The Steakhouse 2 [FM]

The Steakhouse 2 [FM]

**Part 2**


**The ride home**

We were getting ready to leave the restaurant so my husband called for an Uber. We always get an Uber black car because they’re not that much more expensive and the drivers and vehicles always seem to be on time and much more professional.

We said good night to the owners and thanked Pam our waitress again as we walked out.

I said to Rick, that was close, regarding almost getting caught by our waitress.

Rick said well hun you keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better, but you were caught red-handed or a better expression would be pink-handed, as he laughed.

Nonsense I told Rick, she lost her train of thought at our table, It was nothing more than that when she showed up with our salads, okay, Rick laughed.

Our Uber driver tonight was a younger Latin woman named Lucia and she was driving a newer large black SUV. Some black car drivers do their best to make your riding experience just like you are in a professional car service. Some have blackened windows others have small coolers with beer and wine, and some go out of their way so we always leave them a good tip, and i’m sure they have figured this out.

Lucia had a mesh privacy screen across the front portion and the back seats, which blocked her view of the backseat but gave her riders a sense of more privacy. She obviously could hear us but would have to work pretty hard to see us.

We lived in a complex that wasn’t completely GPS mapped yet, so I programmed the drop-off location as the first residence in the complex.

When we got into the car, I told Lucia that we need to go about a mile further than what I had requested but it wasn’t, on a map yet. I said don’t worry though we would tip her accordingly and I would direct her to our house as soon as we got to our street.

We had about a 20-minute drive from the steakhouse to our home so I decided to fuck with Rick the entire way.

I sent him a text – seems like we have lots of privacy back here. What do you think?

Ding – He looked at his phone and just started laughing.

Really he said, we’re 3 feet away and you’re gonna start texting me as he laughed.

I texted back, no, only the things that she can’t hear.

I pulled my dress up a bit as he watched. Then a bit more as I sat opposite of him.

Did I tell you I love my earrings, I said as pulled my dress up to my waist. Oh, I said, I forgot to give you something after dinner. I opened up my clutch and grabbed my wet thongs and tossed them at him.

So Rick now had the hang of this, and said –Oh, I was missing these…..

I’m glad you remembered to bring them. He then unfolded them, and looked at me as he licked them.

I’m glad you remembered to bring these he said for a moment I thought we had forgotten our dessert.

This game went on for the next 5 minutes until I started to play with my pussy in front of him. I pulled the shoulder straps off my dress, and was nearly naked in the backseat across from him.

I rubbed and pinched and licked my nipples while slowly rubbing my pussy.

I grabbed the phone and sent him another text.

I bet you I can get you off before we got home -Send

Rick said out loud, oh you think so, I kind of doubt it.

For the next two minutes I just finger fucked myself and licked my nipples.

Rick watched me like I was on a tightrope juggling knives.

I only stopped to have him watch me lick my fingers and told him, so good I said.

If I know anything, I knew him, and watching me get myself off was on his top three list.

Something I didn’t think would ever happen was Rick undid his belt, undid his pants, and was starting to rub his cock in the backseat of the Uber.

I grabbed my phone and sent him a text. Do you like my wet pussy? Would you like to lick it?

Rick said out loud, actually yes!

My next text said I bet, I could make you cum before we got home and we’re only 10 minutes away.

I said to him are you ready?

He grabbed his phone and texted, fuck yes, I’m ready.

I leaned over and started, sucking his cock, trying not to make too much noise, but I had him within three or four minutes when he shot his load into the back of my throat.

I was getting myself together in the backseat, and Rick was zipping up as fly as we pulled up to our home.

Rick came around opened my door and I walked towards the house.

Rick went to the passenger side glass as it came down he said to Lucia, I’ll send you a tip through the app, I don’t have cash on me.

Lucia said no problem Mr Anderson that’s great.

When Rick came into the house, he told me, I don’t think our ride was as private as you think.

Why I said, so when I was telling Lucia I would send her a tip through Uber. I noticed the screen on her dashboard.

It said, Family cam and you could see every angle of the car. So pretty much Lucia had a front-row seat to what was going on behind her in her back and third-row.

I said to Rick, she’s a young girl and probably not from this area. We probably made her night so don’t worry about it.

We went into the study, Rick turn on the gas fireplace and poured us each two fingers of scotch, his top and the pinky.

As we sat there, sipping scotch, Rick said to me. Now that I’m thinking, I find a couple of things strange. We never gave Lucia our address but yet she drove us right to our home and she said thank you Mr. Anderson.

How did she know my last name Rick said, Uber doesn’t give out last names.

Rick open the Uber app and sent a $40 tip to Lucia.

Within a minute he received a text message.

Thank you so much that was so nice.

Rick then texted her back. – I didn’t remember giving you the exact address but you drove us right to our driveway.

Bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles

I asked Rick what she said and he said nothing but bubbles she was typing.

Lucia replied, my mom, cleans your house and like seven others in your neighborhood. When she gets behind I help her, that’s how I knew you.

I asked Rick again did she answer?

He just looked at me and said, yes, and we need a new housekeeper.

The End

NSFW: yes

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