The story of my(31F) first time (when I was 23)


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Losing my virginity isn’t a story I tell often because it’s not one of my favorite sexual experiences, but here it is. I, 23 at the time, was out with my roommate and some friends, we were all drinking, having a good time, and one of the guys was flirting pretty hard with me. He wasn’t overly groping or anything, just some casual touches and some pointed compliments. At the end of the night, we ended up staying the night at one of the guys’ places. My roommate went into this guy’s room and they stayed in there, while my guy – let’s call him M- and I stayed out to watch some HIMYM. Before long, though, we begin making out. I was still somewhat new to kissing and tonguing and the art of making out, so I would say I was willing, but maybe not super skilled. He didn’t seem to mind, though, as he shoved his tongue into my mouth and I started sucking on it. He shifted over me until i was laying on the couch with him over me, between my legs, and he made these little sounds into my mouth – groans and grunts – and it was so electrifying knowing he was getting as turned on as I was, even with me not knowing what I was doing. His hands went to my tits – more than a handful for every man I’ve been with – and he started rubbing them, finding the hard nipples and pinching and squeezing at them. I was wearing a thin bra so it was easy to feel them through the two layers of fabric. I could feel myself getting so wet between my legs – and while I was a virgin at sex, I was not a beginner at getting wet. I had been getting turned on by romance novels, dirty stories, porn, for a long long time. As one of his hands left my boob and started inching down to pull up my dress, though, I stopped his hand with one of mine and warned him I’m a virgin. That seemed to turn him on even more and his head started kissing down my neck, and chest – he stopped to suck at my nipples through the material briefly – but then continued down and pushed my dress up, the pulled my panties to the side. I didn’t get a chance to be embarrassed, curious, or anything else before he buried his face into my soaking pussy and started licking. I almost bit through my lip trying to hold back a scream, not knowing what was going on in the bedroom but not wanting to bring any attention to myself if they could hear. He lashed his tongue over my clit, around and around, and then slid it down to fuck my tight virgin hole, and I was already embarrassingly close to cumming. His mouth went back to my clit and he started sucking, while sliding a thick finger into my cunt. He started pumping that finger and sucking on my clit with the same rhythm and I was humping his face like crazy. I had pulled up my dress at some point during his assault on my pussy, so that i could reach my nipples and was pinching one nipple with one hand and had my other hand in his hair, holding his head to my pussy. As I got closer and closer, though, it started to feel too intense, too out of control, like I didn’t know what my body would do if it went on. It felt stronger than the orgasms I gave myself with my own hand, and I started pulling on his hair to move his head back, to slow down, to warn him I didn’t know what would happen, but he grabbed both my hands, held them at my hips, and shook his head with my clit still in his mouth, and I came. I came hard, thighs trembling, mouth open on a silent cry, back arched so hard I probably resembled Emily rose from her exorcism. The spasms kept going as my back lowered back to the couch and I gained breath again, panting, and I could feel my cunt twitching around his finger that was still in it. I looked down to see his face absolutely covered in my juices, his hair and eyes wild, and he roughly asked “can I fuck you?” I nodded, desperate to help him feel even half as good as I felt from that orgasm, too drunk to push for a condom. He unzipped his pants, pushed them and his underwear down, and started to slide his cock around in my juices before trying to shove it in. Unfortunately this story doesn’t end happily for him, because even after that orgasm, it still hurt when he tried to slide his cock into me, so I made him stop probably with about half of his cock still out. He took it in stride, just cuddling me, and didn’t try to fuck me in the morning, either.

NSFW: yes


  1. MashoorLadka

    More men need to be like this! Respecting the partner irrespective of how horny/desperate you are!

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