The Package Store [F40s/M20s] [Adultery]

Her day was over. After going through the paper clutter on her desk and the latest emails, she signed out and said goodbye to her coworkers. It had been a long day, and hubby wanted her to stop and get some beer, so she pulled into the package store on the bypass.
Five oclock at the package store. People leaving their jobs and looking for something to fill the hours between dark and day buy their bottles and cans, neatly contained in brown paper. Some come in and some take the drive through. She never knew what she wanted until she saw it, so she parked and walked into the cold store to survey the refrigerated aisles. Will it be Heinekin or Coors? Or maybe a six pack of those mint julieps would be good on this hot day. Idle thoughts cross her mind as she moves from one case to the next.
The clerk notices her deliberation from the counter. He gives change to the man with the whisky and watches him leave the store then walks to her.
See anything you like
Not yet
She sweeps the bangs from her eyes and tucks them behind her ear. The clerk notices this too. He has seen her here before, all the time around this time. He has noticed the way she tucks her hair behind her ear and her dark brown eyes behind her cat eye frames and the swell of her breasts beneath her blouses and the way her tights hug her ass. He has noticed this and more, he the judge and critic of all the middle aged women that come through the door. He has apprized them all and he thinks he has a chance with this one. She’s made small talk and laughed at stuff he’d said before.
The store is empty save for him and her. The radio plays inaudibly in the background. He is going though the motions of stocking cases only so that he can be next to her. Taking a six pack and opening the refrigerated case, he brushes against her.
Sorry about that
Oh no issue
You should try Blue Moon. It’s different from what you normally get
You know what I normally get
Well, yeah
That this guy knows her drinking habits doesn’t surprise her. She’s seen him staring at her. First it was just a fluke she wondered. Imagine this 20 something young stud taking any interest in a soccer mom. But now that she’s come in a few times she’s noticed that he watches her. She can feel his gaze when she walks past, and the way that he talks to her at the register is a dead give away. This guy wants to get down my pants she thinks. And the wondered gives her butterflies. That body. Athletic and lean. That bulge in his grey sweatpants. And just like that, with two syllables uttered between them, she knew she wanted him.
Maybe I do want something different tonight
Something in the tone of her voice gave it away. Something in the look in her eye. Bold of her to hold his gaze that way. To look directly into his eyes. The smirk that accompanied the gaze. He had seen that look before and knew how to handle it.
I think I have something in the back. Follow me.
Tit for tat. His voice musky with the certainty that he was gonna get some pussy in the very near future.
In the back of the package store there is a storage area. Most of the inventory is on display, but there is need for seasonal stuff to be stored. Boxes of christmas stuff and clutter.
I think I have what you want
Is that right
Moving in closer. She doesnt retreat. He can smell her now. A summer garden bouquet.
Yeah, that’s right
Closer still, he goes in for a kiss. She doesn’t back away. Hands move to her waist. She’s got rolls. Delightful. He likes them thick. His hands pull her closer to him. He can’t believe how easy this has been.
She breathes him in, all musk and spice. She can feel herself against him. She can feel his hard dick pressed against her. Her hands on his back. Her face flushed. Now his hands are at her waist and her leggings and panties are at her ankles and he pushes her back and now she’s sitting on a pallet of beer cases with him between her legs. Her hands work on his waist. The clink of a belt and pants on the concrete floor.
She takes his dick in her hand, hard and meaty. Not like her husband’s. This guy has a big one. One of those with girth. The anticipation palpable. She takes him, guiding the meaty head of his dick between the wet folds of her cunt. The feeling of his cock filling her is all encompassing. For a moment it is her world entire.
For a moment he simply fills her with his hard shaft, throbbing in the warm soft confines of her pussy. Damn she was wet and ready. Just finding her pussy so ready to recieve him made him want to cum. So he holds her to him close, kissing her on the neck and working on removing the silky blouse and her bra.
Wrapping her legs around him, she grinds on him, desperate to feel him thrust into her. That cock. Those abs. The absolutely wicked look of desire in his eyes. So much to process. Rubbing up against his tight body had the desired effect, her clit was swolled and needy and responded to every grind.
Seeing her response to such inaction, his mind hot with carnal desire, he begins fucking her. Slowly, allowing all but the thick head of his cock to exit. Then slowly driving it in again, revelling in the embrace her cunt gives him. Each thrust is a little faster, a little harder. She lies back on the boxes, spreading her legs and holding them back. The look on her face was almost enough. Her mouth was open in an O shape, and out a deep moan.
Her eyes were locked on his. A look of concern, almost like she had lost something crucial, was there; a look of rapture. Her eyes roll back and she closes them and gives herself to the thrusts. The sound of their bodies clapping together fades along with the radio. Waves of sensation start to radiate from her cunt, and she bites her wrist to keep from being too loud.
Pleased with himself, our stockboy pulls his hard dick out and makes a decision.

NSFW: yes

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