The time I hooked up with my friend at a pool party

So this story is about 2 years old but I still think it’s hot and worth sharing!
I am 27 (was 25 at the time) and got invited to a pool party. I got there, we chilled, drank, and went swimming. There was about 10 people there and it went on pretty late. One of my old friends happened to be there – she was visiting home from out of state. We ended up chatting it up as the party went on. As people got out of the pool, there was still a group of 4 of us still chilling in the pool. We were all pretty tipsy and were still drinking a little. As time went on, the other 2 went inside with the others, so it was just me and my friend – I think she was 23/24 at the time by the way.
After like 10 minutes, we got out of the pool and started drying off a little in the backyard by the pool. My friend started feeling my upper arms, and saying how strong I felt. I grabbed her hips with my hands and complimented her back, and we ended up kissing, and it also lead to making out. This is when she told me she wants to see how well I eat out.We moved a lawn chair behind this tree to make sure nobody would see us. We both got on it and continued making out for a little. I ended up crawling on her, and started making my way down her body with kisses. Her bra ended up coming off as I made my way down. I ended up taking her bottom part of her bikini off and started eating her out.
She put her feet on my back and was gripping my head with her thighs, as well as her hands tugging my hair. She was getting really wet and was moaning a bit (not too loudly though). I ended up eating her out for like 20 minutes.
I made my way back up her body with kisses, and she started grabbing my dick over my shorts and I was pretty hard at this point. I suggested she take a turn, and she started kissing my chest and worked her way down with kisses like I did. She pulled my shorts off and started teasing me a little before getting to work.
She was slowly licking my dick like a popsicle. I am only 6 inches in the pants but it looked like a good size for her – she’s a petite latina that’s like 5’2ish. After, she decided to taste more by sucking me and stroking me with one hand. I started softly moaning and she told me I sound cute when I moan so I did it more. She gave me head for like 15 minutes before I told her I was going to cum soon.
She took her hand away and started deep throating me. I placed one hand on her head and my other was holding her chin. I started moaning more and I eventually ended up cumming as she was giving me head. She was getting all of it in her mouth and continued sucking me until I got soft.
We got our swim wear back on and went back in. I am not sure if anyone knew what was up, but some people came off as suspicious.
Well there’s that story, I hope you like 🙂

NSFW: yes

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