The Reason She Works Late is Killer (episode one)

I slowly opened my eyes and heard the bolt lock unlatching as she turned the key. I got out of bed. Not to draw her attention but watched her put her purse on the table next to the sofa. As she walked into the kitchen, I saw one of her hands—her right hand, to be precise—covered in blood and her other hand coupling under it in case it dripped. She did not notice me, so I returned to bed to keep things in order as much as feasible. She walked into the bedroom quietly and undressed. Instead of putting on her PJs, she got into bed naked

“Honey,” she said as she got closer, and I could feel her warm body.

I pretended she woke me and said, “How was work, baby?”

She replied, “long night. I was finishing up a whole stack of new client contracts. Let me make it up to you.”

I could feel the curves in her body the closer she got. There was no doubt about what she had on her mind. I saw the sheet lift between us as she reached behind, ensuring I was hard. For some reason, this time, she made it very easy for me and rolled me over, and pulled the cover back. She got on top of me, sitting straight up while staring directly into my eyes. I did nothing but could feel her lower herself onto my cock. She was wet, and I slid effortlessly into her body as I watched her C-size breast slowly and freely bounce with her over-excited body. The perfection with which she performed made the act last an hour. We came at the same time and never got out of bed. I could not sleep—what brought this on?

The next morning. I woke up, but my wife was already in the shower before me. I put on my robe and went to the car, but I did not see blood anywhere.

I went back inside and turned on the TV and the coffee maker. I wondered to myself repeatedly about the night before and just recalled what I had already remembered. Out of the corner of my eye, it hit me. I saw on the news a picture of a man my wife works for and whom I have met. He was found dead. I knew it! I looked the story up on the computer to make sure and saw a picture of the man on some news chasers webpage that showed the man mutilated behind a dumpster. I had great sex with my wife last night but found out she’s a killer in the morning. I knew it would be best not to say anything and see what might happen…

NSFW: yes

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