The time my girlfriend told me she watched a couple have sex next to her after a wedding party

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I just read a [story]( that reminded me of a few years ago when my girlfriend was a bridesmaid at a wedding. She told me that after the wedding reception, the newlyweds wanted more fun and she ended up joining other couples to continue the celebration elsewhere, as the event venue was closing at 3 am. Since she planned to spend the night at the bride’s house, her options were limited, so she accepted the proposal.

After stopping to eat at a fast-food restaurant and encountering a minor traffic incident, they decided to go to a motel as it was the only option to enjoy loud music, drink during the early hours, and use the pool. They booked the larger suite with a pool, barbecue area, and space for three cars. The place seemed quite spacious, according to her description.

At one point, they decided to get into the pool to relax and distribute funny stories about their respective relationships. Some couples split off to discover more secluded spots. At this point, only she, a friend, and her friend’s husband were left. They were hugging back to back, with the husband in front, both wearing their underwear since they didn’t plan on swimming. Her friend was wearing white panties and a bra, which, in that situation, were becoming see-through.

While they were talking, her friend seemed distracted and let out a few discreet moans. My girlfriend pretended not to notice and continued acting naturally. At one moment, she noticed that her friend’s husband was making suspicious movements, discreetly trying to lower his underwear. Minutes later, her friend started stuttering while speaking, and it was clear that the husband was trying to slide his cock into her pussy. My girlfriend could see her friend’s expression change, indicating that the attempt had been successful.

She mentioned that a few good minutes passed as they made subtle movements, all acting as if nothing was happening. Then, her friend held onto the pool edge to avoid losing balance while her husband started to rhythmically increase his speed. My girlfriend began to laugh awkwardly. She playfully asked if she was interrupting, and they laughed and said no.

After that, they decided to discover a more private spot. The husband left first, and his friend followed shortly after, adjusting her stretched white panties. While they continued their night, my girlfriend stayed in the pool.

The next day, she told me the story. At the time, we were in a long-distance relationship. I found her choice to go to the motel interesting, but I wasn’t bothered as we highly value communication and honesty between us. We had a discussion about whether this was considered cheating or not, and after much dialogue, we established that it wasn’t, as long as there was no participation without mutual consent.

We even discussed watching other people and masturbation. While we didn’t reach a consensus, we agreed that as long as there was no physical contact, we wouldn’t consider it cheating. We went as far as imagining a hypothetical situation where you’re there masturbating and accidentally ejaculate on one of the people you’re watching. She was firm, saying, ‘As long as there’s no contact during or after, I’m okay with it.’ We laughed and moved on with our lives.

What about you? Do you consider it cheating or not?

NSFW: yes

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