The time I (35M) fucked a former visiting student (F21) at university

I am a lecturer (ass. prof) at a Scottish university. We get a lot of visiting students who stay for a week, a semester, sometimes a year. Importantly, they are not our students once the visit is over.

Ash was a visiting student from New Zealand. She was about 21, 5’4 with freckles and some nice curves. She wore her brown hair in a ponytail mostly, all the time struck me as sensible kinda student.

Once semester had drawn to a close, I got an email from Ash. She was wondering if I was around campus during the summer (I was) and if I wanted to catch up before she left. She suggested a local café which was near campus. I figured that she was bored and looking to pass time now that her pals had left for summer holidays. We met at 230ish in the afternoon. She had a blue cut-offs and a white shirt on. We sat and she ordered a glass of prosecco (I had anticipated a coffee myself but followed suit with a bottle of stupidly expensive beer) and chatted for about 30mins. After the drink Ash asked if I was heading back to the department.

When I got back to my office, I caught Ash’s eye. It’s hard to describe really without calling it ‘the look’: mischief, hunger, excitement (and later she told me exasperation!). I’m not the quickest guy, but even I cannot miss that look. We came together in the middle of the room and started to kiss. She had to stretch up, which I all the time discover adorable, and slowly she kissed me back towards the desk and propped herself up on it.

I had the chair nearby and so as we kissed, I slowly worked down her neck and with hands on her knees which spread quickly as she pulled me in closer. I could feel her breasts under her shirt, but there was no easy way to get them out. As I pulled back a bit to see what I could do, she put a gentle pressure on my head. She’d later deny it, but with her encouragement I sat on my chair with her on my desk and begin kissing my way up her widening thighs, before wriggling her out of the shorts. Ash was wearing a white thong and I slowly kissed all around it before taking it off. I say taking it off, it got tangled around one foot (she had almost heels on? pumps?) And so I abandoned it there, dangling off a raised leg like a damp victory flag. She was neatly trimmed, which made it easy to work my way up and down her pussy in long slow licks before settling on gently stroking and sucking her clit. She just sorts of melted back into the desk with a sigh.

As I’m eating Ash out, she starts rocking her hips, sliding them sort of up. This means my tongue is dipping lower with each stroke. Soon enough I am licking from her clit down to the space between her pussy and ass. I look up at her a bit quizzical, and she just has what can only be called a smirk across her face. So, I lick lower still until I’m tracing the edge of her ass before making my way to her clit again. As soon as my tongue touched her ring, she let out a moan loud enough for me to want to clamp a hand in her mouth (which she promptly removed, she wouldn’t be silenced). After a few minutes she was dripping and rocking her hips up and down. She pushed me back and started kissing me, working my trousers down to my ankles

Once my pants were down, so was she. She slipped the head of my dick into her mouth and started sucking with more enthusiasm than technique. It worked though and I felt my dick getting slick from her spit as she worked the head over and had a few failed attempts at taking me deeper. Once I was coated, she got back up on the desk. I was just with my pants down, and with a big window to our backs she pulled me in towards her. I could feel my cock sliding over the slickness between her legs where I’d eaten her out.

We started to kiss and slid my dick over her until the angle was just right and I could rest the tip right in the edge of her pussy, as she hooked her legs around me and pulled me slowly and fully into her. I cupped the back of her neck as I slide into her the first time, pulling gently down so her pussy slid neatly to swallow me up. Her hair spilled back, and I pulled almost entirely out of her, letting the slide out go nice and slow. I could feel her tugging at me, trying to pull me in again so I hesitated at the edge, before gliding back in. Slowly she started to lay back and open up her legs from around my back and let me take charge of the speed with which I was fucking her. It was about 4 in the afternoon and Ash was spread on a professor’s desk, eager herself into his dick and stifling moans thanks to the stern look I have her every time she let them slip.

As she lay back, I was able to put a hand on her shoulder and control her sliding off the end of the desk a bit, giving smoother glides in and out of her. She reached a hand up and put it on my shoulder too and we were able to set a good rhythm for her without the desk banging too much on the wall. After a while I could feel her begin to clench and the pressure on my shoulder became more of a squeeze, then a pinch and I popped a finger gently across her mouth as I reached down to thumb her clit as she got closer. Her hips bucked more and she grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her pussy as she ground into my pelvis. I could feel the desk under us getting wet and a glance down between her legs showed she was squeezing every inch of me into her.

Once she had relaxed and let go of my arm, I stood back a bit, sliding completely out of her. I hadn’t cum and was still pretty rock hard. I figured she’s gonna jack me off or something like that. Instead, she got down and went to her handbag and produced a box of condoms. She’d clearly wondered ahead about this much more than I had. I didn’t recognise the brand, but it said “extra safe, lubed” and I figured it is just New Zealanders being cautious. I slipped it on, which was easy enough and she went back to the desk and this time bent over it. I could see her lovely pale ass that has taunted me up the stairs, poking out with a little sway as she stretched out gripping the far edge of the desk. I came up behind her and took a rough handful of shirt, sliding nearly back into her sopping pussy from behind.

Ash gave out a little yelp and then started chuckling and shaking her head. She reached around and shuffled forward, sliding my dick out of her and guided me slowly up to the little brown ring she’d made me taste earlier. Gently she eased herself back until the tip of my cock was just resting on the end of her ass, and she started wriggling.

“Don’t be silly” she said back to me, “we don’t have all semester to tease each other anymore”

Ash was almost teasing me, applying ever so slightly more pressure leaning back. I could feel my dick starting to bend a bit at the tip, and I reached down to grab him only to discover her hand already arriving, giving more pressure. Instead, I ran my hand further down and started to play with her clit under the table. And so, with some help, Ash wriggled the head of my dick into her asshole. We held it there for a while as she sank back at her own pace, letting me keep working her pussy with my free hand. She was a 5″4 freckly girl and I didn’t know if she was gonna take it. Her ring felt so tight, it was vicing my cock as she slowly pulled herself up and down. Now the moans were more groans as she slid. Eventually I couldn’t help myself and started to pull at her shirt, working her deeper and deeper into me. Her ass felt amazing, but I knew I wanted her pussy more.

“Can I go back into you to finish?” She just murmured something positive and so I pulled out of her ass, slipped off the condom, and started sliding my dick up and down her pussy lips from behind.

By now Ash is just arching her back and is trying to catch the end of my cock with her open pussy. Her lips are swollen and she’s super wet to the point of it being hard to tease her without accidently sliding right in. Eventually she looks back over her shoulder and she is almost pleading as she wiggles her ass, and I cannot help but return the smirk she gave me earlier and let her thirsty little pussy gobble up all my length. Almost as soon as she sinks to the bottom of my shaft I feel my balls tightening and I know I am about to unload into this 20yo. I take her by both the shoulder and the hip and hold her in place while my cock strains and jerks and starts to pump her twitching pussy full of cum. I can tell she knows and feels what’s happening because she looks back at me with big brown eyes and a massive smile. I pulled out and turned her around so we could kiss, and she stood there quivering in my office while her swollen pussy hid under her shirt and had a long deep kiss.

We swapped numbers and she later messaged me saying that she never wondered that she would have to walk across campus with a stretched, ill-fitting thong trying it’s best to stop my jizz leaking out of her.

NSFW: yes

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