The Prefect, Part 28 [F20/F18] [D/s] [Role Reversal] [ENF/Exhibitionism]

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**Part 28**

Elise had never done anything like this. Ever.

While all girls’ schools did tend to breed more experimentation simply due to the limited options, it wasn’t something she had been tempted to explore. Her friends were proper and studious, and their weekend nights usually involved snacks and movies instead of cliché dares and pillow fights.

She had already kissed Anna a few times, but that didn’t do much to soften the blow of the more intense ‘first’ that she just initiated. The peck in Kaitlyn’s room, and again in front of the common room audience, could be written off. But this? Elise could feel the heat radiating off her cheeks as her lips sunk into Anna’s. Was it too late to retreat? Apparently so, because Anna reciprocated enough to make her stay.

The pressure of another girl’s lips was like nothing Elise had ever experienced. She had only kissed a few guys in her life, none of whom felt as soft or as gentle as Anna. It’s not necessarily that Elise liked it; kissing a girl was just different. Under other circumstances, perhaps she would have been more open to exploring how the unique sensation made her feel, but this was not the time or place. Elise was only kissing Anna because she was compelled to do so, and she was also doing so in front of an audience.

But what choice did she have? One wrong move, and the last of her modesty would be stripped away. Kaitlyn was also on a serious power trip. There was a good chance that the awful redhead would renege on the original deal if Elise gave her a reason to. And, in her currently handcuffed state, Elise was in no position to rebel without risking a lot more than just her stolen possessions. So, pushing past her reluctance and prudish reservations, Elise began making out with Anna.

Their lips met again and again, deepening into a more passionate make-out session with every second. As shy as Anna had seemed about all this, the girl definitely didn’t hold back once they got started. Her hands constantly squeezed and massaged Elise’s bare breasts, and she kissed with a surprising amount of fervor. Was the small brunette actually into girls? Or was she just trying to impress Kaitlyn? Either way, Elise wasn’t prepared for the energy. And, with her body primed for pleasure from the clamps, it was a losing battle from the beginning. At some point, Anna tweaked her nipples in just the right way, and Elise immediately lost herself for a moment. Back slightly arching, she hummed a moan into Anna’s mouth as they locked lips for a moment of passion Elise hadn’t seen coming.

Which, of course, is when Kaitlyn stepped in. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “Anna, I think that’s enough. Elise is enjoying her lesbian self a little too much.”

It was like being hit with a bucket of cold water. Elise was snapped out of the pleasure that had snuck up on her, finding herself once again in the mortifying reality of being fully topless in front of an audience.

Anna had broken the kiss at Kaitlyn’s words, but lingered long enough to glance up at Elise with bright eyes and a soft smile. “You’re a good kisser,” she whispered. With one more firm squeeze, causing Elise to gasp and flinch at another wave of reluctant pleasure drawn from her breasts, Anna stepped apart and once again revealed Elise to the whole room.

Kaitlyn stepped forward. She gestured to Anna, “How about a round of applause for Anna? Way to step up, girl!”

Anna blushed at the sudden attention, but gave a sheepish smile and a tiny bow when the rest of the girls clapped and cheered for her. That’s all it took. Kaitlyn’s simple compliment framed things in a way that gave Anna all of the glory. Normally, Elise wasn’t a shallow girl, but she actually felt a little bitter that all of her own bravery was for nothing. She just made out with a girl, for the first time *ever,* but no one in the room was gonna give her any props for it. Thanks to Kaitlyn, everyone wondered Elise was already a lesbian slut.

An innocent, straight girl, perceived as the complete opposite.

Elise had half a mind to set the record straight, so to speak, but any lingering bravery from the kiss was quickly evaporating when a phantom breeze and her peripherals reminded her that she was fully topless in public. Well, not quite in public, but still way more exposed than she had ever been before in front of others. That, and Kaitlyn was already moving on.

“Now, Elise,” she said, “I don’t think you should be allowed to grade our rooms any more. You say you’re searching for contraband, but I’m pretty sure that’s just an excuse to look through our underwear drawers or something.”

Oh God, the other girls were actually considering the speculation. Elise could see the looks of shock and disgust around the room, and a few of the girls instantly began whispering to each other while casting constant glances towards the topless prefect. This was insane. Even if Elise was a lesbian, which she wasn’t, she absolutely wouldn’t violate anyone’s privacy like that!

Kaitlyn just gave the usual smirk and sauntered over to Elise. “Don’t worry, girls. I have a solution. From now on, Elise isn’t allowed in here without my express permission. She’ll just give everyone an A, and we can all stop worrying about room inspections.” Suddenly, Kaitlyn was even more of a hero than Anna was. Room grades were more about making sure no one was keeping anything against college policy in their dorms. The cleanliness factor was still there as a way to teach responsibility, but it was less crucial in comparison.

Either way, surely Elise couldn’t be expected to pass over a whole suite every day! Apparently, Kaitlyn didn’t feel the need to make the exposed blonde agree this time around. Instead, she just moved on.

“Okay, Elise,” she said, “Ready for your 6th task?”

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