The Prefect, Part 38 [F20/F18] [D/s] [Role Reversal] [ENF/Exhibitionism]

**Part 38**

It was hands down the best orgasm Elise had ever experienced.

Not because of the lesbian twist, or the exhibitionism, or the strange combination of pain and pleasure that was quite new to the previously vanilla girl. Instead, it was from the sheer amount of *time* she had been teased and primed for the release that was now overtaking her. A good portion had happened without the blonde even realizing, as she had been too busy being embarrassed from exposure and constantly mortified every time Kaitlyn found a new way to make things worse for her.

After a subtle build-up that had blossomed into a desperate and urgent need ever since she began touching herself, Elise found herself more and more detached from the world. Each wave of pleasure was better than the last, and she made no attempt to muffle the breathy moans that followed the slutty yelp of Anna’s name as Elise reached the much needed peak.

She stayed up there for as long as feasible, working her fingers in just the right rhythm to renew things every time it felt like the magic was fading. Eventually, it was time to come down, and that journey took just as long. Ever so slowly, Elise slowed the pace between her legs, softening the grip on her chest as well. The soft moans turned to shaky exhales; the exhales quieted to a whimper or two as she removed her fingers from below and gave one last circular rub to her wet outer lips. And, after brushing her sensitive nipple for a tiny jolt of pleasure that caused her breath to hitch, Elise allowed her eyes to flutter open.

The scene before her was almost a harder slap in the face than any of the ones Kaitlyn had physically given her. Nothing had changed since Elise had closed her eyes, save for perhaps the expressions on a few girls’ faces, and yet everything felt different. As reality sank in, Elise slammed her legs together and threw her arms over her bare chest and her most private area.

She had just gotten off to the wondered of a girl!! Not that Anna was on her mind the *whole* time, but Elise paled as she remembered the fleeting images just before she gave into her body’s urges. Anna’s face, eyes, and hair. Her still bared breasts. And the wondered of the small brunette’s hands on Elise’s own chest as Elise approached her climax. It was one thing for Kaitlyn to tell everyone that Elise was a lesbian, but something else entirely for those kinds of thoughts to invade the prefect’s mind unprompted. Denial set in immediately, as there were plenty of excuses to consider. All the girl touches, particularly with Anna, and then the fact that she had to stare at the girl’s exposed chest all the way until Elise disappeared into the foggy lust.

If anything, such ‘curiosity’ would point towards being bisexual, but even that potential shift in sexuality was enough to leave the naked blonde thoroughly stunned and confused. Was it actually feasible, or had she just been tricked and conditioned to temporarily have such thoughts? Putting apart the personal dilemma, there was still the fact that every first-year present but the initial three would think that the former was true. Elise was a lesbian. At an all girls’s college.

Thanks to Kaitlyn, and the rumors that would no doubt circulate like wildfire once the common room cleared out for dinner, Elise’s dynamic with nearly everyone would change. She had the terrifying wondered earlier, but it resurfaced more strongly now that she had thoroughly breathed life into the lie by moaning in the middle of a girl kiss, and by saying her ‘crush’s’ name during her slutty public display mere moments ago. Elise and her roommate saw each other in bras and towels always. Would Charlotte be offended that Elise hadn’t been honest and upfront about things? Plus now everyone could mistake her friendliness for potential flirting. It was gonna be a nightmare either way; she would have to either discover a way to set things straight, so to speak, or deal with the fallout of apparently being into girls for the rest of her time at university.

Back to the present, there was still Kaitlyn to deal with.

Elise’s mind had been racing with all kinds of mortifying projections, while also wanting to sink into the floor after realizing that she was still totally naked and had just done something so personal with herself in front of a whole room of girls. And, even worse, it had also been recorded. Kaitlyn’s phone was still trained on the ruined prefect, and her smirk was more pronounced than ever.

“What did I say about covering, slut?” Kaitlyn asked. Her stern words broke the awed silence that followed what was probably the first experience of this nature that most of the girls had ever witnessed. “Drop your arms, and spread your legs.”

Despite the sobering reality, Elise was still in no position to disobey. This wasn’t even about her prefect materials any more. Instead, it was a matter of acquiring clothes and doing whatever it took to ensure the wicked redhead deleted that video. Or, at least, promised to keep it to herself. “Yes, Miss Kaitlyn.” Somehow finding her voice, though it was still a little shaky in the aftermath of such a powerful release, Elise said the familiar phrase.

She knew she had to do it, and that it’s not like the audience of first-year girls hadn’t seen everything anyway, but it still took a bit of willpower to lose the warmth and protection of her arms. Elise hesitantly lowered them to reveal her breasts again, and even more hesitantly spread her legs to once again display her womanhood to the entire room.

An audible *click* from Kaitlyn’s phone gave away that the girl was taking a picture.

“Good girl,” she said, “Now, how about a smile?”

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