The Vampire King

The night was young. I was out looking for my evening prey. I only drink the finest. Young blondes, barely pushing 20, with a figure to die for. They were sublime, sweet and innocent with a hint of wild. But virgins, virgins were like no other. Their taste could send wave after wave of pleasure as you drink. And the sensation of taking their virginity while you enjoy your meal, pure ecstasy. Hunting at night gives me the benefit of finding my soon to be next victim. I browse the local pub scenes and clubs, with no luck so far of my prey. As I was walking out of the last club, there that smell was. A delicious smell of virgin lingering in the air. I must see where its coming from. I must discover her and i must have her. Following the smell, i see her. The most gorgeous blonde woman any man would be lucky to have. She was about 5’5” with an hourglass like figure. With perfect breasts and a round, plumb ass. She was wearing the short black dress with a crown and sash reading “21st Birthday.” A little out of my age range, but nothing beats not eating. I approach her with my most charming smile. “Well then, i see its your birthday. Might i buy you a drink to celebrate?” She bit her lip as she admired me. Not that i blame her. I’m just shy of 6’2″ with a 6-pack and muscles. Not that i work out 7 days a week, but i try to do it a few times a week. “Sure!” I lead her to the bar and ask her what she’ll have. “I dont know, why don’t you order for me.” “Can I help you folks?” “Yes, my lady companion will have an appletini and I’ll have a scotch on the rocks.” “Coming right up!” “Ooh! That sounds lovely, a perfect drink to begin off my birthday.” “Yes it is. Tell me, what’s your name?” “I’m Amanda, what’s your name?” “Derek.” We got to talking about common intrests when the drinks came. She took one sip and made a cute face. “I see you haven’t had any alcohol when you were younger.” “No I haven’t. This would be my first time.” Delicious, this might be easier than I thought. “May I ask you to a dance?” “I would love that!” We get to the dance floor and my god what a sight to behold. The way her body moves should be a sin. The way it fits so snug into mine makes me want her right then and there. But this isn’t the place nor time. I pull her close as the music is getting deeper into the song. When her ass shakes across my lower half, it sends a signal to my already straining cock that its time. I am losing more and more control by the second. “Say why don’t we get out of here and go back to my place to finish celebrating your birthday?” “Sounds like a plan, let me go tell my girls.” She wonders off to where they are, i can’t help but stare at her ass as she’s walking away. It should kill people as they see it. I rush to pay the tab and call a cab back to my place. Once in the cab, I began to lean in to kiss her and she leans in too. Her kiss is so sweet and innocent, I might just drink now, but I can’t, it’s not the right time. I push her mouth open with my tongue and begin exploring the inside. I put a hand on her leg and begin to move it up when she stops me. “There’s something I need to tell you.” I already know, but I let her tell me. “I haven’t had sex before.” “That’s okay. I’ll be your first.” “Just be gentle, please.” “As you wish.” We finally get to my place, I pay the cab driver and take her inside. As soon as I close the door, I grab her by the waist and hoist her over my shoulder to carry her to the bedroom. I knocked the wind out of her, but she giggles. I kick the door open and throw her onto the bed. I climb on top of her and kiss her again. She tries to remove my shirt but I stop her. “I have something better in mind first.” I say with a wink. I begin to kiss her all the way down, making sure she feels every inch being worshiped. When i get to the top of her short dress, I rip it off completely. “Hey! That was the only thing I brought!” “You can wear some of my clothes, for right now, i need you naked!” I stick out my tongue and begin to trace her entire body, leaving her breathless and moaning. I stop just short of her breasts. Those big, round breasts. I grab them and begin to softly knead them, then taking a nipple into my mouth. I playfully bite it as i swirl my tongue around it. I continue to do so with both nipples until shes arching her back. Then i move down to her pussy and give it a quick sniff. My god, i could be lost in this scent forever. So sweet, so innocent, so divine. I give it a quick lick from bottom to top. She shivers in the process. “Umm! You taste so fucking good!” “Look how wet you are already.” I slide my middle finger up and down her folds to collect some of her wetness for lube before i slowly guide it in. She gasps as it happens. I chuckle, “You doing okay baby?” “Yes! Don’t stop!” She speaks breathlessly. “Yes ma’am!” I move my finger back and forth inside her pussy. As i do so, i pay attention to her clit. I put my mouth on it and begin sucking the life out of it. I increase the tempo little by little, checking in with her as i do so to make sure she’s not overwhelmed. Then I add a second finger into her whole and I am rewarded with her saying, “Oh god! Yes!” I keep the same pace with my fingers and tongue until she’s using my face to get her close. I find her g-spot and begin hitting it just right. Within minutes, she is clenching around my fingers and putting hers in my hair. She screams, “Oh fuck!” As her orgasm hits her hard. I continue to suck her clit and finger her as she rides out her climax. The second she comes down, i turn her around, so her head is hanging off the bed. “Ready?” “Yes! Please! Put it in!” She opens her mouth, I slowly insert my hard cock all the way until it hits the back of her throat. She can’t take it all, but that’s okay, she can still feel it. I begin to move slowly, going back and forth, reaching to squeeze her breasts every now and then. I move faster and faster to where she’s gagging and can hardly breathe. “Fuck!! This feels so good!! Suck baby!!” When i stop, her saliva is all over my cock, her face, and her chest. “Get up and get on all fours, facing the wall!” I speak with lust in my voice. This is the time, this is the moment. She does as she’s told. “What a good girl you are for following my commands.” “Please! Give it to me, sir!” I didn’t hesitate, i grab a condom from my nightstand drawer and slip it on. Then I grab her to brace her for the incoming contact. I slowly slide into her and fuck! She’s so tight and wet! I almost come right then and there. “Oh my god! You’re so big!” Im not even half way inside her. “I’m gonna go all the way, are you okay?” “Yes, it hurts a little, but i love it! Please! Keep going!” I continue to push into her until our skin touches. She is fucking perfect! “I’m gonna move now okay?” “Yes!” I thrust slowly, going back and forth until she is used to my length. Then, i begin to go faster, driving into her like its the last night on earth. I drag my hand up to her hair and grab it. She is moaning and whimpering. “It feels so good! Please dont stop!” “How can I baby? You feel too fucking good to stop!” I take the hand that was on her hip and move it to her clit to begin rubbing it. I can feel she’s close, she’s beginning to tighten around my cock. Finally, she screams “I’m cumming!!” Which brings my climax. I thrust once, twice, three times before i shoot my load. As i do, I bend down and bite her neck. And I suck and suck. I suck until we come down from our climaxes. When we come to, I withdraw my fangs, and we collapse onto the bed. “That was amazing!” She exclaims when she catches her breath. “You felt amazing!” I discard the condom and go get a warm, damp cloth to help clean her up. Once I’m done, I lay down and grab her, and I pull her close. We cuddle until she falls asleep. Something was different about this girl, but what?

NSFW: yes

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