The time I (M35) ate out a student (F23) at her graduation, then met her folks – Short Sex Story

I work as a lecturer at a large university in Scotland and sleeping with students not allowed. However, at graduation they cease to be students.

A few years ago, just before the covid19 pandemic, we were graduating a class of our students. Usual thing with families, friends, partners, etc all milling around, walking across the stage and getting degrees. Afterward we had a reception in the department. Receptions are a chance for graduates, their family, and faculty to mix over cheap, kinda warm prosecco and low-quality canapes.

One student, let’s call her Vicki, had been my supervisee for the year. She was a half-Asian, half-white girl from Hong Kong about 23 years old, and we got on pretty well. She was slim built, maybe 5’5. We had done the usual thing of working together, some late nights in the lab but nothing that I would even consider flirting really. She was graduating with her parents and sister visiting, all of them beaming with pride. Vicki was wearing this long red dress with a split in the side, which was pretty unusual as people tend to dress down for these types of events.

We met at the reception and chatted a bit and Vicki mentioned that she’d like a picture in the lecture theatre before she leaves. I have access to them with my staff card, so I offered to take her up to one of the rooms where she studied. She asked her parents to wait, and we wandered up to the deserted lecture hall in the main building.

Once we got there, I took a few pics of Vicki on her phone, and we chatted a little more. She seemed excited and nervous, and I put that down to being her graduation day. I was showing her the pictures I took on her phone to make sure that she was happy with them. Now, I am not good at picking up signs or anything, so this poor girl eventually just had to lean forward and kiss me. I honestly hadn’t expected it, I didn’t think she was keen on me at all. She blushed and started stammering a bit and I kissed her back hard. I slowly kissed her over to the long benches that form the writing desks in the hall and popped her up on the desk.

Her dress rode up her legs and I started to kiss up the inside of her thigh, until I reached her knickers. She was so warm and as I started to lick the outside of her pants, I realised she was pretty wet too. I worked over the outside of her pants before slipping them to the side and stoking long and slowly up and down her pussy, working on her clit nestled just under a trimmed mound of black hair. After a while she reached down and took hold of her knickers, holding them to the side for me and freeing my hand. As I ate her out, I slipped a finger gently into her and worked her pussy slowly until her thighs tightened and I could feel her cumming.

Standing up was a bit of a head rush and we both look probably a bit shocked at what had happened. She saw her watch and said we needed to get downstairs quickly, so we hurried back (me frantically wiping my face).

We got back into the hall and I gulped down some free prosecco and chatted to a few people. Shortly afterwards, I turned around to see her beaming mother and father. They had wanted to meet her supervisor. So, I shook hands with a dad whose daughter I had eaten out literally minutes earlier.

NSFW: yes

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