The Party that changed my life [FFMM]

It all began when my parents announced to me that they are gonna spend the weekend away at my grandparent´s house which meant that I had the house for myself. So I did what everyone would do and invited my friends over for some drinks and spending the evening together.

When it started there were seven of us. Cloe and Joseph, who were the only couple in our group. Sara who I had a crush on for like 3 month or so, Mia, Max, Paul and me.

We started the evening like every other evening before that, we ordered pizza from our nearby pizza place and drank some alcohol.

So, the evening took its course, and we played Blackout a game which we have only recently discovered and of course continued to drink beside it. It wasn’t long before Mia had drunk enough and started to feel sick. So, Max and Paul decided to take her home and then come back. By this moment, it was already around 23pm. While they brought Mia home Sara, Cloe, Joseph and I played uno. After half an hour Paul called us and told us that they had brought Mia home but would not be coming back because it was too late, and the party would be over by the time they got back.

Now the four of us sat there and wondered about how to continue. We just decided to play some more rounds of Uno. It all went well until Cloe and Joseph suggested to spice things up a bit by requiring that every time someone loses that person had to take off an article of clothing. After they suggested it me and Sara looked at each other and said why not if it was gonna be uncomfortable, we could just stop.

So we started the round after round until everyone of us had around 2-3 pieces of clothing. The next round started, and Sara lost. At this moment the only pieces she had left were her red T-shirt her bra and her panties. So, she had to take of her T-Shirt.

This was the first time I saw her with only her underwear, and I started to feel that I got a huge boner. The next round Cloe lost and had to take of her bra. To my and Saras surprise she didn´t even hesitate to take of her bra and before we knew it Cloe was sitting half naked in front of us. I lost the next round, which left me sitting there with only my underpants on. After that, Sara lost again. She looked at me and said “if Cloe can do it so can I”, one second later I was looking at Saras boobs and noticed that my dick got even harder.

After that Sara lost again and had to take of her panties. Following this she asked what would happen if she loses again to which Cloe replied “ If you lose again you have to suck Jacobs dick (which is me)”.This sort of frightened me cause I never have been sucked before. Sara wondered for a second and then just said “ Ok Cloe but if you lose you have to suck Josephs”.

Then they locked at the two of us and asked if this agreement was ok for us aswell and of course we didn´t say no. The next 2 rounds, Joseph and I lost, leaving the two of us sitting on the table naked with our rock-hard dicks. Which also caught the eyes of the two girls.

Then it came as it had to come, and Sara lost the round. Seconds later I felt how she put her hand on my dick and pushed me and the chair I sat on away from the table. Before I knew it she put my dick into her mouth and gently sucked on it. I have never felt anything like that before and was literally lost in the moment if someone would have asked me what my name was in that situation I wouldn´t have been able to tell them.

Not long after Sara started, I noticed that also Cloe started to suck Joseph. Not many strokes later I pushed Sara off my dick only seconds away from cumming in her mouth. I looked at her and asked if I should also finger or lick her. She took my hand and dragged me to the next room which was our livingroom and sat on the sofa with her legs wide spread. She looked at me and said “ now you can show me what you got”. When I first touched her pussy I felt that she was really wet and I started licking and fingering like I never did before which led to her letting out a sweet little moan. Shortly afterwards Cloe and Joseph also joined us and also started enjoying themselfs. Ten minutes later they started fucking right next to us. Which then led to me an Sara sitting next to each other watching them and fingering/strocking each other slowly

After another 10 minutes or so Sara looked me dead serious in the eyes and said, “I want what she is having and that I don’t have to worry because she takes the pill”. So, I lifted her up a little bit and turned her that she was laying straight the sofa and then I pushed my dick slowly into her which led to her letting out a moan I was worried my neighbours heard it.

As I fucked her more and more, we two got closer and closer and our sex was so passionate I didn´t even know this is feasible. Shortly after Sara said that she was cumming and I fucked her even harder which made me and her orgasm at the same time. After we both were done I watched my cum drip out of Saras pussy and was fulfilled with happines. Afterwards we cuddled for a bit before we got dressed again. Due to the fact that after that it was already 2 am we decided that Sara, Cloe and Joseph stayed at my place and we went to bed.

This now is six months in the past and me and Sara are dating for five months now. Since than the two of us and Cloe and Joseph got a little more into swinging and sharing together. Maybe gonna distribute some more storys eventually. I hope you had a good time reading and enjoyed my little story .

NSFW: yes

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