Three on one and the nuances of a full swap

Going into this I was melancholy at best. Probably not in the greatest sexy headspace for fun, though I’d played with the husband on our own previously and I was potentially gonna be with a woman for the first time. His gorgeous bubbly petite red head of a wife. My husband was extremely nervous and excited that he may get topped by her, which is hard to discover in general and a enormous turn on for him.

After my husband and I got situated in our hotel room and had a drink together we received a message that Ivan and Mary were ten minutes away. We met them in the parking lot of the hotel and walked to a restaurant for something to eat and a drink. A wonderful couple to hang out with we headed back up to our room. We had laid out some snacks and poured some wine. We all started chatting, and as usual I could honestly talk forever. They took out their toys and placed then on the table in front of the couch.
As in fantastic form my knight in shining armour started play by cracking a joke about being there for bible study and Mary got up to get changed into her lacy black lingerie that fit her to a T. It perfectly and delicately displayed her ample breasts. She went over to my husband in the chair he was sitting in, and straddled him, kissing him deeply as the both started to moan in pleasure. I pulled my sweater dress up over my head revealing my lacy red bra and black panties and walked over to Ivan who was now standing. He grabbed the back of my head and we started making out to the sounds of our partners as he slipped off my bra and started playing with my breasts, I watched the other two grinding and making out with each other.

As hubby and Mary moved to the bed, we continued to play with each other in the sitting area, taking off his clothes and feeling each others bodies. We moved to the bed next to them as hubby ate out Mary from behind with her beautiful ass on display arching her back she let out an oh god yes! And grabbed my hand as Ivan started playing with my clit, and I layed on my back watching the gorgeous scene.

Ivan moved down placing his face in between my legs and started to lick and suck my clit moving his fingers in and out of me as I grabbed onto the pillow behind my head and arched my back letting out a whimper of pleasure. He enthusiastically ate me out for what seemed like hours as moans filled the room. Mary had moved to her back, she turned to me and asked if she could touch me in a sultry whisper. Yes I said. We played with each others breasts and nipples as our partners continued to lick and suck us. I leant over and started licking her nipples. Helping her feel more pleasure was exciting as Ivan finger fucked me. I turned and started sucking Ivan’s cock, as he thrusted deep in my mouth. I moaned to the feeling of him playing with my wet Pussy as he fucked my face.

I over heard as my husband got up for air from Mary’s Pussy them deciding to come over and pleasure me. With in seconds, Mary was eating me out, soft lips licking me as hubby sucked on my hard nipples and Ivan kissed me deep putting his whole weight on me. All three leaving me completely incapacitated and pleasing me in every way feasible. Mary’s fingers moved inside me as I almost climaxed from the three of them, moving their hands, mouths, tongues all over me. It was possibly the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Hubby moved to the bottom of the bed making Mary cum harder as she ate me out, moans coming from between my legs as Ivan teased my nipples with his mouth. Mary asked if she could kiss me, she tasted like lemons and was a wonderful kisser. The configurations from there were many and moved easily from two playing to four playing all in a enormous mass of bodies, filling the hotel air thick with sounds of smacks and moans, whimpers of pleasure and the delicious smell of sex and sweat.

We all gathered on the bed in different forms of undress and chatted hubby with his head on Mary’s legs and Ivan slowly caressing my thigh as I played with his hair.

I slipped on my dress and jacket and went outside for some air and a smoke. When I came back to the room Ivan was on the couch and hubby was splayed out on his stomach on the bed While Mary played and flogged him. I undressed again and started making out with Ivan as we stopped to joke around and chat in between. The other two kept at it on the bed in multiple positions. I blew Ivan to climax as he is played with my clit. He asked if I wanted to be tied up but after hours of play I was content and satisfied just cuddling as he played with my hair and I gently rubbed his shoulders and arms. After the moans and noises stopped everyone got dressed. We all said our goodbyes and hubby and I went upstairs to fall into bed together. Fabulous night guys thanks for the memories.


NSFW: yes

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