The weekend before my world fell aside

This isn’t easy to write but I need to right it before I write about other adventures we had.

That weekend Anna decided we should have a weekend where it was just us, no hard fucking with others, block out the outside world and make love all weekend. Not an unusual thing, we had done it countless times before, it was our way of showing that, despite all the numerous partners we had during our adventures, we were still very much in love with each other. We didn’t talk about our adventures we talked about us. We packed her son off to her mom’s and closed the blinds to block out the world. We took the phone off the hook but kept her sons phone turned on in case her mom needed to talk to her. (we kept his phone with us). We lit candles in the evening around the house to make it more romantic.

Friday evening we began with mutual massage time, taking it in turns to gently reconnect with each others bodies it was our way of rediscovering every curve, every sensitive spot without making the massage sexual, in fact these Friday nights we would never have sex, after the massage we would curl up on the sofa and watch a couple of movies with a glass of wine, holding each other until we finally went to bed. Even bed time was all about holding and kissing each other, I guess we both fought to keep ourselves from being turned on and yet we were turned on because of the massage, and gentle kisses we had done.

Saturday we showered together in the morning and ate breakfast, as she began cleaning the table I took her hand and kissed it, “Johnny what would we do if we didn’t have each other” She said, this had been the first time she had ever asked the question. Stupidly I told her we would be together forever. She smiled and sat on my knee and we began to kiss, the kiss was loving not passionate. As we kissed I took her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom, I laid her gently on the bed and began to kiss her body all over. I told her that this weekend was all about her and her pleasure and she smiled, closed her eyes and slightly parted her legs, I kissed my way down to her pussy, I loved her pussy it was pretty to look at and now with a piercing adorning it it was even prettier and more sensitive, Whenever I went down on Anna I took my time, I made it last licking and sucking her pussy til my mouth and tongue could lick no more, then slowly I would penetrate her, feeding my cock into her inch my inch letting enjoy it as it went inside her. I began moving inside of her slowly and softly kissing her nipples, I pulled my cock all the way out of her, and then just used the head of my cock to push just into the entrance and pull out again, she loved this because it made her cum, so I knew that for as long as I could do it she would have orgasm after orgasm. She had already cum from my mouth and tongue many times and now she was still having orgasms. Strange but when we made love she never ever squirted, maybe because of the tenderness or the moment. sure she leaked a little but nothing like she did when we were fucking.

Anna was at all times in control of our love making, changing the speed of me and also telling me if she wanted me deep or just at the edge. She had a knack of being able to keep me hard throughout, even after I had cum she at all times managed to keep my cock hard. Watching her expressions was at all times a turn on, her smile, her eyes giving away how much pleasure she was getting, I was like a pleasure giver to her in a way. Completely under her control at all times waiting for her to say “NOW” because that was the word that told me it was my turn to cum, I would increase the pace yet still keeping in slow and soft, never pounding her. and whereas before my cock was in her but there was no body contact she like our bodies to be melted together for my orgasm, she would wrap her legs around me, pull my mouth to hers and kiss me passionately, her breath forcing it’s way into my mouth, until finally and usually together we would cum. Today was different, today she cried as we came, today she was more emotional, she held me tight, tighter than I have ever known but I liked it, I like the fact she was locking us together. I remember it was light when we had started and it was now growing dark outside. We eventually separated our bodies and as Anna went to run a bath for us both I went and lit the candles. We at all times washed each other when we had a bath or shower, and kissed wherever we wanted, again she began to cry, and she was clingier than she usually was. The night was eventually finished with us making love again and this time we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sunday followed the same pattern until her son came home. Sunday night we made love and that brings me round to the point of this story.

On Monday morning I made love to her one more time before she got ready for work, again she cried, she had me promise I would love her forever a vow I was happy to make and have continued to this day.

She left the house at 8.30, just after 9.30 I saw her GF Dale walking up the drive, she looked upset. I opened the door and she put her arms around me, “She’s gone Johnny, Anna has gone” I didn’t find out, we went inside and she sat me down and told me Anna had died. It felt like my heart was being ripped out of my body, I wailed, I screamed, I got angry. When I learned what had happened especially at that time of the morning my anger only increased. Full praise to Dale she was brilliant, she would stay with me to help me through and help plan the funeral arrangements. Right then I couldn’t ask for a better friend. That is the day I lost her,

We at all times said that if we got a chance we would distribute our stories with people who were like us, sexually free, sexually open and sexually adventurous. That’s why we kept journals of everything we did. There are so many stories to tell you, but something told me I should put this one out there maybe as a way to show people no matter what your lifestyle is, the most essential thing is to love that one person who makes your world complete, life is short but love is eternal.

NSFW: yes

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