The time I met my old teacher in a Walmart

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NSFW: yes

So my teacher (46 F) and me at the time (19 M) I’m now 26 met each other in a Walmart. We started talking and she then said since I wasn’t in college anymore if I wanted to get dinner with her. I asked where and she said she’d “cook”. That turned into something let me tell you. I got there she was wearing short shorts that showed off her ass and a tight shirt that showed off her tits. Then I asked what we were having and she said “I thought I could eat what you brought”. I was very confused until she pulled down my pants and sucked me off. We then just fucked and at the end of the night she had passed out on her bed and I left a note with my phone number and that I had to go to a lecture the next morning. That’s all that happened she texted me once and that was it.

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