The Price. Part 2

I stepped into the room and closed the doors. Looking around I seen the walls were painted black and covered with all sorts of different chains, ropes, whips, rods, dildos, and all sorts of sexual toys. There was a large table with rings attached to each corner with shackles running through the rings, there was also a couple sets of wooden stocks, chains and ropes hanging from the ceiling, and several sets of strapping attached to the floor, and a metal table with straps all over it. He had about every feasible tool to inflict pleasure, and pain.

As soon as the door closed he turned around. He had a very stern look on his face, and his eyes pierced me straight to my soul. His muscles were extremely large, and bulging. His large smooth chest went down to his perfectly six pack. I had never met anyone with such a flawless physique.

“Step forward and get on your knees for inspection.” He commanded. He had a smooth voice that demanded attention, so I followed his instructions, trying to keep eye contact with him. He slowly approached me and walked around,making several circles around me before stopping in front of me. “Stand up and remove your dress.” He instructed me. Standing up, I reached back, unzipped my dress, dropped it to the floor, and kicked it to the side.

Suddenly he snapped “Did I tell you to wear bra and panties?” “I’m sorry.” I instinctively said and reached back to undo my bra. “I didn’t tell you to take them off! Now, shut that hole in your face, and follow me!” He snapped.

He walked over and opened the stocks. “Put your head and hands in.” I did exactly as he said and and bent over. As soon as my head and hands were in place, he slammed the top down and locked me in place.

Walking behind me he said “You failed to follow instructions. I will remedy this.” He grabbed my panties and with a single strong yank, he ripped them from my body. Then I heard the familiar snap of a pocketknife, and I felt him cut off my bra.

I was getting very turned on. This guy was doing everything exactly as I had been hoping for. He was very intense and precise about everything he did, and I was loving it.

I heard him click the pocket knife closed and could hear him walking around behind me. “Failure requires punishment, for your failure represents your disrespect for me.” I then heard his footsteps approaching me, and as soon as they stopped, I felt the familiar feeling of a leather riding crop slowly being drug down my back. As soon as it got to my ass, I gave it a little wiggle, playfully teasing him. Suddenly the crop left my ass, and a second later I could hear the sound of the air being cut and a loud CRACK!

The impact of the crop on my ass sent a sudden surge of pain through my body. I have been hit with a crop many times, but this was many times harder than I had ever been struck. By a miracle, I had managed to keep silent. The spot that he hit felt like it was on fire, and then I heard another Crack! This time he struck the other cheek with even more force and a slight whimper escaped my lips. I was being to question if I had made a mistake when a third swat went across both of my cheeks.

Without thinking the word “Not so hard.” escaped my lips. “I did not give you permission to speak.” He snapped “Since you cannot remain silent, I will silence you.” Suddenly a large ball gag came over the stocks and he wrapped it tightly around my head.

He then stepped back and said. “There is beauty in pain, and everyone experiences it. It teaches us lessons, and it won’t stop until it has finished teaching you.”

The way he spoke sent shivers down my spine. His every word carried confidence and meaning, and was almost familiar. Like the sound of an intelligent, cunning, and meticulous psychopathic cereal killer on one of my shows or podcasts. I could tell that he took no regard for who I was or how I felt, he only cared about inflicting pain and pleasure. It sent real fear deep into my soul, combined with curiosity and excitement. The feeling of danger that I had been searching for was being fulfilled.

Then I felt the crack of the crop again across my ass. He continued for at least a dozen strikes before he stopped. My whole ass felt like it was on fire, but I felt amazing as adrenaline filled my system.

“That’s enough for now, for I am merciful.” He said. “The disobedience of your bra has been paid for, but the disobedience of wearing panties is still owed.” What could be next I thought. I had a sense of excitement and dread all rolled up into one filling my mind.

Then I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, and he spread them aside. I felt him stick his face in my ass and he started licking my asshole. After a few good licks I felt him slide a finger in, and then pull it back out.

My ass is fairly tight. I sometimes let my husband use it, but it at all times needs a little warning up before he can really go at it. Whatever Dom had in mind for my next punishment, I had a feeling it had to do with my ass.

After pulling his finger out of my ass, he pulled himself away and I heard him walking across the room again. As he walked he said. “The human body is amazing, and can do some amazing things. For example, did you know that your ass can stretch up to seven inches without taking damage?”

Continues in part 3

NSFW: yes

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