The Time I Fucked the Groom at His Wedding Several Times [26F]

So Jacob and Janet decided on a destination wedding. I don’t really know the details. I wasn’t even invited.

A few days before they’re all due to fly out my BIL got Covid. He had to cancel. Em was somehow not infected. She asked if I wanted to join instead.

I debate. Do I REALLY want to go to this thing? Jacob and I haven’t talked in a while. Ahhh fuck it I say. I need a break. We are all adults. Are we not? Turns out. Men in fact are not adults.

I tell her I’ll get my own room. We argue as siblings do. Em doesn’t like wasting money and she has a perfectly fine paid off room. That’s the whole point of inviting me. Finally I tell her something to the effect of “I’m going to be fucking randoms while I’m there Em I need my own room.”

“Why are you like this?”

“You’re just jealous I’m not married”

She calls me a bitch and our argument is over.

I managed to discover something in the resort. It was last minute and it was super expensive. Em was not pleased at the cost. Questions how I can afford it. I have the money “got lucky with Tesla remember”. Blah. Blah. Blah. Big sister gives younger sister life advice. Ugh. Anyways. Moving on.

At the Airport / Day 1

Everything’s booked. Time to fly out. Tell me why my dumb ass didn’t realize I’d be seeing Jacob at the airport. Cause there he was with Janet waiting at the gate. He’s taken aback at seeing me there. Had no idea I was coming. He cannot really say anything in front of anyone obviously but he’s visibly flustered.

I go for a walk. He ends up finding me. What am I doing here. I should be more considerate. Mans getting super pissy. I tell him to relax I’m not here to ruin anything. Just keeping my sister business. Don’t try anything he says to me. TO ME. Like it’s my fault he cheated over and over and over and over again. Like it’s my fault he’d make contact first each time he wanted to fuck me. Anyways. Moving on yet again.

Get to the resort. Get our rooms. Mine is not with the group.

Groom side is on a different floor. Bride side is on a different floor. They’re staying in separate rooms until wedding night. I’m several floors above everyone else. Yes. It was a very expensive room. The balcony had a jacuzzi.

Em decided she was gonna sleep there when she saw the room and the view. “As long as I’m not getting pounded. Sure.” She rolls her eyes at me.

Anyways. I bikini up. Put on a wrap / cover up. Head over to the beach. And await the fuck boys. I swat a few away. Discover one I like eventually.

Bring him back. We fucked everywhere in that room. Bed. Balcony. Jacuzzi. Bathroom. He was very good. I have several orgasms. He unloads different places each round. On my body. On my face. In my mouth.

It’s evening. I’m cleaning up in the bathroom.

Em’s knocking on my door. I open it. She just barges in. Fuck boy is not decent.

“ALREADY!!!” she yells at me and kicks him out. I let her.

He asks if we can see each other tomorrow. I laugh in response.

“No. no you may not.” Em chimes in kicking him out

“Why are you like this?”


Em wants to use the Jacuzzi. We order room service, get in and enjoy the rest of the evening. Em is buzzed heavily not long after. I take some selfies and pictures with an inebriated Em and rib my BIL about how much fun she is having without him. Anyways. I digress. I do this too much.

Night 1

Guess who is messaging me. Mr. Don’t Try Anything. He wants to know what room I’m in. He wants to talk.

Yeah okay buddy. Talk. I tell him I’m with Em. Tells me to message when she leaves. I most certainly am doing no such thing.

Anyways, Em eventually goes to her room. All her stuff is there and she has an early begin.

Her parting advice to me “And. Please. For the love of god. Don’t fuck anyone from the wedding party.” she half slurs

“I’ll try not to” I tell her “but if they want to fuck…”

She rolls here eyes, shakes her head, “Why…just why…”, gives me a kiss and stumbles away.

He messages again late in the night. Man really is desperate to “talk” isn’t he. I give him the room number.

He’s knocking on it in a few minutes. I let him in. It’s almost bed time. I’m just wearing a silk robe.

He apologizes for his behaviour at the airport. Wants to know why I came? Cause my sister asked me to? Then why get a separate room? Cause I wanted to? blah blah blah just on and on and on and on.

I get tired of his questions. “Jacob if you want to fuck me just come out and say it”

Just more blah blah blah. He feels guilty. We shouldn’t. I’m the only girl he’s done this with. blah. blah. blah.

“So why are you here then?”

“Well what do you want?”

“Nothing. I already had sex in this room today. What do you want?”

That set him off. He pushed me on the bed and aggressively groped me through my robe. Hand goes into the robe. Starts playing with my pussy. Fingers me. I make no moves on him except staring at him.

“Is this what you want?” he asks

I don’t respond. I am instigating nothing here after his little tirade at the airport. He’s gonna have to say it for me to make a move.

He starts to go down on me eventually. Fingering me at the same time. He is really good at that. I let him do his thing.

“Is this what you want?” He asks again “tell me”

Pfft. I just play with my tits. Enjoying what’s being done to my vagina. I orgasm. I don’t want to give him any satisfaction. So I do my best to suppress any noises. But. My body betrays me. My legs are raised on his back and they trembled.

“Is that what you wanted?” He asks once my orgasm has subsided.

I lift myself up slightly using my arms to support me. Look at him “No. I told you I already got fucked. We went at it like bunnies. But you know. Thanks. ”

He gets pissy and tries a power play move of leaving.

I let him.

I may or may not have heard a knock at the door. I like to think I did and didn’t open the door. But it was late and I needed to sleep.

Day / Night 2

The next day, I’m not really part of the wedding party so I just do my own thing.

Em messages saying she wants me at the dinner in the evening. Dress nice. Ugh. Sure.

I put on my bikini. My wrap. And head back to the beach to await the fuck boys yet again. None approach.

I question myself. Nah. There’s just not any fuck boys on the beach today. Only explanation. I enjoy the sun and my solitude.

I head back to the resort for lunch. Chill near the pool bar. A fuck boy approaches. He is a very cute asian fuck boy with solid abs. I accept. We head back into the resort.

Jacob is exiting the elevator as we are entering it. Good. I give him a wink and make a show of holding Asian fuck boys hand.

Asian fuck boy and I have a great time in my room. A bit on the small side but my god he had stamina. I orgasmed countless times. He railed me like 3 times if I recall. And he came like a firehose. So much cum. He was so good in fact I tell him “same time tomorrow I’ll be in the room” as he was leaving. Too bad he wasn’t local to me.

I abso-fucking-lutely slut up for the dinner. Put on a black halter top mini dress that left my legs exposed, back exposed and just almost covered my tits and ass.

Em gives me a stare when I get to her room. “What?” “Who raised you to be like this?” “You?” I smile. She sighs.

At the dinner it’s just the brides side. Bunch of cute guys my age are there. All cousins I assume. Some of them are jostling for position for me. Obviously.

Em reminds me to behave.

“I already got my fill today”

“Same guy?”

I shake my head to say no

“Another one?!?”

“Uh huh and OMG so good. I invited him back tomorrow. Small dick though.” I pout

“Poor baby” she pats my head

As the evening goes on one of the guys there is making an impression on me. He’s very cute. Dirty blonde hair. The remaining cousins have submitted to him. That and Janet smacked a few on the head and told them to leave me alone.

Anyways he’s trying to cop a feel under the table. My dress makes it super easy of course.

We are almost done. Everyone’s on desert.

Jacob walks in to say hi hello to the family.

He sees … let’s just call him Cousin Fuck Boy … flirting with me. As he’s walking towards our side of the table I make a show.

I turn to Em and pout. She gets the message. She waves me off in a “do whatever the hell you want you’re an adult” manner. Sweet.

As Jacob gets there. I get up and grab Cousin Fuck Boys hand “you coming?”

Of course he’s coming.

I take Cousin Fuck Boy back to my room. He wants me to leave my dress on while we fuck. Sure. That’s at all times hot. I remove my underwear and we start.

Alas, I have been deceived. DECEIVED. Cousin Fuck Boy is not very good at sex. He is in fact not even a fuck boy. He can’t focus on the clit during oral. He can’t stay hard long enough for me to put a condom on. He wanted to use one. Cannot get hard when I blow him with a condom. Sigh. It was like fucking a virgin. Too bad. Cause he had a nice dick. I just finished him off with a blowjob / handjob. When he was ready to blow I just pulled out and held it away from me. He squirted out a little bit of cum and was done. He apologizes. Blames the alcohol. I send him on his pitiful way.

I just keep the dress on and pass out on the bed. Too lazy.

Late at night there’s a knock. It’s Mr. Don’t Try Anything.

“Back for more?”

“Can I come in?”

“If you want”

I sit on my bed. He’s standing.

“So. What’s up?” I ask him

“You’re still wearing … didn’t you?”

“We did. He wanted to me to ride him with the dress on.”


“So. What are you doing here?”

“You want to fuck?”

“I got railed like 5 times today. So. Not really. Do you want to fuck?” I lied obviously. Only Asian Fuck Boy railed me in here.


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want to fuck”

“Okay so go fuck your fiancé”

“You’re being a bitch”

“No this is me not trying anything. Like you demanded. Who do you want to fuck then?”

“You. I want to fuck you.”

I spread my legs and invite him to dine on me. He gets on his knees in front of me and goes to town on me until he makes me orgasm twice. I don’t play any games this time. He was getting too tight for his pants so he had to stop and undress in the middle of going down on me.

He wants me to leave mine on.

I then return the favour to him. We switched spots. He’s already pretty hard so doesn’t take long to get him to a full erection. He just starts face fucking me. I release control to him and put my hands behind my back. He was taking revenge. He was rather rough. I didn’t mind. Each time he held me down balls deep it was longer than I could take it. I need to use my hands to force my way back up.

By the end of it my face was a mess. Sinuses were done. Eyes watering. Mascara ruined. I water easily when I deep throat. Drool was fucking everywhere.

I looked up at him breathlessly, mouth open, tongue out when he finally let go off my head.

I had to go to the bathroom to clear things up. I get a proper look at my destroyed face. I keep my dress on.

Came back to him stroking his 8+ inch monster. I just hop on him, put my arms around his shoulders and let my pussy swallow his cock. I ride him in face-off position for a good while. He wants anal. I tell him he hasn’t earned it. I pushed him down on to the bed and rode him in cowgirl. He’s ready to cum.

“Yeah? Are you going to cum?”


“Yeah? Cum for me then. Cum inside me.” I pin his hands to the bed

“I’m going to cum” he says

I proceed to pull the bitchiest move of my whore life. I jumped off him.

“What are you doing” he exclaims … he’s too close though … he ends up cumming … the cum just kind of drizzles out of him. There is no power.

I couldn’t stop laughing. “Did you have an orgasm”

“No!” Success. I ruined his orgasm.

He was not happy. I tell him it’s late. I’m joining the girls for a spa date in the morning and then I have an appointment with Asian Fuck Boy. He can take care of himself in his room.

He leaves.

I’m proud of myself. I still am actually. Being dominant … or was I just being a bitch … is super fun.

Night 3

I join the other bridesmaids for their day at the spa. It is heavenly. I don’t really interact with Janet.

I get back to my room. Asian Fuck Boy is knocking on my door precisely at the agreed upon time. I let him in. We fuck each others brains out. Asian Fuck Boy is really fucking good. Mostly due to stamina. I orgasm multiple times again. He cums all over me several times again. I am left completely satisfied. He wants to meet again the day after. I tell him probably won’t happen. It’s the day of the wedding.

We say our goodbyes. He offers to stay in touch but I decline. Let’s keep it as a good vacation story I tell him.

Em comes by my room as Asian Fuck Boy is leaving.

“OMG he’s cute” she whispers … she seems to have accepted that her little sister is a hoe … SUCCESS! I think.

Em and I have another evening to ourselves. Relaxing. She leaves early. They have to be up at some ungodly hour to get dressed.

Like clockwork Mr. Don’t Try Anything is knocking at my door.

“The night before your wedding? Really?”

“You have to make up for tomorrow”

“I do now do I?”

“Yes” he pushes me down to my knees forcefully. I just be a brat and stay there looking up at him.

He drops his pants and forces his dick into my mouth. I withstand. He pulls my hair. Unexpected. I yell a little in pain and he shoves his dick into my mouth. He proceeds to face fuck me again. This time he plugged my nose when he held me down. There was so much drool. So much. I am also pretty sure I just cleared my sinuses on to him at some point and just kept getting face fucked. Like a whore.

“Get on the bed”

“I need to clean up” I tell him, he doesn’t let me he just pushes me on the bed on to my back, enters me and fucks me in missionary. I have a hard time breathing to my nose.

“Yeah you like that you little slut?” “Yeah? Do you?” “Answer me” “I’m going to fuck you in the ass today”

I just lay there and let him use my hole. I did orgasm twice through all of the fucking.

He wants to go raw into my ass. I tell him he’s crazy and get a condom and lube. He was so aggressive. I had to tell him to stop. Things need to warm up buddy. Go slow. He tones down his aggressive behaviour. And fucks me properly in the ass. I cum a third time while I play with myself.

Soon he’s ready to cum and I have him jerk off into my mouth. He unloaded a good amount. I showed it to him and I swallowed.

We go a second round. He used my ass exclusively the second time around. Unloaded on my face. He wants to try a third but it was too late. I needed sleep. He had to be up early too.

He leaves reluctantly.

Day / Night 4

They got married. I obviously didn’t fuck him. But can you imagine?

I don’t … remember much of this … but I got stupid drunk at the reception and I somehow ended up fucking two guys in my room from the groom’s side. At least I think they were from the grooms side.

Couldn’t even describe it to you if I wanted to.

Day / Night 5

In the morning I wake up next to the two Reception Fuck Boys on either side of me.

What the fuck happened. I’m not really into MMF threesomes to be honest. I discover it odd. Super fun. But odd. I mostly threesome with Babs. Anyways. I digress again.

I get out of bed. Climbing over one of them. There is not a condom in sight.

Em is at my door early for some reason. I just let her in. I actually need help.

She is none too pleased at the sight on my bed. She wakes them up and kicks them out. A hung over me got a serious fucking lecture.

They had some excursion planned for those that wanted to go in the afternoon. Em insists I come. I’m hung over. So is half the party. We’re still going. Everything is paid for as her and my BIL were gonna go. So I join. No fuck boys for yours truly on that day. Jacob avoids me. Makes sense.

Reception Fuck Boys are not on this trip.

Were they even part of the wedding party? I could not tell you at this point.

That night Em slept over in my room.

Day 6

We packed and left the next day. Jacob avoids me. I don’t really care. Janet is all aww thanks for coming. Yes. Yes.

A Few Weeks Later

He calls. Janet is out of town for work. I tell him to book a room as per usual. We spend the night fucking like bunnies. He used all three holes. He painted my face each time. He fed it to me each time with my fingers.

He hasn’t called me in a while.

As I write this out and having worked in my industry now for over a year. I have to say, even though I know I am the instigator in all of this.

This Jacob is a fucking douche bag.

He’s probably the poster boy of married men who frequent escorts.

I have blocked his number on my phone now. He can discover another outlet for his cheating methods. It’s late. I’m off to bed.

NSFW: yes

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