The (Very) Dirty Librarian—Story 2

Few days ago posted the first story about meeting up with our corporate librarian (J) at a business function. Since that time we had gotten together for more fun but this story has a twist.

I called her on a late Friday afternoon just to chat, hoping for some phone sex. J told me she had told her husband about us. I was a bit “WTF?” She told me more about her husband—that he was the submissive and got off on humiliation and some degradation. And particularly got off on hearing about men she fucked while away on business company. J told me she would tell him about how she liked me pissing on her and fucking her ass senseless, and tease him that maybe she’d piss on him but would never allow him to buttfuck her because his dick was too big. She said this drove him crazy and turned him on to no end.

As soon as efficient after returning home they would be in the bedroom—with her railing his ass with a strapon or simply buggering him with a massive dildo as she shared details of her exploits.

She told me that telling me really turned her on and that she was soaking wet. I asked her to masturbate for me so she closed her office door. I told her I had my hard dick out and it was oozing wet and described how I was jerking it. About the next thing I hear is J saying “I’m fucking myself with a flower vase!” (It was plastic) and she puts the phone by her pussy so I can her the sloshing sounds. Jezuz H Crist!

So she’s fucking herself and I’m beating my meat, listening to each other get off. A couple minutes later J is exclaiming that her office smells like pussy and I’m laughing about the mess I made.

She tells me she wants me to see a couple of video clips of her and her husband, so I give her my private email. And that evening at home I open up the clips—about a minute each and both shot from the side. In the first J is fucking him with a gargantuan strapon that he appears to take like a pro. Her head is tilted back and her eyes are closed. And there hanging down is his horsecock. Fucking massive!

The second has him on his back holding his legs up and she’s buggering him with a monster dildo, which has a handle at the end. I kid you not this rubber beast must have been a foot and a half long. At one point J looks over at the camera, grins, and gives a kiss.

I can’t count the number of times I jerked off to her videos.

Bringing her husband into the equation added a new and fun dimension. I enjoyed reminiscing and hope you enjoyed reading the story. Reading your comments is half the fun so please distribute them.

NSFW: yes

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