The Sister [M19, F18] [Cheating] [Seduction] – Short Sex Story


The honk of car horn interrupted a kiss with my girlfriend that had barely started.
Blatant and immediate proof of what I was trying to tell Jessica a few days ago, and you bet your ass that I gave her a knowing look as we separated from what could very well could have led to passionate kitchen sex. She just huffed and gave me a look of her own, “Hey, it’s better than if she walked in on us.”

Jessica and I had been dating for almost eight months; pretty much since we met at the start of university. And, while there are plenty of private places to sneak away to when you can’t convince your roommate to give you the place for the night, there’s alway a risk and an inconvenience that go hand in hand with the thrill. So when Jess told me that we could have her family’s lake house all to ourselves for the weekend, I was ecstatic.

It was spring break. Now that we were getting more serious, or as serious as two school first-years could be, she floated the idea of introducing me to her family. Cleverly too, might I add. Tempting me with almost ten days at the lake was a brilliant way to soften the blow of spending a few non-stop days with parents who would no doubt be interrogating me and deciding whether or not I’d receive their approval the entire time. And, on top of that, Jessica and I would have the place to ourselves for the weekend before her family arrived on Monday. Every room was fair game for nudity, which was a refreshing change of pace from sharing a single dorm room with someone else and needing to schedule alone time. We would have a whole house, with no one else around.

At least, that *was* the plan.

Until Jessica’s younger sister, Natalie, asked if she could drive up on Friday too. Apparently all of Natalie’s friends ended up busy, and she really wanted to reconnect with her older sister since they didn’t get to see each other as much now that Jessica was off at school. Since Natalie’s spring break didn’t line up with ours, she would be stuck at college while their parents visited during the week. It made a lot more sense for her to visit over the weekend instead of skipping college, and Jessica seemed to agree.

Naturally, I was torn. Being a good boyfriend meant putting my needs apart sometimes, and it was obvious that Jessica missed her sister enough to consider giving up what was supposed to be a pretty hot weekend for the two of us. But my more selfish side was annoyed. Anything outside the bedroom wasn’t gonna happen now, and her third wheel of a sister was gonna be sleeping right down the hall. Having a private bedroom wouldn’t mean as much if we had to keep things as quiet as feasible at night. I tried to split the difference and suggested that Natalie come up on Saturday, but the decision was pretty much out of my hands once Jessica approved the girl’s request.

“We’ll have next weekend, remember?” Jessica had reminded me.

It’s true. The two of us were originally gonna have both weekends to ourselves, as her parents worked more on Friday through Sunday than they did during ordinary weekday hours. I would just have to be patient, and wait a full week to get the sort of privacy I wondered we’d have for the first few days. Selfish sexual needs apart, it also wouldn’t be as relaxing of a vacation with Jessica’s sister constantly around as well.

“We’ll pick this up again tonight,” I said. Using the last bit of privacy we’d have for a while, I leaned back in for one more deep kiss. Separating from her again, I walked past her and towards the front door, “I’ll go introduce myself and help Natalie with her bags.”

“*Such* a gentleman!” she called after me, “Serious brownie points, babe.”

I opened the door just in time to see Natalie’s silver sedan pulling up from the long dirt driveway, and went out to meet her. As she opened the car door and stepped out, I was greeted by a miniature version of my girlfriend. For a high college senior, Natalie was more cute than hot. A surprising contrast to Jessica, who was definitely the latter. Natalie was more petite, shorter with fewer curves, but still dressed to accentuate what she did have. Tight jean shorts that were fashionably torn hugged her hips and upper thighs, and a white crop top left a hint of cleavage and plenty of midriff on display. Her hair and light skin tone, however, was completely identical to my girlfriend’s.

Normally I wouldn’t just blatantly check a girl out while I’m dating someone else, especially not that girl’s sister, but Natalie happened to do a big stretch the moment she was standing up that both lifted her top and jutted out her chest. That, and I’m used to freely checking Jessica out, and the parallels between the two sisters made it almost a reflex. I managed to bring my gaze back up to her face before she opened her eyes, and the eyes looking back at me were as familiar as the hair and skin tone on the younger girl.

“Oh, hey,” she said, with a warm smile, “You must be the boyfriend. Wow, you’re hotter than I thought you’d be.”

For a second, I was thrown, but managed to play it off with a chuckle. “Don’t be a suck up,” I teased, “There’s going to be enough of that going around when your parents get here.”

Unlike my attempt to avert my gaze a moment ago, Natalie took a moment to shamelessly look me up and down before speaking again. Then, with a shrug, she said, “I meant it. Anyway, help me with my bags?”

Without waiting for a reply, she turned and opened the car door and bent over to grab her things from the back seat. Rather than just grabbing them, it looked like she was fiddling with one or two of the pockets. The entire time, I just had to awkwardly stand there and try not to stare at her ass that was more or less right in my face as the tight jean shorts hugged her waist. She shifted once or twice, drawing even more attention to her pert rear. Jessica would kill me if she caught me checking out her sister, so I made a conscious effort to not look. Easier said than done, short of outright turning around.

After what felt like forever, even though it was probably just a handful of seconds, Natalie was pulling out a duffel bag and backpack. “Here you go, babe,” she said with a wink as she handed me everything but her phone, “You’re the best!”

Jessica could have mentioned the flirty streak. With no sarcastic reply coming to me this time, I just replied with, “Pretty sure you could’ve handled these yourself.” Best to shut down anything overly friendly right away, lest Jessica get the wrong idea.
I walked back to the lake house with Natalie’s things, and she was quick to meet my stride and walk beside me. Until we reached the porch, that is. Then Natalie scurried up the stairs and placed herself directly between me and the front door.

“Yes?” I asked, curious what she was up to now.

Natalie walked up and placed one of her slender hands on my chest. “Just to give you a fair warning,” she said, looking up at me with a flirty smirk, “You’re going to fuck me by the end of the weekend.”


I was speechless.

Natalie did not just say that. It was so direct, so unexpected, and so wrong. I half expected her to break character and play it off as a joke, or perhaps this was a test and Jessica wanted to see how faithful I’d be in a situation like this. Either way, I’d only look bad if I waited for either of those outcomes to resolve. If she was kidding, and took my stunned expression the wrong way, I’d look pretty bad. If Jessica was watching and interpreted my lack of escape as something else entirely . . . Well, that would be way worse.

“Umm, Natalie?” I finally said. At the same time, I carefully took her wrist and guided her hand off my chest. Normally, I’d back up, but I was pinned enough as it was between her and the door. Short of squirming off to the side, or trying to gently push her back without making any inappropriate contact, I was stuck. “Not funny.”
She just cocked her head to the side. “I wasn’t trying to be funny. You and I are going to sleep together this weekend.”

What was with this girl?

I had no idea how to handle her attitude. She wasn’t being overconfident, or smug, or anything like that. It was more like the decision had already been made; that it was fact, not fantasy. No girl had ever been this straightforward with me, which made it all the more surreal.

“Umm, no we’re not,” I replied, forcing a light chuckle. Admittedly, Natalie was cute, but I’m not like that. Cheating fantasies may sound fun in theory, but there’s no way in hell that I’d actually do that to a girlfriend. Least of all, with her own sister. “Let’s go inside, okay?” While I had no intention of betraying Jessica, the situation was already making me nervous. Why did the two of us take so long? What did we talk about? I was already trapped in a position where I’d have to lie to my girlfriend about a thing or two, or at least omit. Based on how she talked about Natalie, I doubt she would believe a word I said about the girl’s advances.

“Why not?” she asked, with a pout, “It’s not like Jess has to know. You’re saying I’m not attractive?”

Speaking of traps . . .

It was a totally unfair question. Not just for the ordinary reason, where there really isn’t a good answer when you’re dating someone else and/or not interested in them. The bonus difficulty lay in that Natalie was basically a mini Jessica. Not in personality, as I already learned, but they shared a number of physical qualities that I was attracted to. The cliché answer would be that she’s attractive, but I’m not attracted to her, except even that wasn’t objectively true. In another life, this would all be pretty hot. IF I wasn’t already dating Jessica.

“I’m not saying anything,” I said. Better to avoid playing along. Not wanting to give her another opening, I turned and opened the door, ignoring what I’m pretty sure was her chest nudging my arm from our proximity. Heading right inside, I called out to Jessica as yet another way to separate myself from Natalie before she tried to further tempt me. “Natalie’s here!” I exclaimed, as if she didn’t already know that, “Where should I put her things?”

To my relief, Jessica was right around the corner. No more opportunities for Natalie to mess with me. I still genuinely didn’t know if she was teasing or actually being serious. “Across from us,” Jessica said, “That’s her room.”

Right. I had already been given the tour. Both sisters got the corner rooms upstairs with a good view of the lake, while their parents used the master bedroom on the main floor. Then guests could take any other room in the sizable house.

“You got it,” I said. Hopefully she didn’t notice that I was the slightest bit flustered from everything outside.

“Natalie!” she exclaimed. Jessica pushed past me and flung her arms around her sister.
Rather than stick around for the greetings, I used the distraction of my girlfriend to slip away and take Natalie’s things upstairs. Better to get it done when she didn’t have a chance to follow me up and begin flirting again. I knew this weekend was gonna be less relaxing with a third wheel around, but never considered that Jessica’s sister was gonna be such a handful. Just a few minutes with the girl, and I was already trying to understand how I’d manage to avoid any one on one time with her.

Once I was alone upstairs, I started thinking a little more clearly. In retrospect, maybe Natalie didn’t mean any of it. She could just be a total flirt, or that could be her style of humor. Seriously, what sort of girl just walks up to a guy and says she wants to bang? Especially to her sister’s boyfriend? Concluding that she didn’t mean any of it, I set her bags outside her door and made my way down towards the voices in the kitchen.

The moment I turned the corner, Natalie bounded over and hooked her arm into mine. “Seriously, sis. He’s hot. How’d you manage to land a guy like this three seconds after starting college?”

Jessica just scoffed. “It wasn’t three seconds, Nat. And right place, right time, I guess.”
I could tell right away that Jessica didn’t suspect anything, nor was she bothered in any way about the physical contact as Natalie and I faced her arm in arm. It only confirmed my theory; that Natalie was friendly, flirty, touchy, whatever.

“Lucky you,” Natalie sighed. She slipped her arm out of mine as effortlessly as she linked us a few seconds ago. Placing that hand on her hip, she glanced from me to Jessica. “So? What’s the plan? Please tell me we’re hitting the lake. My legs can’t take much more sitting today!”

“Oh, poor you,” Jessica teased, “And what do you think, babe? I’ve been dying to try out my new bikini.”

It was her way of trying to make up for Natalie’s arrival and the interruption of what could have been a good time. While Jessica and I still couldn’t do anything like that with her sister around, she could at least show off her body by the lake. The proposal was innocent enough with Natalie standing right there, but I knew what she meant.

“Yeah, sounds fun,” I said, “Should I grab anything for us?”

“Sunscreen, towels, drinks . . .” Jessica said, pausing to think, “Snacks, maybe?”

Without missing a beat, Natalie piped up with a warm smile. “I can help!”

It didn’t take long for her to point out that I wouldn’t know where to discover everything. This was my first time at their lake house, after all. Jessica was appreciative of the gesture, and happy to get changed while her sister and I grabbed a few things to bring down to the dock. I, on the other hand, was a little more wary.

For good reason, too.

The moment it was just Natalie and I in the kitchen, she stepped back over and took my hand. Her fingers intertwined with mine and she looked up at me with an innocent smile. “Come on, babe,” she said, “I’ll show you around.”


I didn’t know what to do.

The whole point of this vacation was so that I could meet Jessica’s family, and that included Natalie. They were clearly close as sisters, and I couldn’t have my girlfriend’s younger sister dislike me. If I yanked my hand away, she might get offended or upset. But if I kept holding her hand, it might encourage her to keep being touchy. She was cute, sure, and the gesture was innocent enough, but it still felt wrong doing something like that when it was behind Jessica’s back.

I guess there wasn’t a issue when Natalie hooked her arm in mine in the kitchen when we were all in there. Was this more of the same? Or had the younger girl intentionally waited until Jessica was out of sight before attaching herself to me? We had only just met, and I still couldn’t get a read on her.

“Thanks, babe,” I said, testing the waters. How would she react?

Apparently with a smile and a wink. “I knew you had a thing for me.” She gave my hand a squeeze and stopped by the door at the edge of the kitchen. “Do you think Jessica trusts us, all alone in the garage? It’s so dark, and private, and perfect for sneaking around.”

“Natalie . . .” I muttered, feeling myself flush a bit at her words. Was she serious?

“That’s my name,” she giggled, “Don’t worry, babe. Our first kiss will be somewhere a lot more exciting than a dusty old garage. Maybe on the boat? Or in the lake? I look pretty hot in a bikini! Maybe even hotter than Jessica. You’ll have to compare once we’re both changed.”

My eyes instantly scanned the kitchen and hallway beyond for any trace of Jessica. What if she heard this? They were Natalie’s words, but I could easily take some blame for how close we were standing, how we were holding hands while she talked about kissing me and alluding to how I’d be checking her out later.

As if reading my mind, Natalie just rolled her eyes. “Jessica is upstairs. She can’t hear us, don’t worry. Where do you want to make-out with me?”

“Nowhere!” I exclaimed, quickly lowering my voice, “Natalie, this isn’t funny.”

“We went over this already. I’m not trying to be funny. You’re saying you don’t want to kiss me? Not even a little peck?”

“No. I don’t.”

“Liar.” With another pout, she let go of my hand and stepped away. “If you’re going to be boring, then go grab the cooler from the garage. I’ll be right here, waiting for you to come back and change your mind. Because, let’s face it. I’m a catch, and I’m an amazing kisser. Jessica doesn’t have to know, promise!”

Oh God, was she serious? If this was only supposed to be teasing, or a sick joke, Natalie was pushing things pretty far without breaking into a smile and letting me off the hook. The worst part was, her flirting was working on some level. I could imagine her, a mini version of Jessica, wearing a bikini simply due to how she planted the image. And, with her lips pursed in a cute pout while talking about kissing, I couldn’t stay away from that visual as well. Heading into the garage without her suddenly seemed like a very good idea.

“Enough, Natalie.” Before she could come up with another flirty response, I opened the door and retreated into the garage. All I could hear before I closed the door behind me was a light giggle.
Letting out a relieved exhale from the solitude, I began looking around for the cooler. Despite my protests around Natalie, it was impossible to ignore everything she had done. Her ass in my face while she bent over to deal with her things in the car, her hand on my chest as she glanced up with those flirty eyes, and all those things about how I was hot; how she planned on kissing me, fucking me.

In a matter of seconds, I felt a faint twitch between my legs.


I immediately began thinking of literally anything to make the brief wave of horniness go away. Thankfully, Natalie had sent me in here alone. What if she caught the effect she was having on me, and only after a few minutes of meeting her? I’m a guy; I can’t help it. A cute girl, flaunting herself and being so direct. A younger, more flirty version of my girlfriend, at that. My body was telling me what I subconsciously appreciated about the girl, but I needed to shut that down. More importantly, I needed to avoid any more alone time with Natalie.

After taking a few seconds to get myself back to ordinary, I resumed my search. The garage wasn’t that big, and the red cooler was pretty easy to spot since we had all parked outside. I was tempted to wait a few minutes before going back into the kitchen, so Jessica would have time to make it back downstairs, but that would potentially give Natalie an excuse to come out and help if I was taking too long.

Choosing the lesser of two evils, I grabbed the cooler and took it inside. And regretted it immediately.

Natalie was standing in the middle of the kitchen, almost completely topless. Her crop top and bra were sitting on the island in plain sight, and she was using both hands to hold the cups of a light pink bikini against her breasts. All four strings of the top were loose, and she was looking at me with a coy smile.

“Oh, hey,” she said, “You were faster than I thought. I hope that’s not true about all the things you do.”

“Natalie!” I exclaimed. Averting my gaze immediately, in case she decided to lower the bikini top and get me in some real trouble with Jessica by flashing me and giving me a sight I’d have to forever avoid telling my girlfriend about, I took half a step back too. Maybe it wasn’t too late to go back into the garage and let her finish changing in the middle of the kitchen. Because that’s a ordinary thing to do.

“Good timing, actually. Can you tie these for me?” Natalie said, with another one of her little giggles, “You know, before Jessica comes down and gets the wrong idea?”


The wrong idea, indeed.

Natalie was nearly topless. If she lowered her hands or even adjusted her grip on the bikini top, there was a good chance I was gonna see her boobs. It was beyond confusing. Under ordinary circumstances, this would be incredibly hot. An attractive girl, walking the perfect balance of coy and sexy; not to mention the perfect balance of dressed and undressed. There was so much smooth, fair skin on display. Her jean shorts and untied pink top didn’t leave much to the imagination, yet still covered what mattered most.

“Natalie-” I began. What should I even say? Tying the strings for her like she wanted was the best way to keep the bikini top in place, but that could be yet another trap.


“Just- cut this out, okay?

“Cut what out?” Natalie asked, with a small pout, “I’m just trying to get to know my big sister’s boyfriend. But if you don’t want to help me, maybe *I* should help *you* instead . . .” Little by little, she began lowering her bikini top. Each second felt like an eternity as I watched, unable to take my eyes off her breasts that were becoming more and more bared to me. The rational, faithful part of my mind knew that I should look away. But it’s difficult to think properly when an attractive girl is moments away from being topless in front of you.

She stopped just shy of exposing her nipples. A lucky break for me; or, more likely, a tease by her. I finally managed to tear my eyes away, going so far as to slightly shift my body towards an empty side of the room, but she definitely would have already noticed my staring.

“What? It’s harmless if you don’t go too far.” Natalie sauntered over to me, only stopping once she had circled around to stand right in front of me. Her bikini top was back to where it had started, though the way she was holding her smaller breasts created a bit of cleavage that was difficult to ignore when looking down at her. “Eyes up here, babe,” she said, immediately catching me, “Now, would you like to kiss me? Or would you rather tie me up?”

God, this was gonna be a tough weekend.

Any hopes that Natalie was joking around were all but dashed at this point. I knew a handful of innocently flirty girls, but this was something else entirely. I’m pretty sure the petite girl in front of me would wholeheartedly make out with me right now if I gave her the chance. And, though I knew what she actually meant, the phrase ‘tie me up’ sparked a totally different image with the way she said it.

But I couldn’t. Horny or not, this was Jessica’s *sister*. Not only was that the most taboo form of cheating, but the fallout was absolutely not worth it, no matter the temptation. I would have to keep it from Jessica, forever, and also deal with Natalie’s knowing looks every single time there was a family trip like this. “I’m not kissing you, Natalie,” I said. Apparently it didn’t sink in enough the first time.

“Well, of course you’re not. Pretty sure I’d know if we were kissing; you know, with your lips on mine and all,” she winked, “Come on, just a peck? I promise you won’t regret it!”

Unlikely. “No. But I’ll tie your bikini top for you, okay?” Sooner rather than later, hopefully. Anything to get her flirty gaze and partially exposed boobs out of my face.

“Okay, fine,” she huffed, “We’ll make out later, then.”

With that, Natalie turned to face the opposite direction. I decided to not dignify her presumptuous words with a response. It wasn’t worth it. This girl had a way of turning every single thing I said against me.

For a moment, I just took in her bare back as I waited to be handed the strings. While there was nothing particularly wrong with looking at this particular part of another girl, I still felt guilty for appreciating how soft and smooth her back and shoulders looked. And, even worse, I couldn’t help but briefly imagine a topless Natalie as I saw nothing but bare skin above her waist.
“Oops!” Natalie’s voice snapped me out of my momentarily distracted thoughts. “Sorry, babe. One sec.”

It took me a second to understand what she was talking about. With her body in the way, I didn’t notice at first that she had ‘accidentally’ dropped her bikini top. But when Natalie used both of her now empty hands to brush her hair back, I realized that she was now standing fully topless in the kitchen.

Before I could even process that I was now dealing with a half naked girl standing just a foot or two in front of me, Natalie went to retrieve her top. There was a reason she adjusted her hair. Just like that, she bent all the way over. Pert rear jutting out; jean shorts hugging her even more tightly than usual. The unexpected motion brought her inches from connecting with my crotch, and I was back to inappropriately staring.

“You do know I’m eighteen, right?” Talking from her new position, Natalie turned to glance over her shoulder.

Fucking tease.

Good to know she’s legal. I was definitely more hung up on the fact that she was Jessica’s sister, but there would be yet another layer of wrongness to all of this if Natalie was a high college senior with a later birthday. She’d probably be acting exactly the same, but there would be a lot more potential trouble for me. Either way, this was still wrong for the main reason: I have a *girlfriend*.


“Mm hmm?”

How do you even talk to a girl who turns everything into a sexy invitation? I was trying to come up with a potentially safe reply, taking a small step backwards just in case, when I heard the worst–

Jessica’s footsteps on the stairs.


What was I supposed to do?

My girlfriend was about to walk into the kitchen, and her younger sister was topless and just a few inches away from me. I hadn’t even done anything wrong, despite the overt temptations Natalie kept throwing my way, but it would certainly look that way even if I was innocent.
Thankfully, Natalie was better under pressure than I was. “Quick, tie me up!” Snapping back up to her feet, she muttered the directive while hugging the pink bikini top to her chest with one arm. With her free hand, she tossed each string over her shoulder.

“Umm, right.” It made sense, didn’t it? Better to help than for Jessica to walk in and jump to conclusions.

I fumbled to grab the pink strings. Natalie’s hair was still pulled forward over her right shoulder, so I had easy access to make a quick knot over her neck. In my haste, I was definitely worried that I potentially did something wrong, but there wasn’t time to dwell on it. Instead, I let the girl pass me the lower strings one by one, and I did a similar maneuver below. Under ordinary circumstances, I might have appreciated brushing against the smoothness of her back, but I had more pressing things on my mind.

We weren’t a second too late, as Jessica turned the corner just as Natalie stepped away in her now tied bikini top and grabbed her glass of water from the counter. “Hey, sis!” she exclaimed. Quite the little actress. Nothing in her tone gave away everything that transpired over the last few minutes, and I was actually a little grateful she was drawing attention away from me for a moment. I was more skeptical about my own ability to play it cool. “And damn, girl! Someone’s a lucky guy.”

She was right. Jessica’s new bikini was stunning. Just the right shade of blue to go with her hair and skin tone, and I at all times appreciated her cleavage in a tight top. Not to mention the rest of her body when she was wearing so few layers. It was just the thing I needed to keep my eyes away from her sister.

“Eww, Natalie! Don’t stare,” she scoffed, slightly turning away, “It’s weird.”

Natalie just giggled. “What? We’re sisters. Besides, I’ll always be jealous of your curves. It’s so not fair.”

Jessica didn’t dignify that with a response. “Well, babe?” she said, turning towards me. I could practically hear the follow-up question in her voice. *‘What do you think?’* It was her usual line when showing off a new outfit or a set of lingerie that she just picked out. Only this time, she went a different route. “Are you going to get changed, or what?” Right. Her sister was here as a third wheel, so of course she wouldn’t ask my impression about her new bikini right now. But she wanted to.

“Oh, yeah,” I replied, “It just took forever to find this,” I said, gesturing to the red cooler on the counter just beside me. While somewhat lying to her made me feel guilty, it was preferably to the real reason that things were taking so long.

“You had him get the cooler?” Jessica rolled her eyes, but with a smile, “Nat, it’s his first time here. There are, like, a thousand other things he could have gotten more easily.”

“But now he has the lay of the land!” Natalie said, “Well, not all of it. Can I show him upstairs? Or do you want a little *alone* time up there?”

This time, it was Jessica’s turn to blush. “Natalie!”


“Nothing. Sure, give him the tour. But quickly, okay? I’ll go take the cover off the boat.”

“We’ll be quick; promise!”

I should have spoken up. Saying that I would have preferred Jessica to give me the tour would have earned me a few brownie points with her as well as avoided more alone time with her flirty sister. Except, of course, that Natalie had set things up where it would look questionable if Jessica and I went off together. And, since my girlfriend was a little embarrassed by the implication, I was once again stuck with Natalie.

My hot girlfriend sauntered past, shooting me a playful wink once only I could see her face, and grabbed the keys to the boat. “See you soon.”

Ugh, Jessica had no idea what she was doing. To her, it was a way to tease me under her sister’s nose. But to me, it was the *second* time one of these sisters was being secretive with their advances. And, even worse, Jessica was sparking a twitch of excitement right before leaving me with a miniature version of herself.

The moment she stepped out onto the back deck, Natalie pursed her lips in that same small pout, “Going to miss her?” she asked, “It’s okay. I’ll keep you company!”

“Look, Natalie-”

“Look, babe. We have to be quick, remember? Now, can I take you upstairs?”

God, there was no winning with her. The suggestive question wasn’t lost on me in the slightest, and I was once again stuck between playing along or blowing her off. And, unlike before, it was more difficult to avoid the subtle temptation thanks to the way that Jessica left me. It’s not like I was gonna do anything. So far, it had mostly been harmless flirting, save for the little show Natalie put on earlier.

Still, I had to be careful.

“Lead the way,” I said. If she was showing me the way, then maybe she wouldn’t try to walk me around by holding my hand like she boldly did earlier.

Of course, the girl rolled with it immediately, once again taking me by surprise. “Sure thing, handsome. Enjoy the view.”


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