The things they never knew…

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NSFW: yes

When i was younger… me and my cousin used to get up to some stuff that would have given my mum a heart attack haha.

I was all the time shy but she was NOT and it seemed all the boys in her area knew it. I used to follow her around as she was 2 years older than I.

Anyway I remember the 1st time I went to a “party” with her.I basically followed her around for the first hour or 2 until things got blurry and I lost her for a bit, yes we were drinking, and i couldnt discover her, I asked the host had they seen her and they said shes out the back with Cody. I didnt know who that was.

Well i go out back and wow did i get a shock, she had 3 boys all around her and she was blowing one while getting fingered by another, the third was just watching.

I was only just out of sight and they didnt see me, so I sort of just.. watched for a while. It was the 1st time I had seen any sexual act. Thats a feeling i’ll never forget, I was super nervous but also super excited! I went back inside and she was back inside after only 5 mins or so, I said nothing about it and just kept drinking with her and the other girls. I could tell all the guys were talking about it together all excited as they kept looking over at her.

Eventually we went back to her place and when we were in her room I told her I saw her out the back. She didn’t even seem to care like, AT ALL! All she said was “you should have said something and I would’ve hooked you up”!

I’ll tell another part of the story soon.

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