The perfect girl


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That perfect fantasy girl who’s clever, brilliant, fun, caring, kind with a straight up fucking filthy mind dirty mouth. That girl who knows that limits ain’t in our vocabulary when it comes to exhibitionism, what her holes are used for and what our needs are. That girl who will ask me if she can make me cum, then offer up different methods she’d like to do it with any of her holes. That girl that if I mention that I want to cum she asks what hole or how do I want to cum. Same goes for pee play. I tell her I have to piss, she asks me which hole I’d like to drain my bladder, or maybe she asks me to piss on her tits this time because she loves to watch and feel that warmth cover her, then maybe suck the tip at the end getting a few drops in her mouth which turns into a full blown BJ. She knows I’m obsessed with anal so she gets in a position that allows me free reign to fuck her asshole relentlessly. She’s all the time pawing at my crotch trying to get her hand in my pants just to try and get me hard so I can fuck her again. She knows I’m obsessed with her pee too. And will use that strategically to get me hard. She’ll spontaneously piss on me or will pull my cock out, piss through her panties, drench me while stroking my cock against her fabric. No rules when it comes to piss and cum. Every day is a game of who can pee more on eachother or me in her. Same goes for cumming. She gets gooey and pissy every time she cums and gives me a buffet of cum and juice to slurp up. She will fuck me in her ass and mouth in only the positions that she knows I’ll get the best views and exploit that to make me cum uncontrollably. She knows her pussy although she loves the attention there is only for me to drink from. I’ll give you that attention once in awhile to satisfy your need to orgasm vaginally. Who at a drop of a hat in public if I whisper that I need to piss or want to cum, she’ll take me by the hand and discover the nearest semi private place to let me unload inside her.We’ve all the time got a plug ready so when that urge comes I can pump you fill of piss or cum then plug you, you can skip off to the restroom or wear it around. She’s all the time in a dress and no panties because we know naughty shit happens when we are out and about. Maybe a dressing room. To swallow my piss or take it up her ass. Or maybe this time she wants piss up her ass but wants to blow me right after….

That perfect girl. Shape or size doesn’t matter, the bigger the ass the better.

NSFW: yes

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