The Price. Part 4

Dom suddenly struck Minion across the back with a rod. “When trying to become more than you are, you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable, knowing that it is a sign of growth. Do not hold back at the sight of her pain. Help the pain be her teacher so that you can grow!” He said and struck Minion across the back again.

Minion immediately reached over and tightened the clamps even harder, squeezing my nipples almost to the point of bleeding. I moaned in pain as the clamps pinched me. My endorphins spiked as the pain surged through my tits. I wanted him to stop, and yet continue this game of pain and pleasure.

“Good.” Dom said. “Now, show me your power.” Minion picked up a controller from the floor and twisted the knob on it all the way up. Instantly I could feel electricity flowing through my nipples into the metal table. My body shook and my muscles stiffened as the volts flowed through me. The electricity jumped from my body any place that made contact with the table and put me in agony.

Suddenly Dom struck Minion again. “Control!” Dom loudly said. “If you want to control other people, you must first control yourself! Power is nothing without control.”

Minion quickly turned the voltage down to a still painful, but reasonable level. I could still feel the voltage traveling the my nipples to the table, but I was no longer stiff and shaking. Then he reached down and grabbed a wand with a wire attached to it. The second he touched me with it, a shock of electricity jolted through it into my body. I writhed in pain as he slowly drug the wand up and down my body. He eventually brought it to my pussy and spent a little time dragging back and forth and up and down it. As he drug it across my body, my muscles would squeeze tightly into a pulsating painful cramp, and as soon as it moved away, the muscles would relax, but be drained of energy.

After a few minutes, Dom said, “That is enough. You may have your reward.” Minion put down the wand, grabbed the control, turned off the electricity, and unhooked the nipple clamps.

I finalized let my body fully relax and let my head just hang off of the table. The electricity that had been flowing through me had drained my muscles of all the energy that they had. All my strength had left me and I was just left in an exhausted state of euphoria.

Dom turned to Minion and asked. “Have you abstained as I have commanded you?” Minion just slowly shook his head yes. “Good.” Dom said. “Show me your self control.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but I was hoping this fat guy wasn’t thinking of having sex with me. He was not my type and the wondered of his overweight body on me disgusted me. I had never agreed to having a third person join, but I couldn’t audibly protest, because the gag was still in my mouth. Even if I could speak, I knew anything I did say would be dealt with very harshly, and I knew that once I showed up, I had relinquished any control I had.

Minion walked to the end of the table and climbed up onto it. He then climbed over me until he was looking me straight in the eyes. His gut was hanging on me and crushing me under his weight. Reaching down, he grabbed his dick and immediately directed it to my pussy. My eyes got wide and I started shaking my head no, but the second he was lined up with my hole, he slammed it into me.

I was at least semi wet from being turned on by everything that they had done to me, and he had a fairly small dick, but it still hurt feeling him force his way into me. The pain quickly went away as he started moving back and forth, and I became wetter.

He was moving at a medium pace for about ten seconds when I heard him begging to moan. “Control it.” Dom said, but his moans kept getting louder. I seen Minion close his eyes tightly and begin pumping faster.

I knew he was about to cum. I had never let any of the other guys that I had been with, other than my husband, cum in me, and I didn’t want this fat guys cum inside me. I started making noise and shaking my head, but within a few seconds, Minion let out a gigantic grunt, pushed into me as deep as he could, and started filling my pussy.

I felt a good three or four throbs in me when I heard a sudden CRACK! Minion groaned as Dom struck him across his back with the rod. “Get off of her, and I’ll show you how it’s done.” Dom commanded.

Minion quickly climbed off of me, his dick still shooting cum, and Dom took his place. He grabbed his gigantic dick and directed it straight to my hole. With a sudden thrust, his dick tore into me. He immediately started pounding me hard and fast. His balls were slapping against me and I could feel his muscular body sliding up and down. The initial insertion hurt like crazy, but minion’s cum quickly lubed his dick and the pain went away.

With fast, hard, and deep thrusts, he pounded into my pussy. He wrapped one of his large strong hands around my neck and started choking me and would periodically slap my tits as he fucked me mercilessly. After about ten minutes he wrapped both hands around my neck and squeezed enough to completely cut off my air. Suddenly he squeezed even harder, and with a final thrust he buried his dick balls deep in me and exploded.

I could feel each throb as his dick threw gigantic wads of cum deep into me. After each load he would pull back slightly and thrust in again for the next. His load was so big, I could feel it building up inside of me and spreading. His cum was incredibly warm and slippery inside of me, and I could tell that he produced a lot.

Continues in part 5

NSFW: yes

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