The parking garage- my first exhibitionist experience

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NSFW: yes

Eddie and I had been together for over five years- we had a very healthy sex life and I had many hot adventures with him. My first experience with exhibitionism was on Saint Patrick’s day during our third year of dating. We decided to go downtown and join the bar scene for a night of fun. It was already getting quite hot despite it only being March, so I decided to wear a tight black mini skirt, a cute blouse (that was more of a crop top), and my new black strappy heels. By the time 7pm rolled around, I was getting sweaty and tired. And as fun as the crowd was, I really wanted to be alone with Eddie. He was looking very sexy in a button up shirt that left very little to imagination (his muscles were quite defined in that shirt) and some dress pants that hugged him in all the right places. As we sat down in the corner of a pub, I slid my hand across his lap and gently caressed his bulge.

He looked over at me with a knowing grin and asked “Oh yeah? Is someone getting homesick?” I smiled sheepishly and replied “It’s so hard being this close to you and having to behave.” He smiled and replied “ well you don’t HAVE to behave.” I laughed and said “I do if I don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure.”

I let my legs spread open just enough for him to notice. I casually let my hand fall in my lap, and made a subtle move to lift the middle of my skirt, exposing a brief view of my black panties. He gave a sharp inhale and kissed me roughly (but sweetly). Then, in one swift motion, he gestured to the waiter for the check, and we were out of the pub in less than two minutes.

I laughed as he walked close behind me, hands exploring my ass, and we made our way through the sea of drunk people.

My feet were feeling tired after walking all the way back to the parking garage in my new heels. Eddie and I finally made it to the small elevator lobby of the tall, shadowy garage structure. The lobby was deserted, and the sounds of the Saint pattys day festivities down the street echoed in the concrete vestibule.

The elevator doors opened, and I quickly pressed the button for the sixth floor. Before the doors even shut, I felt Eddie’s muscular body press up behind me. His fingers slid between my tight mini skirt and my ass, swiftly finding the thin layer of fabric that stood between his waiting fingers and my slit. I turned on my heels and wrapped my arms around him. For being 5’-6”, Eddie was no weakling. His muscular arms rippled as they hoisted me up into his grasp. I wrapped my legs around him and made out with him passionately as the elevator doors slowly slid open to the sixth floor.

The entire floor was deserted. Clearly, no one else was leaving the Saint Patrick’s day celebration early. With a coy smile, Eddie pushed me against the wall, lifted my skirt, exposing my black panties, and slid them hungrily down my legs.

Without missing a beat, I spread my legs, and allowed him to pull my panties completely off. He gently kissed my slit and breathed “good girl” into my thigh. I shivered as his hot breath made my clit twitch with anticipation.

But to my surprise, Eddie didn’t eat me out right there. Instead, he fingered at my slit and felt how wet I had become, quietly moaning with satisfaction. Then, without saying a word, he led me to the guard rail at the edge of the garage, overlooking the packed street below. Skyscrapers surrounded the silent garage and the setting sun made the scenery glisten with the soft glow of lights in empty offices and abandoned apartments.

As I looked down at the crowds, his body was pressed behind me again, feeling my juices as they dripped from my lips. Then suddenly, his belt was unbuckled, his cock was freed from his dress pants, and his hot, throbbing head was pressing against my clit. He gave a grunty sigh as he ran the tip up and down my moist slit. My body gave in immediately, bending at the hips and presenting my waiting pussy.

“Oh baby…” I whispered as I bent my head back and ran my fingers roughly through his hair, “I can’t take it anymore. Please put it in.”

“You want it? Tell me how much you want me inside of you.”

“I want your cock in me so bad baby. I NEED IT.”

“Mmmmm. That’s my girl.” And with that, he slid all 7 inches of his cock into me. The shock of its veiny hardness sent euphoric shivers through me. I gasped, I moaned, I rocked back and forth as he pumped his dick in me over and over. His hands shot up to my chest, pulling my blouse up and my bra down, exposing my bouncing tits to the entire city. I looked down at the hundreds of people below, and around at all of the open windows that all had front row seats to the nasty scene that was unfolding in that dark parking garage.

Even if I had wanted to be quiet and stealthy, I wouldn’t have succeeded. My moans came in waves, my hips rolled, and my tits spilled over the edge of the guardrail as I surrendered all civility. We moved as one, his legs and balls slapping rhythmically against me as my clit twitched. I could feel my vagina gripping him harder, then softer, then harder again. I could tell he was getting close too- he gripped my long hair in his hands and held my head up so I could look up and out to the bustling city.

“I want them to see your face as you cum. Cum for me, baby.”

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuUUUUUCKKK” I threw my head back and came hard on his cock. I could feel his shaft flex and twitch faster as he thrust into my climax. My knees buckled and my body fell back into him. His arms shot out to the guardrail, pinning my helpless body between his powerful pelvis and the cold concrete of the wall.

“Oh fuck baby… you are so fucking sexy. I want to cum inside you so bad…” his thrusts were wild, passionate, and his voice was rough with a slight hint of greediness. I knew what he was asking- he wanted to cum in me with no condom on. I could feel my juices oozing as his rhythmic thrusts spread my pink lips aside. A second wave of pure euphoria was beginning to wash over me. I knew it was wrong but having his bare cock inside of me with no protection was so hot to me, I couldn’t withstand. I backed my ass up against his pelvis and braced myself, the words escaping my lips with the sound of pure hunger, “cum inside me baby”.

It was like the unleashing of a wild creature. His thrusts became animal-like; fast and ferocious. My gasps became moans of pleasure as I felt myself start to climax again.

“Oh. God. Ba-by. Yes. Yes. Fill. Me. Up. Ohhhhhhh…”

I came as hot ropes of his cum shot into me. He pumped his cock into me until he was empty, every last drop of that goodness was held tight in my twitching pussy. He grunted and sighed as he collected himself. Then, like the nasty man that he was, spread my cheeks and lips so he could watch his cum drip out of me in big, glistening drops. I gave a satisfied sigh as he fingered his cum deeper into me, ensuring that our little show was especially irresponsible. He slid his wet fingers into my mouth, and I sucked on them greedily.

“Mmm, I think we should have fun in public more often” I whispered.

“I agree,” he replied.

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