The time I got head while hunting

So I was around 18 years old and was dating this girl who’s family would go hunting a few times a year so I would join them. In this occasion it was the best day of hunting yet. It was right as sunset we were in the stands and up until this point there was no action so I begin hearing some noises coming from the side of me and I look over and she is starting to put her hair up and then gets out of her chair so I’m thinking what is this girl doing. She looks up at me and gives me this look if you know what I mean next thing I know she is running her hands up my pants and rubs my dick through my pants so you know my man starts to wake up and she unbuttons my pants and pulls my dick out and starts sucking it. So I grab her by the pony tail and begin throat fucking her and making her gag. I tell her I’m about to cum and she says cum on my face daddy. I came so much on her face and now we had a mess to clean up before her parents came to pick us up.

Let me know how you likes this story cause I have more.

NSFW: yes

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