The time my (25 F at the time, 31 now) 30 something m fuck buddy sleep groped me and I made him finish what he started


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One night, I let my fwb spend the night even though I had to get up at 5 to be at work early. We went to bed at a reasonable time after he fucked me til we both came and then showered together. I fell asleep easily and woke up at some point, I’m not sure when, because he was groping my ass.

He was still asleep, but this man was full on kneading my ass, spreading my cheeks, rubbing up against me – it turned me on like nobody’s company. I could feel myself already soaking wet – he must have been doing this for a bit in his sleep because of how I was.

I pushed my ass against him, rubbing it back at him, and grabbed one of his hands to pull around me to squeeze my tit. He woke up at that, rubbed his scruffy chin against the back of my neck, and asked me what I was doing. “You have to be up early,” he grumbled. “And I don’t do quick, you know that. Stop.” He wasn’t lying, his “quick” was usually at least half an hour, and I didn’t exactly have time for that, but I was too turned on to stop.

I shook my head at him, pulling the hand that was on my tit down to my sopping wet cunt and told him, “you started this, you better finish it.”

He groaned as soon as he felt how wet I was. “Jesus, you must have been having some dream. You’re drenched.” He slid two fingers into me, immediately starting to pump, and I lifted up my leg and hooked it around his leg right behind me.

“It wasn’t my dream,” I told him breathlessly. “It was yours. You were groping my ass like it was a lifesaver. You were rubbing it and spreading it and humping it. I woke up wet because you were mauling me in my sleep for who knows how long, you animal.”

He took his fingers out of my cunt and slapped it and I remember how loud I cried out because I was really hoping it didn’t wake up my roommate. I remembered to quiet down when I started begging him to fuck me.

“Please finish it, baby,” I whined. “I need you to fuck me and fill me up. Please give me your cock.” I tried to get his hand back, and when that didn’t work I fished around behind me for his cock but he pulled his hips back.

“Now who’s the animal,” he taunted. “Desperate to fuck, begging for my dick.”

I tried to turn over to climb on top of him and get his dick into me myself, but he held me still with a single hand on my hip.

“If I was groping your ass in my sleep, it was because you were being as fucking horny in my dreams as you are in real life, and that sounds like your fault. Apologize nicely to your daddy and I’ll give you my rock hard cock.” As he was finishing his demand, he slid his fingers down the lips of my cunt, not pushing them in, just circling them down and around and all over.

“I’m sorry for being such a horny little slut for your cock, daddy,” I moaned.

I would have begged more but I think he was hoping to get started so that he could finish sooner rather than later, knowing this was exactly why I didn’t want him to spend the night when I had to be up so early. He had been confident about his ability to not fuck me all night long – but didn’t take into profile my drive as well.

He slid into me while we were laying on our slides and fucked me slow and deep, his arm under me coming up to wrap around my throat and his other hand alternating between playing with my titties – kneading my flesh and pinching and pulling on my nipples – and sliding down to rub my clit in time with his thrusts.

I asked for harder and faster, and he gave it to me, picking up his pace and slamming his hips into my ass. He forced my head to turn with his grip on my throat and he kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth for me to suck on. My hips were working me back to meet his thrusts, and his fingers didn’t stop strumming my clit and soon enough I was ready to cum.

“I’m gonna cum,” I promised him, moaning, “don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

But he did. He pulled his cock out of me, turned me over onto my stomach, and laid down on my back, his hard now wet cock on my ass. “You’re gonna have to wait a little bit longer,” he breathed into my ear. “Maybe if I torture you a little, you won’t wake up in another hour begging to be fucked again. You can’t cum until I’m ready to cum.”

He slid his cock into me, his legs on the outside of mine, and started going fast and hard almost immediately. The denied orgasm roared back to life, especially when he gripped my hair in his first and yanked. I moaned into my pillow, as his hips hammered into my ass again, and I was already so close.

He stopped thrusting, just held himself inside me, while he leaned back a little to smack my ass a few times.

He would continue this for what felt like the new 453 years, but what was probably only a matter of minutes. He’d thrust thrust thrust so hard and fast, getting me so close so quick, then either slow down or stop completely until my orgasm wasn’t about to crash, and then would begin over again.

Finally, I could tell he was ready to cum, as well. His grunts were getting more like moans and it sounded like it was torturing him just as much to hold back, so he didn’t stop this time I was getting close. I could feel myself about to burst, and his thrusts got harder, faster, and he was moaning with every hit.

“Cum,” he ordered harshly. “Cum on this cock, you greedy little whore,” and that’s exactly what I did. I forced my head into the pillow and screamed, my orgasm finally getting to crest, and it just went on and on and onnnnn. He started to cum, too, I could feel his cock jerking inside me and his cum spurting and bathing the inside of my pussy. He moaned a little with each jerk, and I was still gasping for breath from my own orgasm, when he finally pulled out and rolled to my side.

“Sorry it wasn’t quick,” he breathed out, laughing a little as he did.

I rolled over to face him, a guilty smile on my face. “I know that was maybe more than half my fault, but you still can’t spend the night again when I have to be this early.”

He just rolled his eyes, smirked, and said “we’ll see.”

I made it to work on time that day, and though I was tired, it was worth it. I also didn’t have any more early mornings while I was fucking him so we didn’t have that issue again.

NSFW: yes

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