The roughest n the best Iโ€™ve had ๐Ÿ’“

I was just browsing through my phone yesterday after dinner. I was lying on the carpet n my bf was on the couch watching YouTube videos. He approached me n started play fighting with me. At first it was just wrestling/ tickling but then he started spanking me very hard on my buttocks n pussy… which got me wet. I tried wiggling out from under him but to no avail.

My giggles went quiet. He pulled my panties apart only to discover that I was wet – “wow u were getting wet aren’t u?” He said with a grin. I didn’t answer just looked away as he started rubbing my clit. It felt nice so I stopped struggling.

He then started rubbing me progressively harder so I felt a bit overwhelmed n told him “too hard…” He didn’t budge. “Stop.” I said. He still didn’t respond just stared at me dead in the eyes. “Hey stop!” I pulled out my arm to grab at his, to which he responded with a crisp slap on my face n warned me “don’t fuckin do that”. I was a bit shocked n scared so I just whined n wiggled my body instead of pushing him away with my arms. He told me to say “please stop [his name]” n I did, but I knew he wasn’t gonna stop… then he sat on my chest n told me to open up. He slapped my face more till I did n stuffed his cock into mouth…

This continued for a while until he decided to bring it to the bedroom. Something was different about him. He seemed more determined. He folded his belt in his hands n told me to get on my knees facing away from him. He pulled my panties up n even rearranged it a little so it was on properly hehe… Then the first hit landed on my butt but the next one landed on my pussy. I couldn’t help but whine out loud n couldn’t keep my back arched properly… so he saw to it that I did

He got the dildo n tape out from the drawer which was rarely used before. “Hands behind ur back sweetie.” I was of course unwilling so he yanked my hands behind my back n taped my wrists n elbows together. He shoved the dildo into my throat then wrapped tape around my head to keep it there. I was drooling a lot n gagging around the dildo… he then continued to rub my clit n I was writhing n choking a bit.

He finally decided that it was time to use my pussy. I was on my belly trying to get a little break while he was pushing into my hole. Needless to say I was soaking wet but he’s so big, it still hurt when he first pushed inside. I managed to scream out loud hoping he’d find out that he’s hurting me n would slow down a bit. But he just kept going n said “just take it” “be a good girl”… I couldn’t push him away because my hands were held down which made me feel all the more helpless.

Soon he started plowing. There was no holding back. He pushed my face into the pillow as his cock kept hitting my cervix… there was a few times where he ground into me as if he’s trying to push into the cervix. “U gonna cry? U gonna cry now slut?” He mocked me. I was already overstimulated so I kept scratching him as much as I could until he grabbed my hair to pull my face towards him n warned “scratch me one more time see what happens.” I was not going to mess with him anymore so I tried to keep my nails away but I guess I accidentally scratched him again n I felt him fucking me harder than ever before. Luckily I managed to push the dildo out myself so I wasn’t choking constantly n I just started screaming into the pillow repeating “I’m sorry. Please stop! Let me go….” “I can’t cum anymore please stop…” this lasted forever 😵‍💫 I even had tears in my eyes…

we later cuddled together while I was still shivering a bit. It was the best I’ve had. I was used like a little doll. It did hurt at times but I’ve never felt better 💓

NSFW: yes

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