The shower room [M24/F21] [Romantic] [love making] [breeding]


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“Do you want to knock me up?”

“Oh god hearing you talk like that is so hot.”

“It’s a good fantasy, isn’t it?” I say. The hot shower has built his balls hang loose and low in their sack, and I gently fondle them, savoring their weight. “Your balls are all full of cum, aren’t they? Full of sperm ready to shoot in my unprotected cunt.”
Fuck me now, please. I can’t wait.”

“Sit down on the bench.” I say.
Rick sits down on the bench and I straddle his thighs. His cock is sticking straight up, all red and ribbed with veins. He puts his hands on my hips and guides me so I’m hovering just over him. Slowly I ease myself down an inch at a time until my swollen lips just brush the tip of his throbbing cock. Rick gasps, and I smile.

“Tell me what you want,” I say.

“I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad.”
“Do you want to make me pregnant?”
“I want to put a baby in your belly. I want to make you a mommy.”
“Good answer,” I say.

I let myself sink down onto the hard spike of his cock. The head presses up between my slick lips, splitting me open. I slide all the way down, shuddering as I go, until I’m fully impaled. Taking his head in my hands, I kiss him full on the mouth and begin to move, fucking him with long, slow strokes. His hands are playing with my titties and his tongue is in my mouth and the hot spray from the shower is streaming down off our naked bodies.

“Oh, God,” Rick says, “You’re taking me so deep.”
“I want you deep inside me when you cum,” I murmur. “I want your cock touching my cervix when you shoot.”

He moans and starts thrusting up with his hips, pushing himself even deeper. My hands are resting on his shoulders, and my wet hair is falling down in my face. He lets one hand fall down to my cleft where his smart fingers discover the throbbing ridge of my clit, strumming it in time with our strokes.

“Oh fuck,” I say, arching my back. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking fuck. That feels so good.”

“I’m going to make you a mommy,” Rick says. “I’m going to plant my seed in you. Your belly is going to get all big, and your tits are going to get all swollen and full of milk. And when you go into work, everyone will be thinking about how you got like that. When you stand up in front of your class, the students won’t be thinking about your lecture. They’ll all be thinking about you naked and flat on your back getting a big load of sperm in your unprotected cunt. They’ll be thinking about you down on all fours with your tits hanging down, moaning as you get plowed bareback by a thick throbbing cock. They’ll be thinking about what their professor must look like with her bare thighs spread wide open and cum dribbling out of her gaping hairy snatch.”

“Oh fuck,” I say. “You filthy fucker. That’s so hot. You make me sound like such a filthy slut.”

“I’ll fuck you in your office while you’re pregnant. I’ll make you strip naked for me and get down on your knees with your big pregnant belly. I’ll make you suck my cock while you play with your swollen milky tits. I’ll make you sit at your desk naked and pregnant with your legs open, rubbing your dripping mommy pussy. I’ll fuck you down on your hands and knees with your belly and your tits hanging down, with your hair in your face and milk dripping out of you onto the floor.”

I begin to moan. I can feel my orgasm building. I arch my back and begin grinding hard. His fat cock is so deep inside me. I can feel the head rubbing right up against my cervix. His hands are all over me, sliding everywhere on my wet, slippery body. He’s moaning too, grunting as he thrusts up into me. He’s close too, I can tell. I reach down and fondle his balls, his big balls all heavy in their hairy sack, his big balls all full of sperm. And that pushes him over the edge. With a deep shuddering groan he starts to cum. I can feel the spurt deep inside me, the gush of his load right up against the entrance to my womb. And that pushes me over the edge too. I’m so fertile. I’m a fertile field. And he’s plowing me. He’s seeding me. Male and female. Cock and cunt. Sperm and egg. The universe collapses down to a single perfect point, male and female joined together, intertwined, comingled, flesh and fluid and slippery throbbing, him inside me and me inside him. And I throw back my head and let out a long guttural groan, my slick pussy pulsing tight around the jetting shaft inside me. Milking him with my pussy. Milking all the cum out of his cock and taking it inside me. Taking it inside me so deep, so deep, so deep. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

“Oh,” I say, panting, “Oh … oh God … oh that was … sublime.”
Rick looks up at me. He’s still inside me, his cock still hard. He pushes my damp hair out of my face and kisses me on the mouth. It’s not a kiss of passion. It’s a kiss of love, soft and gentle and sweet. I kiss him back, eyes closed, not caring about what this means. His hands gently caress my back. I touch his face tenderly. When we finally come up for air, we look at each other in wonder.
“You’re … amazing,” Rick says.

I touch my forehead to his. “I think you’re pretty amazing too.”

NSFW: yes

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