There CAN’T be only one. – Short Sex Story

This isn’t fully my typical confession. This didn’t happen in the past but would happen in the future.

I love to cheat, sorry not sorry to the guys who get offended by it lol.

When the cat is away my pussy must play, like tonight 🙂

I’m in the process of starting my you know which site (this isn’t promoting). I have full intentions on cheating on there. I’ll wear a mask just to be cautious the wondered of guys paying, jerking and cumming while watching me cheat turns me on.

I’ll take requests for personal pics and videos. For example, a guy wants to see me fuck a certain way, certain guys etc I would make a special video. (Still not promoting, just stating what could happen lol)

I have guys in the wake ready to go and I’m sure I can get their friends to join.

Maybe I’ll even fuck some fans/members, who knows.

That cheating thrill will be a regular thing. Even more than now. I’m glad my fiance works away a lot. 7 days off a month makes it easy.

Though there have been close calls. Like getting fucked during a gangbang and my fiance wants to video chat. The guy fucking me starts to cum just as I have to answer the video call, I’m pinching my two fingers together with my free hand as to tell him to be quite, it was hard (no pun intended ) but he managed to not moan as he releases his seed.

“Hi babe I’m just laying here in bed” “No I haven’t gotten up to much these past few weeks” “yes we’ll definitely do something fun when you get back in a couple of days”

While I’m chatting I’m slowly stroking the guys cocks, each switching so they all get some. One guy (bi) wants to eat me out but I had to push him off because I knew I’d get caught with the moaning I couldn’t stop myself from doing.

After maybe 10 mins we hang up and I get back to cheating with a guy eating my cum filled pussy, a cock in my mouth and in each hand.

I took two back to back creampies and my tits got covered in cum from the rest.

They left and I was still so fucking horny I got out my big black dildo and I fucked my cum filled pussy with it. As some of you may know, I love cum lube. I came so fast using my dildo. I laid there for maybe 20 mins (cum still running out of me) on my phone with my dildo laying next to me covered in cum, from the two guys and myself.

I get up and go take a shower, once I’m done I pull off the sheets and throw them in the washing machine.

So yeah it isn’t my typical confession but it has some hotness in it 🙂

NSFW: yes

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  1. ShadowSpade00

    Very hot. I’m very much turned on by cheating women. Maybe you’d enjoy some of the stories I’ve shared.

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