The secret shag

A couple years ago, I was having marital problems. My husband was seeing someone else so I decided to put myself back out there. I did tinder, bumble, etc and didn’t really know what I was looking for. Mainly just business to keep me from lonely.

I came across someone that I knew through mutual acquaintances. I’m usually shy but needed something to take my mind off of my husbands bullshit. I reached out to him on social media and he took the bait. We flirted back and forth for a couple days and then he asked to meet up. I met him around his house where he was hanging out with my friends and we talked more and got to know each other better age, what we were looking for, our expectations, health status etc. I was very much sexually attracted to him. I agreed to meet him the next night after work.

I pulled up to his house and he met me outside. He wrapped his arm around my waist and led me to his room. I reeked of weed, I knew he was a dealer. I knew he was involved in different things and it didn’t bother me, it was a really big turn on thinking of the power he had.

I laid on his bed and he laid next to me. I watched what he had on Netflix. I was really nervous. He slowly moved his hand up my shirt and started playing with my nipples. I was dripping wet by his touch. He asked me what my size was.
“38DDD” I whispered shakily.
“Can I lick em?” He asked.
I nodded and slowly too my shirt off. I was so into boob worship since they’d gotten bigger after I had my kids. I bit my lip trying not to moan. I’ll be honest. I actually came from that alone. I sat up on the edge of the bed and started taking my pants off. He came in front of me and undid his belt. I dropped to my knees as started sucking his dick. I looked him in the eyes while I put his 8.5 inches in my throat with no hesitation. His eyes lit up. He grabbed the back on my head and forced it all the way down stroking aggressively. I didn’t let you drooled down to his balls and started rubbing them with my hand. He pulled my head back and told me to turn around and bend over. I did as I was told and arched my back all the way. He pulled my thong to the side and put the tip in slowly.
Fuck” he let out.
I put my weight on my arms and started fucking him hard biting his sheets trying not to yell or scream. His dick was so thick, it felt perfect inside of me. I’ve squirted before and knew he could make me do it. I stopped and relaxed.
“I don’t want to fuck up your sheets.” I whispered.
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“Sometimes I squirt and I don’t know if you’re into it” I said.
“Show me” he said.
I climbed in top of him and got in reverse cowgirl on my tip toes and started riding. I knew it wasn’t gonna be long, I tried to bite my tongue but I couldn’t help it. I released but didn’t stop.
“Holy shit” he said. “Get up and kneel down”
I got on my knees and looked at him while he stroked his dick over top of me.
“Paint me daddy” I asked as I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He busted all over me.

We continued fucking on and off for a year or two. My husband and I ended up getting back together. I cut him off for good. Ironically, it turns out he fucks a girl I work with lol

NSFW: yes

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