gorgeous blue eyes. Her skin was tanned but showed definite signs of tan lines when she wore certain clothes or came in to check schedule on her days off. She’d ran cross country and had that slender, athletic body of a runner. We had all the time gotten along great and she wasn’t shy about flirting even though she knew I was married.

One night as we were approaching closing it was super slow and we stood around by the register and just talked about how our relationships were pretty crappy at the moment. My wife had been going through a slump of never wanting to fuck and it had really taken a toll on me. She’d just gotten out of a rather lengthy relationship and wasn’t looking for anything serious. She was 21 at the time and I was 28 so there was definitely an age gap between us but like I said it never stopped her from flirting and if I’m being honest didn’t stop me from flirting back. She had been sitting on the counter and as a customer popped in she went to get off the counter and caught part of the metal piece that held the bags in place and you just hear a rip. It had snagged her back pocket and ripped a good size hole in them. I motioned her to the back while I took care of the customer who didn’t stay long and when they left it was officially time to lock the doors and close up.

As I turn around she is standing back at the counter and asks me “how bad is it?” obviously talking about the tear in her pants. It’s a pretty large hole and I can clearly see the blue thong she’s wearing. I tell her that it definitely is a pretty big hole but that if I was honest I didn’t “mind the view.” She said if that was the case I should follow her to the fitting room so she could change out of them into something else. At first I was sort of stunned, realizing what she’s really asking me to do here. I cave and follow her and we go to the fitting room and the door closed behind us.

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted to be in here with you for a long time now” I tell her as she is looking at how big the hole in her pants is. She makes a snide opinion about how she should have ripped a hole in them sooner. I get nervous and mention how she knows I have a wife. She literally takes my hand and puts it on her ass and says that she knows I want it. I instantly get hard and pull her into me telling her that nobody can know. And as a response she undoes my pants. I tell her I’m not the one with the hole and I unbutton her pants and rug them down as I sit her down on the carpeted bench. I kiss her thighs and reach my hands up her shirt taking her boobs in my hand through her bra squeezing them gently as I kiss more towards the inside of her thighs. She shudders slightly and my hands come back down as I lift her ass up and peel off that lacy, blue thong to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. I’m kneeling at this point and I place her legs over my shoulders as she leans back against the wall and I eat her pussy. Moans escaping her as I flick my tongue against her clit, nibbling and sucking on it more and more as her breathing gets more rapid and shallow as I make her cum. By this time I’ve worked her shirt and bra off as well and I tell her that my dick is as good as my tongue is. Unconvinced she tells me to stand up and she leans up with my large bulge clearly in view through my boxers. She looks up at me and tells me how we are gonna have to close together more often and then proceeds to take my boxers off as she leans in and licks the tip of my dick before taking it all in her mouth bobbing her head back and forth on it as it throbs in her mouth. Wanting more than a blow job I took it out of her mouth and told her to stand up. I told her to place her hands on the mirror and bend over for me. I propped one leg up on the bench and rubbed her slit with my cock teasing her a bit until she was grinding back against me as I watched her face in the mirror the whole time.

I pushed into her taking her by the hips with one hand as the other braced on her shoulder as she pressed back into me as I thrust, pushing myself deep into her slowly and passionately at first she begged for me to go harder and faster and using the bench for leverage I did just that fucking her tight wet pussy with long deep strokes feeling her body quiver as she tightens around me. I tell her I’m gonna cum soon and she has me pull out, turning around taking me in her hand as she gets on her knees stroking me putting me back in her mouth as I cum hard. She swallows most of it but some trickles out of her mouth and onto her chest. She stands back up and reaches for her shirt, thong, and pants that started it all. “We probably need to close this place up before anybody says anything.” She says smiling. We both got dressed and went about finishing up closing. It wasn’t the last time we closed together either. One of the advantages of being the one who does the schedule. Definitely one of the hottest and best experiences I’ve had.

NSFW: yes

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