The Platonic Spark, Part 1 [MF] [20s] [wholesome]

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“What’s this?” Isaac laughed as he looked over a pamphlet from Bare Skin Laser, which offered laser hair removal.

“Oh.” Violet laughed. “That’s where I’m getting my laser hair removal. Smooth pussy forever baby!”

“Hmm.” Isaac and Violet were long time friends. They met their freshman year of school. Five years later, they had been there for all of each other’s struggles and achievements. There was never a romantic or sexual spark, but they were super close and open with one another.

“What? You don’t like a smooth pussy?”

“I mean, I personally like a little hair. Nothing crazy, but smooth is just boring in my opinion.”

“Are you calling my pussy boring?” Violet joked.

“I wouldn’t know.” Isaac offered with a straight face.

“Well, then maybe you should take a look and let me know.” Violet was wearing booty shorts, a thong, and a sports bra. She pulled off her shorts.

“Alright, let’s see it.” Isaac again said with a straight face while he took a drink of water.

Violet pulled down her thong and stood in front of Isaac. She was tall and athletic with long, golden tan legs. There was a slight tan line. Her toned stomach was decorated with a shiny silver belly button piercing. Violet’s brunette, wavy hair fell to just below her shoulders, and her blue eyes were piercing. Currently, she was sporting a trimmed triangle of pubic hair with the rest smooth.

“I mean, I can’t really see whether your pussy is boring with you standing, but from what I can tell, the hair is perfection.” He smiled.

“Well maybe I should give you a better look.” Violet sat on the couch and leaned back with her legs spread and up on the ottoman. “Better?” She smiled as her labia was now exposed. Her medium sized labia was pressed together tightly and slightly outward.

Isaac took a good look at Violet. For the first time, he felt warmth overcome him, along with a tingling feeling in his stomach. His heart skipped a beat. He didn’t initially notice, but Violet’s devilish grin and soft biting of her lip with a glance toward Isaac’s pants brought his attention to his growing bulge.

“Perhaps you should take an even closer look.” Violet pulled off her sports bra, exposing the most perfect tits Isaac had seen. They were just the right size, with medium sized light brown areolas and slightly darker nipples. Violet placed a finger on her lip and winked at Isaac.

*to be continued if interested*

NSFW: yes

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