The Slave Contract, Part Two (Slave) (Freeuse) (Contract) (Toys) (All characters 20+) – Short Sex Story

One month ago, Lynna had sold herself to her flatmates.

It had been a logical choice; she’d just lost her job as a secretary and the rent was due. There were five of them there, three guys and two girls including herself. When she had admitted that she was not able to pay her distribute of it, one of those guys – a small man named Trevor – had suggested a form of alternative payment.

Despite her shock, Lynna had found herself intrigued. She’d never been a conservative woman when it came to sex. The idea of being used in this way was very interesting to her. And the others agreed that they would cover her rent. Actually, they would cover it even if she didn’t agree. But Trevor was the most wealthy one and he had agreed to cover half of it on his own if she did. Her roommates were her friends and she didn’t want to be a bother to them if she could avoid it. The logical choice was to simply agree and-


No, she couldn’t lie even to herself. She hadn’t accepted because of the others. She’d agreed because it was a doorway to a world she had not had a chance to find. Trevor painted a picture of free use; of herself as a slave who was forced to obey the orders of anyone else in the flat. Used by them or punished by them if she displeased. She would not even be allowed to wear clothes.

It should have been horrifying and for one of the roommates, it had been. Samantha – a freckled redhead and her closest friend – had been absolutely against it from the begin.

But Lynna had been aroused. She’d wanted to see what this life was like. So long as the others covered her rent, so long as she could cancel the contract at any time, she agreed to live under a set of rules as set down by the others.

That had been a month ago, and this was now how she lived:

Her room was barren. All of the books, her clothes, her laptop, and even her phone and money had been confiscated from her. She was allowed a single bed with thin sheets, an old desktop set on a desk in the corner and a lamp for when it got dark. Her bed had been modified with restraints. Leather cuffs connected to the four sturdy wooden legs. Most nights, she would be made to lie down on the bed and the others would take turns to secure each one around her wrists or legs. They could be done up so tightly that she was forced to lay spread-eagled all night, or they could be done loosely enough that she could toss and turn. The option was left to the one who was putting her to bed that night.

Each morning she would be woken up by a member of the group and released from her bindings. Sometimes, they would take their time and enjoy her body first. The contract allowed them to do this, and Lynna had gotten used to being fucked or giving blowjobs while restrained to the bed. Once she was released, her attire would be chosen. This was decided by a group vote.

She didn’t get a say, of course.

Lynna wasn’t allowed to wear clothes unless they were arousing. Trousers or skirts were out. She wasn’t allowed blouses or shirts. She was allowed panties, bras, stockings and fishnets. Sometimes if the group felt she was getting stale, they would dress her up in those but usually, she would remain naked.

After this, she would make breakfast. A role which had fallen to her as part of the contract. She would present the food and then kneel on the ground as the others ate it. Dave, Trevor and Andrew would all tuck in without a backwards look. Only Samantha, her former best friend, spared her any sympathetic glances. In the month since she had accepted the contract, all of the men had grown used to her new role as a slave. Only Samantha still bucked it and tried her best to spare Lynna from the ravages of the others. But she was one against three and often outvoted. Usually, the only thing she could do was to give encouraging smiles and try to show empathy.

Once the others ate, they would variously depart for their own jobs. Lynna would therefore have most of the day to herself. She still had her orders, however. She was not to wear clothes. If someone came to the door, she was to answer it naked. She was not allowed to use her computer for anything but searching for jobs or applying for them. To make sure of that, Trevor installed an activity tracker and checked it regularly.

They often left her tasks to do as well. Usually, these were cleaning or cooking. Sometimes they insisted she do exercises to keep herself fit and attractive. At other times – especially if she was being punished – they would demand that she record herself doing numerous things. Sometimes, she would be given a number of climaxes that she had to achieve before they returned. She would sit in front of the burning gaze of the camera, her pussy drenched and her fingers furiously penetrating herself. She felt such shame and arousal that she came scarily quickly, which the others didn’t fail to mention when they got back.

Today was a day like that. She was being punished for burning last night’s food. There was an egg vibrator strapped to between her legs and two more taped to her nipples. They’d been set to alternating patterns, and she had been ordered to avoid cumming as much as efficient. If she came more than five times, the punishment would be worse when they got back.

She’d already cum twice. The vibrations were bouncing through her body, making her skin hot and tingly. Her pussy was growing tighter, the tiny plastic egg pushed inside of her so crudely made her legs weak and her chest heave. Her nipples were hard, and she desperately tried to think of anything other than the feeling of the eggs pressing into her chest.

There was no one there to see her cum, but it was being recorded. There were security cameras installed all over the apartment and Lynna had quickly realised that this meant she was all the time being watched. Once everyone got back later, Dave and Trevor would insist that they watch the highlights of her day. Sometimes, they made her sit and finger herself as she watched her own recorded climaxes.

Lynna had lived like this for a month and at this point, her previous life seemed almost like a dream. It was as though she had stepped from one world to another. One of primal feelings, desire and arousal. Each day, she was pushed, edged, teased and tormented. Made to cum in front of her friends, made to beg them for their cocks. She was fucked, cleaned up and then fucked again. Ordered to serve them in the most demeaning and humiliating methods, and all the while knew it was being recorded for later viewing.

She’d never known a month like this in all of her life. She’d never known that it was efficient to live like this. If you had told her a month ago that she would end up being the whore of the apartment, she probably would have laughed at you! Not anymore, though. Now she understood. Now she saw.

The vibrators pressed against her nipples brought tears to the corners of her eyes. She was lying on the sofa, her legs slightly spread. The machines made an audibly buzzing sound which was broken by her moans. She was wet down there, and her pussy was already swollen and red from her previous climaxes. Lynna had never felt more exposed. The cameras were watching her, taking what was supposed to be an intimate moment and making it public. There were no rules about what the others could do with the recordings. She thought if they would end up getting uploaded to certain sites. If she was even now recording porn for strangers.

The feeling made her feel hot and another climax lanced through her. She moaned, her chest rising and falling quickly as her breathing hastened.

Three climaxes now. She could afford only two more.

Blissfully, the vibrators slowed, entering a less intense pattern. Lynna lay for several moments as she tried to gather her wits. This was her life now. Sexual pleasure, humiliation, degradation and punishment. Everything that she had been before had been washed away. She made no money but paid for her expenses with her body. She’d been fucked, masturbated, tormented and she loved it.

Once she had gathered herself, Lynna forced herself to her feet. Her legs were long and shapely, her hair was blonde. She could still feel the gentle vibrations of the plastic eggs gradually spreading through her, but it was something she could endure for now. Lynna moved back to her room, closing the door behind her didn’t mean much. There was no lock. She saw the straps on the bed, and the closet full of sex toys that Trevor had bought. Near the corner, there was the desk and the old computer. She sat there and turned it on. Biting her lower lip as the vibrators kicked up a notch.

The first thing she did was check her emails. She’d sent at least a dozen apps out. It wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying herself, she had made a silent promise that she would at least try to get back on her feet. She had done some checking around, compiled a new CV and resume.

The first few were all rejections. She’d expected that. Getting a job could be difficult at the best of times, and now was certainly not the best of times in terms of the economy. However, the last one caught her interest. It was an invitation to interview.

Lynna felt her heart speed up. She hadn’t expected to get so far in the first attempt. The email was asking for confirmation on whether she would attend, so what did she say? On the face of it, a new position would make her able to pay the rent again and remove her from this position of servitude.

But did she want to do that? As much as it was weird to say, she was enjoying herself here. She liked the way things were going, the feeling of being used and exposed. Forced to please her friends and humiliated. It made her body feel all hot and filled her mind with visions of things to come.

Lynna had all the time been a sexual woman. She’d all the time loved to be stimulated and fucked, but this month had been a step above and beyond anything she had ever felt or done before. She swallowed, the vibrations pressing against her nipples grew stronger. Did she really want all of this to end?

She frowned, picturing the red-haired Samantha. Her closest friend among the roommates and also the one who still seemed to have lingering doubts about her new place. She knew that Sam would tell her to get a job as quickly as efficient. To get herself out of this situation.

Samantha didn’t figure out. Lynna loved her as a friend and loved how she still kept trying to help her, but Sam just didn’t seem to get that for Lynna, this was more than slavery. She truly enjoyed her time like this. Given a choice, she would never let it end.

But it had to end eventually, didn’t it? She couldn’t stay like this forever. As fun as it was, she was gonna have to go back to the real world at some point.

She sighed and responded to the email, agreeing to attend the interview. She knew that Samantha would be happy with her but Lynna herself felt very differently on the matter.


Later that day when everyone had returned home, Lynna told them of what she had done. They were sitting in the main room, the TV was on and Dave was sprawled across the sofa. Trevor was sitting by the table, reading some books while Samantha was sitting on one of the chairs near the far wall.

Andrew was the one spending time with her that day. Lynna was kneeling near the centre of the room, her arms had been pinned behind her back. Andrew’s cock was in her mouth, the taste of his arousal in her throat. She moaned, moving her head back and forth as he gripped her blonde hair. Sam kept shooting worried looks at them but said nothing. There was a hint of colour to her pale face and Lynna thought if she was turned on by what she was seeing.

She gasped and gagged as Andrew finally climaxed, tasting his cum in her mouth. She swallowed it, knowing that nothing else would be acceptable to the others even though she disliked the taste. When she was done, he was already doing up his pants. He patted her on the head as if she was some kind of pet.

“Good work, it felt very good. You were saying that you applied for a job?”

“Yes, master.” That was one of the rules they had set out. Everyone was ”master” or ”mistress” to her now. All of her former friends were above her in stature and she served only to be used by them. It turned her on more than she would admit.

“I’m not sure I like that,” Dave looked up from the sofa. “If she gets a job, the whole thing is over.”

“She’s allowed to apply,” Trevor said without looking around. “It’s in the rules.”

“Can we order her to fail the interview? I sort of like having her as our own personal slave.”

“That would be wrong,” Samantha said, glaring at Dave. “Lynna agreed to this position though god knows why. She can leave it any time she wants, job or not.”

“That is correct,” Trevor said again. “Besides, the rules also state that we are not allowed to directly interfere with her attempts to get a job if she wants one. We are not allowed to order her to fail the interview, nor punish her or give her any orders which would make that more likely.”

“Memorised the rules, did you?” Andrew asked.

“Of course I did,” Trevor said. “They’re the rules. They matter. They are the physical representation of the agreement. I will do exactly as I am allowed to do and no more. Do not think that I do not desire her. I do. Lynna is extremely sensual and I have grown to love the sight of her naked body. The feel of her mouth on my cock and the sound of her moans is like music.”

Lynna’s face heated up as Trevor described her like that, and Sam turned away. The man went on.

“However, I do not intend to ever do more than I have been allowed to do. The moment that happens. The moment that anyone even thinks about doing that, the game is over. The rules are everything, agreed?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Dave said with a scowl. “I get you.”


“I understand,” Andrew said. “It’s nothing that I didn’t know before.”

“Good,” Trevor said. “I just wanted to make that understood to everyone here. What Lynna is now, she is by her own choice. That choice can change and this state can end. Do not ever forget that.”

He gestured to her and she started to crawl toward him. She moved on her hands and knees, her body swaying as she went. Samantha looked away again, but Trevor appreciated the view. His fingers caressed her breasts as she settled down next to him.

“Besides,” he went on, “If she fails the interview, we’re allowed to punish her.”

“That’s right,” Andrew said. “I’d forgotten about that part. In exchange for being allowed to do interviews without being interfered with, if she doesn’t get the job, it’s our duty to punish her for that failure.”

“Indeed,” Trevor’s thin mouth curled into a smirk. Lynna’s heart started to beat faster. “That is the other side of things. We will take a vote on it later. Everyone gets to have their voice heard, even Lynna here. If she fails to get the job after all of this trouble, we’re entitled to force her to make it up to us in other ways.”

She shivered at that but also felt a tiny spark of excitement. Lynna’s face was flushed, and she looked towards the ground, slightly ashamed of her own arousal.

What would they make her do if she failed the interview?

Why was it that she wanted so badly to understand?


It was later that night and Lynna was in her room. It was dark and the others had long since gone to bed. She was lying with the covers over her; for once she had not been strapped down and she was taking benefit of that to trail her fingers along her pussy. She was wet down there and hot, her breath came quickly as she built herself up. Her fingers caressed her womanhood, drawing soft moans from her mouth that were hard to disguise.

She thought what would happen if one of the others came in now. Would she be punished for touching herself? No one had said that she couldn’t do it, but they might insist she continued on with them watching. Make her give them a show.

God, that wondered made her so horny. Why was she like this? It was a question she had pondered a lot in the last few days. Lynna had all the time been a sexual woman but only in the last month had she really dove deeply into her sexuality. Being a contract slave turned her on, being told what to do, dominated and controlled made her hot. Never in her life had she wondered she would sell away her freedom, but now she was questioning why she had not done it before.

Yet there was danger in this. She knew that. The others… Well, Samantha still treated her as a friend, but Dave had started to see her just as an object. Something to fuck and control. She thought how much further that could go before it caused problems.

And as for Trevor…

She didn’t know what to say about him. He was the one who had proposed this whole thing and set it up. The one who was constantly driving her onwards, making her do more and more. Yet at the same time, he had also been the one to remind everyone else about the rules. Of them all, Trevor had all the time been the coldest and most isolated. The least friendly member of their group.

Yet now he had taken charge and was the dominant one. He was the one who planned her punishments, who gave her her orders, who enjoyed her body first and most. The wondered made her throat dry, but it could not be denied. Her fingers moved faster, a soft hiss escaped her throat.

Suddenly, there came a sound. Someone was coming into the room! Instantly, her hand snapped away from her pussy, and she felt like a schoolgirl caught touching herself for the first time. Her face heated up, and she was glad of the darkness which concealed her embarrassment.

“H-hey, Lynna.” There came a voice which she recognised. It was Samantha. “I saw that no one else was…well, using you and thought I’d drop in for a chat. We uh, haven’t really gotten a chance to talk lately, have we?”

“I suppose not,” Lynna said. She pushed herself up on the bed, into a sitting position. The blankets curled around her, but it was obvious that she was naked when Samantha turned on the lights.

Her friend was wearing her nightdress, a dark and silky number that clung to her skin and left her legs exposed. Lynna guessed she’d been in bed before coming here.

“Do they not let you wear clothes even to bed?” Samantha asked, a sharp tone in her voice.

“Of course not,” Lynna said. “That would make it harder if anyone wanted to come in and use me during the night.”

“You say that like it’s such a natural thing,” her friend sighed. “I’ll be honest, Lynna. I can’t believe the way things have gone over the last month. I keep thinking that I’ll wake up and it’ll be over, you know? Like a bad dream. But it keeps going on.”

Lynna chuckled despite herself.

“A bad dream for you? I’m the one living it.”

“Yeah, but you’re enjoying it!” Samantha said. “I can see the look on your face when one of them tells you to suck their cock, or finger yourself, or use a toy… You’re in heaven. I keep seeing you get fucked and dominated, everywhere I go in this house there are signs of it. My best friend is on her hands and knees sucking cock. The sound of her moans as she gets fucked for the third time that day, the sound she makes when she hits orgasm again and again…”

Lynna felt her face flush but shook off the embarrassment as best she could.

“Is that so bad? I mean, I did agree to it all, Samantha. And I do enjoy it.”

“I know. That’s what makes it so weird to me. Why would any woman enjoy this sort of thing? Why would you agree to it, and why would you keep agreeing to it? You heard Dave earlier. He’s not even seeing you as a person anymore.”

“Yeah that, uh, it turns me on a little.” It was surprisingly embarrassing to admit that to her friend. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“I can’t believe you.”

“Why not? I enjoy it. No harm is being done, and everyone is getting what they want from it. Is it so bad?”

Samantha looked like she wanted to answer with an unequivocal yes, but instead, she simply sighed.

“I don’t know, Lynna. That’s the thing, I really don’t know. If it were obviously bad, I could shout and yell and threaten to do something. But no one is doing anything that they didn’t agree to. You like this. You enjoy this. I just don’t understand why…”

“You want a straight answer? I can’t give one,” Lynna admitted. “If you’d asked me before this month, I probably would have agreed with you. But I like this, Sam. I really do. It feels freeing somehow. I’ve never enjoyed this sort of thing so much but now I do. It’s weird, and kind of humiliating but that just makes it better.”

“You like being used, dominated, punished?”

“Yes.” She closed her eyes for a moment, struggling to gather the words to explain. “It’s like…all of my life, I’ve been looking for the best way to experience my body. You know I’ve shared stories with you before about the kind of things I’ve done with my boyfriends. I’ve never been shy about the fact that I like to get intense. It’s kind of weird to say, but this month has been eye-opening for me. I’ve realised that I really, really enjoy this sort of thing.”

“Is it going to last forever?” Samantha asked, her green eyes peering into Lynna’s face. The blonde woman read concern, fear, and something deeper. Was it desire?

“No,” Lynna said. “Not forever. As much fun as I am having, I know this can’t go on eternally. I’m just enjoying it while I can is all. Does that make you uncomfortable?”

“Honestly? A little bit.” Samantha admitted. “It’s just that I have never seen this side of you before. You’re usually so powerful, so dominant and in control. To see you used and passive, it’s weird and I don’t like it.”

“Because you’re worried for me,” Lynna grinned. “You feel like I am being abused.”

“I guess I do.”

“Sam,” Lynna reached out a hand, gripping the other woman’s shoulder with a warm and gentle touch, “I am not being abused. You know I am not being abused. I chose this because I enjoy this. Yes, it’s humiliating and degrading but that turns me on. I have the right to explore this part of myself. It doesn’t make me lesser, and it doesn’t make me a victim.”

“I know,” Samantha squirmed, a wry grin on her face. “But it’s weird. Every time I see something happening to you, it makes me feel protective. Even though I know it’s by your choice, I just want to chase them all away from you.”

“Is that so?” Lynna cocked her head to the side. “Is it because part of you wants me for yourself?”

“What?” Sam looked shocked. “N-no, of course not.”

“I’ve been watching you too, and you always look flushed and flustered when I’m performing for the others. You know we’ve been friends for a long time, and you’ve had girlfriends before. I’ve obeyed everyone else, I would obey you too.”

“No,” Sam said, shaking her head. “I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. You’re my friend, it would be a betrayal.”

“Sam, it’s not a betrayal if I am okay with you. I love the fact that you’re fighting so hard for me, but you don’t need to. I’m not some helpless princess who has to be rescued. I chose this. I like this. When I am ready for it to be over, I’ll end it myself. I love your desire to protect me, it’s really sweet. But I am not some kid with her first boyfriend.”

Before Sam could answer, Lynna darted forward and kissed her. The moment of contact was short, but she could see the heat spreading across the redhead’s face.

“Did you like that?” She asked softly. “Did you enjoy that? You want to do more, right? You want to go further. We can. You’re part of the contract too, Sam. I’m under your control. I will do everything and anything that you ask me to. It can be between just the two of us. None of the others needs to know. I am completely and totally obedient. Helpless to resist you. Mistress.”

She drew out the final word, seeing how Samantha shuddered. For a long moment, there was silence between the two women. Samantha struggled with her thoughts and her desires. Lynna sat and watched, not wishing to intervene.

“You’re really going to do this, huh?” Sam said after a moment. “You’re going to go all the way.”

“If you don’t want to, you can tell me so,” Lynna pointed out. “I’ll leave you alone if that is your command. You just haven’t said that yet.”

“Maybe I want to…”

“Maybe you do,” Lynna agreed. “But you still haven’t. Why not?”

Samantha fell silent for another moment and then shook her head.

“You really are incorrigible, aren’t you?”

“Maybe a little. Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” Samantha said softly. “I don’t think I do.”

Lynna felt a little thrill run through her body as Samantha turned her green eyes on her. She was suddenly so very aware of her nudity like she never had been before. Oh, she’d done things with the guys all right but that had been expected. This was Samantha, her friend and a woman besides! Something hot and heavy coiled in her stomach.

“Why don’t you get up and let me see you properly?”

Lynna nodded, moving to her feet. The concealing blanket dropped away as she rose, leaving her body bare and nude. It was a silken, naughty feeling that the removal of the cover granted to her. Made her more aware of herself, her desires and the tension of the moment.

Samantha’s eyes locked with hers, Lynna read desire, arousal and reluctance. Part of her could not believe that this was about to happen, another part couldn’t wait until it did.

“You’re really okay with this? Doing this? Living like this?”

Lynna nodded once, her heart was beating fast.

“I made my choice. I…I’m fine with it, Sam.”

“Okay then, masturbate for me. Touch yourself.”

Hearing Samantha say those words was like a bolt from the blue, and Lynna felt her body begin to tingle. Her pussy was still wet from before, heat flared between her legs. She felt demeaned, humiliated and aroused all at once.

As Sam watched, Lynna spread her legs, revealing her shaved pussy, still glistening with arousal and wetness. Her outer lips were swollen with want and it was obvious that she had been touching herself before Sam even came into the room. Samantha snorted.

“I suppose that proves it then,” She said. “You really are into this kind of thing.”

Lynna looked down, her heart pounded faster and faster. One of her hands went to her pussy, brushing against it with her palm made her stomach flutter, and her fingers started to tease and stroke her womanhood. A soft moan built in the back of her throat and she could feel Samantha’s eyes on her. Her clitoris pulsed with desire, throbbing in want as her fingers set to work. Rubbing and teasing her pussy, working their way inside of her. Lynna had never been shy about her body but this was a whole new level somehow. Samantha, her best friend, was watching her get off.

Her hand moved faster, fingers driven by the feeling of exposure. Heat surged through her body, her legs tensed and her spine arched. She moaned, biting down on her lower lip to contain the sound. She didn’t want Andrew or Trevor or Dave to hear and come investigate! This was between the two of them now.

Sam watched, her face grew more and more flushed as her arousal deepened. She started to shift from foot to foot, Lynna’s soft cries making her wet and hot. Suddenly, she moved and Lynna was forced down onto the bed, Sam’s body on top of her. Lynna’s pussy ached for more, the heat of her friend against her bare skin was sensual, she could feel Sam’s chest pressing into her own through the flimsy nightgown. Sam’s face was flushed, desire and disbelief danced in her eyes. Lynna’s throat grew dry, her legs were still spread, and her back was now to the bed, the soft fabric sinking slightly at her weight.

For a moment, the two women met eye to eye.

“I can’t believe this,” Samantha murmured softly. “I can’t believe I’m doing this or that you’re letting me.”

Her left hand moved upwards, tracing a serious path across Lynna’s fluttering chest and circling her breast. Fingers brushed hot skin, making the blonde woman moan softly. Her nipple ached to be touched, standing erect and proud as Sam’s fingers closed around it. Lynna’s eyes shut, enjoying the feeling. The other woman tugged on her breast sharply, mixing in a spike of pain which made her eyes snap open.

“You’re my slave,” Sam said. “I can do anything I want to you now, isn’t that right? I’ve tried so very hard to resist it. I kept telling myself that you were my friend, that what was happening to you wasn’t fair. But each and every time I saw one of the others fuck you, or degrade you or punish you, do you know what I wanted to do? I wanted to join in.”

Her face was red and flushed like she had never wondered to mention this to anyone. But there was an eagerness in her voice, and burning lust in her eyes.

“Now I can, can’t I? Now I can do anything I want. It’s not unfair if it’s what you really want. You… you do want this, don’t you Lynna?”

Lynna’s throat was parched. Sam’s body was pressing down on her, and she could feel the heat of the other woman. The sensual weight of her breasts and her thighs. It was hard to focus, her mind was swimming but she sensed there was more to the question than it seemed. A final chance to turn back? A request for the truth? It didn’t matter, her answer would be the same.

“I signed the contract,” She said slowly. “My body is yours to do anything you want with. Anything at all, mistress.”

Sam visibly shuddered at that, but there was a look of hunger on her face. Her hands stroked and caressed Lynna’s breasts again. This time with more confidence. Lynna hissed softly, feeling her fingers trailing across the sensitive skin of her chest. Her nipples burned with heat and want, and her pussy was dripping already. She swallowed and tried to focus.

But then Sam kissed her. Right on the mouth, the redhead bent down and kissed her! For a moment, there was a sense of shock radiating through her body. Something inside of her answered and she was kissing back. There was passion, wordless desire and lust echoed between the two of them. Lynna felt her body responding like it never had to any of the others. What was this? Why was she feeling this way? So turned on?

She didn’t have time to make sense of it. Sam broke the kiss and then started to trail her mouth lower. She kissed Lynna’s neck, the feeling of Sam’s lips against her bare skin made her moan and writhe. The feeling was erotic and sensual, a gradual descending touch of wetness which traced a path straight to her chest. Sam’s lips closed around one of her nipples, her tongue lapped out at him. When she started to suck at it, Lynna could no longer remain silent and let out a long exhalation of desire.

Sam pinned her with her body, forcing her legs aside with her thighs. Even as she continued to suck on Lynna’s breast, her other hand began to stroke her pussy. Lynna’s skin surged with stimulation, and her pussy was wet and wanting. The smallest touch sent waves of heat flashing through her. Sam’s fingers were far more than a small touch. They brushed her lower lips, the tips of her fingers trailing over Lynna’s slit. Then, they pushed deeper, and Lynna’s back arched. She was being penetrated! Sam’s fingers slipped inside of her one after another! She cried out, Sam’s tongue circled her breast, her teeth gently stimulated her nipple.

Lynna’s head was spinning. Waves of pleasure were rippling from her head to her toes. Sma’s mouth at her chest was wet and warm, her tongue stimulating and erotic. Heat spun through her. Samantha’s fingers penetrated her, grinding against her pussy, moving faster and faster until she was breathing so quickly she felt she might pass out!

Sam was moving with a purpose now. Her lack of confidence had melted away, replaced by lust and desire. How long had she wanted to do this? Why did it feel so good coming from Sam?

Samantha’s other hand pinched her nipple, grinding it between her two fingers caused a mixture of pain and pleasure to flare like a star in her mind. Lynna moaned, a silent, wordless sound of aching, burning want.

Suddenly, Sam did the worst thing she possibly could.

She stopped.

Before Lynna even knew what was happening, Sam had pushed herself off the bed and the blonde woman lay trembling where she had been. Her body recoiled from the sudden lack of pleasure like she’d been slapped in the face. Sam was looking down at her.

“W-why did you stop?” Lynna asked.

“Because you’re mine,” Sam said. The sound made the other women hot. Filled her with aching want. “And I can do what I want with you.”

She moved to the collection of sex toys that the others had gathered. Lynna lay on the bed, her body heaving. Her nerves were in chaos. But it was not long before Sam returned with a magic wand in hand. The device was bulbous towards the top, with a control set into the handle. Sam flicked it on and pressed the head against Lynna’s pussy.

Instantly, Lynna let out a mewling cry. The vibrations against her sensitive womanhood were insane! Sam laughed at the look of shock on her face, gently pressing the wand against her.

“That’s the thing isn’t it, Lynna? So far you’ve only worked with the guys. They’re enthusiastic and all, but they’re, well, men. They don’t know what really feels good for a girl, do they? But I know. I’ve felt it myself.”

She flicked the wand, touching the edge of Lynna’s engorged clit. Lynna’s face went pale and all the strength seemed to leave her limbs. A shockwave of pleasure rushed through her body. The touch was brief, less than a second, but it was enough to drive in Sam’s point. She was enjoying this. Enjoying the power. Enjoying the sight of Lynna sprawled naked and helpless below her.

The magic wand made her cry out and want to curl into a ball. Sam used it to bring her to orgasm, making her cum again and again. She gave Lynna no time to recover as the guys did. Instead, she just built her up. The vibrations churned through her lower body, made her squirm and bit her lips. She shook, trembling in the throes of passion and pleasure.

Sam didn’t just keep the wand in one place either. She moved it back and forth, pressing it closely into Lynna’s pussy in one moment and then letting it hang gently in another. It meant that the stimulation was never even. One instant, it could feel like a slight touch, a gentle fluttering of pleasure and the next it would be a storm of stimulation directed against her pussy. Every so often, she would flick the wind towards Lynna’s clit, making the blonde woman cry out in ecstasy. These times Sam seemed to enjoy the most. She watched Lynna squirm and gasp and moan, each orgasm making her more sensitive to the next.

Before long, Lynna felt like she never had before. Her pussy was aching with constant stimulation and her nerves felt both fried and yet invigorated, pulsing at a higher and greater rate than ever. Her body was trembling, her skin was pale. She didn’t think she could have pushed herself to her feet even if she wanted to!

“H-holy shit Sam,” She moaned. “Holy fuck…holy…what…what…how long have you been waiting to do this…?”

“Longer than you know,” Sam flicked the wand again, Lynna convulsed at the feeling of it pressing against her clit. “You know at first I was reluctant about all of this, but this is more than I ever expected. Part of me says that you’re such a slut to agree to this, Lynna. Another part is glad that you did.”

Lynna came again, this time the feeling was so much greater. Her mind blanked, the pleasure rolling over her. Her body trembled and shuddered, and when she was done, she lay on the bed, exhausted and helpless.

“You look cute like that,” Sam said. Her face was red, her nightgown was wet now. Her arousal was obvious. “We’ve got some time before you have to go to sleep. Let’s spend it well.”

She took hold of the nightgown and slid it over her head, standing naked in front of the bed. For the first time, Lynna saw her friend naked. Sam was pale, her body splashed with freckles. Her breasts were small, and her pussy was wet and aroused.

That was the begin of the rest of the night.

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