The time I [F] 19 “accidentally” flashed a stranger

I have a rather reserved personality, I am quite introverted and discover it hard to fit in around people I do not know. But, for whatever reason, whenever I am horny it’s as though my entire brain and personality is rewired causing me to do things I would never have imagined. Things that I often feel quite embarrassed about later on, though not necessarily guilty or ashamed of, which is probably why things like this continue to happen to me.

We often can not quite articulate or define our reasons for doing things, we tend to just do them. That’s how I felt on this warm Sunday morning as I prepared to go shopping to go buy some new clothes and pick up some groceries for the week. I woke up, took a shower and walked into my bedroom naked. I put on a bra, slid a tank top over me, grabbed one of my favorite skirts, pulled it on, grabbed my keys and headed for my front door. It was once I made it there, I realized I had “forgotten” to wear my panties. I didn’t mean to not wear them, but then again who forgets to put those on, so perhaps deep down I did mean to.

I figured I would be careful, and no one would notice so I headed to my car and then to the store to buy clothes. There wasn’t much wind so I wasn’t on skirt alert, skirt alert being when the wind is strong enough to blow a skirt plum over the top of your head, so I was not worried in that regard. I walked around, picked out a few outfits and was about to check out when I decided that I wanted to try on and maybe buy a new pair of shoes. So I went to do exactly that.

I realized pretty quickly that it is fairly hard to put on shoes stuffed full of paper and tied together while also standing and doing my best to not bend over for obvious reasons. So hard in fact, I couldn’t manage it. I looked around, found one of the benches and sat down and quickly got the shoes on. Barely slipping them on when a man came walking down the aisle to look at shoes. This made me realize that while looking for a bench, I wandered all the way down to the men’s section, bypassing the many open benches in the women’s section to take a seat in the place where it was most likely for me to get caught. We often can’t articulate or define our reasons for doing things, this being a prime example because I suddenly realized that my whole desire to look at shoes, to not wear panties, was all rooted in me wanting the rush of flashing a stranger.

So, I hiked my skirt up, waited for the right moment and as he was looking at me I spread my knees aside, granting him a full view of my vagina. My heart was pounding, I barely heard him say he liked my shoes. A joke clearly as there was no way he didn’t notice my exposed vagina. I offered to take a closer look which he was more than happy to take me up on. He sat right next to me, wasting no time, reached into my skirt and began to covertly rub and finger my vagina. My heart was pounding so fast, and I was so unbelievably horny I came pretty much immediately. That was the fastest orgasm I have ever experienced, and among the most memorable.

We exchanged numbers and hooked up a few times following this, and still chat occasionally but Ill never forget him or this experience.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

NSFW: yes

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