The Senior, Part Seven [M23/F18] [Teacher/Student]

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Her boobs had been an amazing reveal.

It wasn’t quite the same when it came to stripping off the last bit of clothing still on her body. I could already basically see her bare ass with the thong in place, but I still took my sweet time lowering it down her thighs. Jade was being all kinds of sexy and throwing herself at me in all the right methods; the least I could do was make it a memorable experience for her. Teasing the last step of the stripping process the same way she casually yet directly teased me downstairs, I finally let the black lace sit at the base of her thighs. Short of making her get back up, there wasn’t a way to get the underwear all the way off, but this position worked where it would be fine staying halfway down her legs.

Taking a calculated risk, considering she had already made it pretty clear that she liked things rough, I cupped one of her bare cheeks for a moment before giving it a firm slap.

Gasping and shifting her body forward in response to the spank that echoed in the otherwise quiet bedroom, she gently rocked herself back into my hand and glanced over her shoulder while biting her lower lip. The expression alone made me want to fuck her right then, but I could be patient for a little while longer.

“That’s it?” she murmured.

Okay, Jade. Resetting my hand without a word, I let my actions do the talking. Striking her more assertively the second time, I watched with satisfaction as her tight ass gave a small jiggle in response to the blow.

Apparently even that wasn’t enough. “Come on. You’re not going to fucking break me. Harder!”

I almost asked ‘You sure?’ but managed to stop myself. It’s not like I was the one pushing for an aggressive spanking; *she* was asking for it, and was letting me know that she could handle it. Winding up, I cracked my hand down on the same cheek. Admittedly, it still wasn’t as forceful as I was capable of. Her skin was soft and smooth, which caused some subconscious restraint on my end.

Moaning from the slap this time around, Jade immediately demanded, “Again!”

The sound of pleasure was alluring enough to alleviate whatever bits of hesitation remained. Spanking the opposite cheek just as hard, I used my other hand to slip between her legs and trace her womanhood with my fingertips. The slight dampness of her outer lips was enough to tell me that she wasn’t just putting on a show for me; she was definitely into this.

“*Fuck,*” she sighed in what I was pretty sure was a soft moan. Lowering her backside a bit, she seemed to be aiming for a little more pressure from my fingers.

Not so fast, girl. Encouraged by her reactions, I decided to have more of a ‘take charge’ attitude. If she was into roughness, I had to imagine she’d like that as well. “No.” Shifting my hand so it was still only brushing her most private area despite her efforts to get more than that, I planted my other hand on her ass and gave her a sharp squeeze. “Hold still.”

She did as she was told with her body, but disobeyed with her head. Gazing at me again with one of those backward glances, she gave me a bratty pout. Fuck me. Once again, it was almost enough to make me stop the foreplay right then and there in the name of fucking her brains out instead. Until that is, she leaned into the game I had just started. “Am I allowed to talk?”

Making a snap decision, I said, “No. And close your eyes, Jade.”

“Yes, Master. Or Daddy? Gorgeous?”

I cringed a bit at ‘Daddy.’ Not my favorite, personally; the former was also jarring, as I had never really done any petplay. “‘Gorgeous’ is fine,” I said. That was easier than thinking of something innovative when I was thoroughly distracted by the not, naked girl on my bed.

“Yes, *Gorgeous,*” Jade said. Her little pout shifted into more of a smirk to go along with the sultry tone. Then, playing along and being obedient, she let her eyes flutter closed and shifted her head forward until her body was settled into its original doggy style position.

Taking a moment to understand how to proceed, I removed my hand from her cheek and simply took a few long seconds to explore between her legs a second time. Once again, nothing more than light traces in the name of playing with this impromptu dynamic we had set up together. Going the opposite direction this time, I reached my arm forward so I could delicately glide my fingertips all the way up her damp slit. Taking a moment to rub her clit from the outside, which earned me a soft hum, I could also feel that she was totally smooth below the waist.

Going back the opposite direction with my fingers, giving slightly more pressure this time around, I smiled to myself when she once again tried to subtly grind against my touch. I didn’t mind that she wasn’t being fully obedient; it wouldn’t be as good if she simply remained frozen the whole time. Letting her get away with it this time, I pushed in just enough to part her outer lips. Instead of actually slipping inside, however, I finally used my other hand again.

My palm cracked down on her ass with a satisfying **SMACK**, and I finally chastised her for not following instructions. “Jade! Hold. Still.”

“Mmm!” She half whined/half moaned in a loud hum. Then she nodded her head in quiet acceptance.

I was just realizing that every single one of the auburn haired girl’s noises were through her closed lips. As in, she was putting her own spin on my ‘no talking’ directive. And, of course, the muffled moans just made me want the real ones all the more.

Fuck, this girl was hot.

NSFW: yes

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