things my girlfriend has done with my dick


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I randomly got horny and needed to cum so I bent my girl over the couch and pulled her pants down and pulled my hard dick out and went to town just to get off. I creampied her pussy with a gigantic load that left it dripping out of her. When I was done I sat on the couch and relaxed but I noticed her smiling and looking at my dick that was still hard and throbbing. She was admiring it and stroking my balls with her finger tips making my dick jump. My dick was still really wet from her pussy juice and the cum that a filled her with a couple minutes before. She grabbed it at the base and squeezed and stroked it a few times and told me how big it was and how much she loved it. Next thing I know she’s leaning over to put it in her mouth and at that moment I wondered about how my dick was covered in cum and pussy juice and she was taking the whole thing in her mouth tasting all of it. It turned my on so much watching her clean the cum and pussy off my dick.

NSFW: yes

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  1. el_deero

    Love when my girl does this. But also remember if they go to kiss you after you can’t say no after that

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