think of me with another man (FM)

We were almost naked in bed, embracing each other, my partner asking me questions about my date with another man.

I answered placidly as I absentmindedly stroked his penis.

“Does he turn you on?” he whispered to me.
“I think so” I smiled.
“Can I tell you that the idea of ​​thinking of you with him makes me very horny?” smiles at me.
“Yes honey, it happens to me too. I think of you with your friend and this turns me on or to think of me with you and her…” I squeeze his erection tighter.

We kiss intensely.

“Do you want to tie me up and use me?”
“You don’t even have to repeat it.”

I take the red rope from the bedside table, tie it summarily around his wrists raised above his head.

The first thing I do is dedicate myself to his nipples, sometimes he doesn’t want me to tease them but now he can not withstand, I suck and lick them, he moans.

I kiss his chest, abdomen, hips, his cock jerking with his every moan.
I head right there; I make him feel my breath on the delicate skin of his balls, shaft, wet glans.
I suck his testicles, lick them, fill my mouth… his enjoyment is a nice background but his balls are in my mouth for my amusement, his cock goes down my throat because it makes me extremely horny to do it, I moan too.

“It drives me crazy to hear you moan while you have my cock in your throat, you obviously love it…” he whispers between moans.
“You have no idea how much I love it… your cock is gorgeous…” I reply as I rub his cock across my soft lips, across my cheeks.

I reach for one of my glass dildos “Do you want to see something?” I ask him, she nods.
I straddle his chest, very close to his face… I rub the dildo against my wet pussy then I pass it on his lips, he immediately licks and sucks it.

I repeat this game several times until I can not withstand anymore and I penetrate myself with the dildo starting to fuck myself hard.
The sound of my little pussy is immediately unmistakable, lapping water.
He brings his mouth to my pussy, he’s greedy, hungry, he wants to be quenched.
I squat on his face continuing to fuck me, I feel him lick and suck my little pussy and my fluids… I close my eyes and abandon myself to orgasm.

Still with my pussy shaking I move, I want his cock inside me.
It slips into me effortlessly, my thighs are soaked.
I pull myself up, sitting on top of him, impaled on his rod; I feel it filling me completely.

He brings his hands – still tied – to my breast, squeezes it.
I begin to ride him furiously, I want to feel it explode inside me.
I want it, I crave it, I want to feel his cum flooding me, seeing him and feeling him writhing under and inside me as I continue unstoppable to empty his balls in me.

I grab his wrists and bring them back up to his head, using them for support and squeezing my other hand around his neck as I let myself go to orgasm, along with him.

NSFW: yes

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