Thinking about someone else


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I’ve been talking with a girl for over a week now. At first we began to just fantasize about pleasing each other. Cumming together, sending voice messages of each other moaning. The more we talked and messed around the more we knew our kinks and desires to the point where she got me wrapped around her finger according to her smart-ass, british mouth. Last weekend she was busy and went out with friends. She said she was gonna talk to me at night when she arrived at her flat but that never happened. That’s when I reached for a local friend of mine with whom I’ve been with before and asked her if I could come over with pizza and bottle of ciroc.
Fast forward to that night, the vodka kicked in and we flirted our way in to her bed where I ripped her clothes off. First I was down eating my friend, devouring her and focused on pleasing her; until I wondered about my British friend, several time zones away, possibly sleeping, possibly having a fling with someone else, that’s when I changed gears and pulled my friend up by her hair and placed her on her knees and made her lick my balls, guided her all the up to the tip of my dick until she was sucking my hard cock; pushing her head towards me so I could fuck her throat and hear her gag; kept telling her what a good slut she was just like my British friend would have like it. With so much slobber all over her mouth I was ready to cum, so I thrust myself in her throat one more time and made her swallow all my load. She did so good that I gently slapped her face and kissed her as a reward for doing so good.
I placed her in all 4s, licked and sucked her clit a bit more to see how wet she was and I knew she was ready for me. I start by teasing her even more. Sliding my dick in and out again and again, all the way to down to her cervix, in and out; until she was start me to fuck her. Thats when I push her head down, arched her back, grab her hips with both hands and I began to fuck her hard, deep thrusts, she was moaning loud and calling me daddy. The more I heard that word the rougher I was with her, smacking her ass, pulling her hair back, choking her like my british little slut would have like it.
I could feel her pussy tightening up around me. Her juices just kept pouring out of her as she was screaming and moaning. She came twice like that until it was time to breed her. I increased my pace as I pushed her head down again, harder, my thighs clapping her ass with every deep thrust, the head of the bed slamming against the wall. I asked her if my little cum dumpster was ready for me and she said “yes daddy, cum deep in me” I couldn’t hold it an longer so came deep, I mean deep inside of her, making sure that all of my cum was as closed as feasible to cervix. I kept pumping her harder and deeper while she screamed “fuuuuck daddy”. Her pussy was so stretched and tight as I kept my dick as deep as feasible. All of this while thinking it that it was my British friend the one being breed by me. This kept going for another hour so, holding her down, choking her, asking me to pinch and bite her nipples and her ear lobe while I kept Cumming inside of her dripping hole.

I don’t know if it was the vodka or if Im truly wrapped around my british friend’s finger. But if my local friend knew that every time she called me daddy I was thinking about fucking and breeding somebody else she would have not been happy. Maybe it’s a good thing that me and her don’t even know each other names lol

NSFW: yes

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