The Price. Part 1

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My husband and I have been married for about eleven years. For the first ten we kept our relationship monogamous. We have spent the last year bringing other people into the bedroom, with strict rules. It didn’t take long for me to think that our rules were too restrictive, and when I broke them, I paid the price, and want to pay it again.

Our sex life was all the time pretty good, but just like everything, it gets a little stale after ten years. We agree to begin having sex with other people, but with the understanding we would never do it without the other present.

The more we got together with other people, the more I realized that I liked rough sex, and the rougher it got, the more I liked it. Eventually being rough just wasn’t enough. I needed to be tied up, choked, and spanked. I just wanted to be held down and dominated.

My husband tried to fulfill this need, but it just wasn’t the same as a stranger. I all the time knew I was safe, there was no real danger, and there was sort of a mental block I had about fully submitting to the person I have to make every day life decisions with. Just like I’m sure he has a block about causing pain to someone he loves. He all the time did his best, and he did it well, but I all the time wanted more.

With strangers, they didn’t have as much fear of going too far, but with my husband watching, I still felt like they held back and could have been rougher. I loved submitting to them, letting them have their way with my body, and punishing me for any reason they could discover, eventually finishing on my ass, chest, or face. Sometimes demanding I open my mouth for their cum.

For some reason I prefer other men’s cum over my husbands. Their loads are all the time so thick and creamy, while my husbands is thin and watery. I’ve even stopped letting him cum in my mouth as much, because I sort of discover it disgusting, but I’ll take a stranger’s load any time they demand it.

The last few months I’ve been telling the guys not to hold back, but I still felt disappointed at the end. I eventually there was one guy who pushed my limits a little, but not enough. Afterwards, I asked him in private if there was anyone he knew who would be eager to push me to the extreme.

He handed me a card that only said DOM and had a phone number. He warned me that this guy doesn’t play around, and to really consider if I wanted to know what my limits were, because he will discover them, and he will break them.

Instantly I knew this is what I was looking for. Later that evening, when I was alone I gave the number a call. A nice sounding gentleman answered the phone. “Hello.” “Umm. Is this Dom?” I asked. Suddenly the voice changed. “Shut up you little slut!” He said. “You will meet me Saturday 6:00 pm at the downtown bar. You will wear a short red dress with your hair up and come alone.” “My husband and I have rules about being alone.” I started to say, but he quickly cut me off. “Shut your whore mouth! You will speak when spoken too. Do you understand me?” “Yes.” I quickly said. “If you have rules, you called the wrong person. You will do what you are told. You will not have a safe word, and I will not stop, and believe me, you will be begging me to. If you show up, you will have agreed to these terms.”

He suddenly hung up the phone. That was very intense, I wondered. I had gotten wet thinking about how demanding he was and about what he might do to me. He sounded very serious, and I knew he was exactly what I was looking for, but I would have to break our rules to make it happen.

As the weekend approached, I told my husband that my friends and I were gonna have a girls night out this Saturday. He told me to have fun, and feel free to bring someone home to play with. I felt bad for lying, but it was the only way to get what I really wanted.

Saturday evening I did exactly what I was told. I put on a short red dress that I had, and some matching panties. I tied my hair back and put on a little makeup. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was hot. I usually dress a little more conservative, but this dress really showed off my 32b tits and my firm round ass.

After kissing my husband goodbye, I headed to the bar. I was sort of nervous about what was about to happen to me. I was afraid I was gonna be disappointed like all the time, but I was also afraid I was gonna get what I had asked for.

I arrived at the bar and started heading up to the front door. As I approached the door I noticed a limousine parked right in front of it and the driver was standing by the rear door. I was about to walk by him when he said. “Dom is ready for you. Please get in the vehicle. Dom doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

He opened the door for me, and I got in. The driver got in the front and began driving. The windows were all blacked out so I couldn’t see out to see where we were going, and the driver had the divider up, so I couldn’t communicate with him. All I could do was sit in silence as I waited to arrive at our destination.

After about twenty minutes the driver finally parked the car and came around to open my door. After stepping out, I realized we were in front of a medium sized brick building. The driver then instructed me to go inside and head to the door at the very end of the hall.

Following his instructions, I arrived at the door, and I knew that this was my last chance to turn back. I knew if I turned back that I may never be fully satisfied, but I also had no idea who this guy was, what he was gonna do to me, how long he was gonna do it, and how painful it was gonna be. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Looking in the room I seen a large man with large broad muscular shoulders facing the wall with his back to me. He just stood there in tight shorts facing away from me. His body was large, and pure muscle and his mere presence was intimidating as he stood there silently.

Continues in part 2

NSFW: yes

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