The Outlaw and the Amazon: New Housemates (Chapter 5) [M33;F25;5xF30s] [M/F] [F/F] [Sexfight] [Unrealistic] [Fantasy] [Maledom] [Lezdom] [Outdoors sex]

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Sitala woke to birds singing outside. Will was hugging her, his face next to hers. She watched his sleeping face for a moment, then got a devilish idea. She carefully removed the blankets from them both and then turned him so that he was on his back.

He murmured something in his sleep and Sitala froze, heart hammering, but he didn’t wake up. Once she was sure he was still asleep, she climbed on top of him, sat on his chest, then leaned down to whisper to him. “Wake up, Will.”

It took a few more whispered words, but Will woke from his slumber, only to discover Sitala’s face right in front of him, something soft and heavy on his chest.

“Good morning, Will.” She greeted him with a smile, lust in her eyes. “I want you. I want to fuck you silly. I want to make you submit to me. I want you to be mine.” She kissed him.

Will reached out, and his hands found Sitala’s chest, fondling it. “If you want me to be yours, then just take me.” He teased her with a loving smile as she gasped. “Show me how you’re better than me.”

Annoyed by his impertinence, she kissed him again, deeply, while one of her hands went to jerk him off, finding him already hard, and the other tried to stop Will from fondling her chest. For a while, he humored her, letting her bat away one hand while fondling her with the other, much to her frustration, but eventually, he just used one of his hands to keep hers busy in an infinite game of ‘who holds who’s wrist’ while he groped her with the other.

Eventually, Sitala decided to just stop jerking him off and tease him by sliding her ass and pussy on his cock instead, freeing a hand for her to play ‘who holds who’s wrists’ with both her hands, and abandoning her attempts to kiss him in the process, settling for engaging him in a staring contest and, taking inspiration from his story the night before, trying to tease him in return. “Are you frustrated by having my pussy so near, yet still out of reach? Then prove you’re better than me and take it.”

Will’s warm smile turned cruel. “Oh? Do you want to go that way? You, who all but came after a minute of teasing? Should I remind you of your place?” He finally managed to grab one of Sitala’s wrists, bringing a pout to her face, and pulled her hand towards his mouth, sucking on her fingers.

“What are you doing?” She asked, bemused.

While she was distracted by his puzzling actions, he grabbed her other wrist and put her hands above their heads, pulling Sitala’s head in front of his, and took the opportunity to kiss her.

“You can’t beat me at foreplay. That’s not where you shine.” He said when he broke the kiss, and released her wrists. “So take advantage of the position you have me in before I roll you on your back.” He punctuated his words with a peck on her cheek.

Grumbling, she nonetheless realized he was right. He was better than her at teasing. So, instead of doing that, she slid back again, lined up his cock with her pussy, and started riding him.

When she had him in her, she reached out and tried to grasp his hands. He resisted, leading to another round of ‘who holds who’s wrist, but this time Sitala had a decisive benefit, that being that she just needed to keep his hands busy and that she was riding him, which was very distracting.

In the end, Sitala was riding Will, holding his hands, their fingers intertwined. “See? You’re mine.” She taunted him. “You fought well, but now you’re mi-ahh! Hey!” She gasped as he trusted upwards into her, breaking her rhythm.

“Less talking, more fucking. I may be down, but I’m not out yet.” Will shot back.

He was bluffing. Sitala was gonna win this round. Will could use his technique to make her fight for it, but she would win anyway, just closer to the edge than she expected.

And indeed, even though he did his best to make her moan, she also did her best to make him moan and was in a better position to do so, and so she won.

Sitala felt Will’s cum on her pussy, and knew it meant her victory, that she had returned the favor, that they had indeed conquered one another. Satisfied with this outcome, she rose from him and sat on the edge of the bed.

As she sat down, Will got up and hugged her from behind. “Are you sure you don’t want to claim your prize?” He whispered in her ear. “You don’t want to spend the day horny, do you?”

“Then I will, Will.” She murmured and turned around, then pushed his head into her crotch. “Please me.”

He dove in, devouring her pussy and delighting in her moans. She came quickly since their fight brought her closer to the edge than she expected.

When they both recovered, they got off the bed and dressed in their usual clothes.

“So, what are we doing today?” Sitala asked Will once they were done dressing.

“First, breakfast.” Will decided. “After that, I suggest we survey our surroundings and see if we can’t find anyone from your tribe. Sounds good?”

“Sure.” Sitala agreed.

Breakfast was the bird Sitala roasted the day before, warmed over the cooking fire instead of the hearth (“You know you roasted in the wrong room, right, Sitala?” “Shut up.” “The smell of roasted meat reaching the bedrooms was nice, though. We have to do that again sometime.” “Shut up!”).

After eating (“You have some grease on your face.” “Where?” “*Mwah* There. Don’t worry, I got it.”), Will left in one direction, smiling, while Sitala went in the other, still blushing and grumbling under her breath.

About an hour after she departed from the cabin, Sitala met [someone](

The girl was three inches shorter than Sitala, her create lean and muscular. She wore boots, gloves, a fur cloak, a belt, and a helmet, and was holding a large axe. She had cheery blue eyes and red hair styled into a twin braid. She also had extensive blue tattoos, or maybe skin paint.

She was sitting next to the campfire at the campsite where Sitala and Will first met, shivering, and trying (and failing) to create a fire.

Sitala didn’t recognize her, but her tribe was large, so it didn’t mean much.

When she noticed Sitala, she scrambled to her feet, axe at the ready. “Stay back!” She demanded, scared but defiant. “Stay… oh. You’re not one of Kragen’s mooks, are you?”

“I am Sitala, of the Cold Tooth tribe. And you?” Sitala cautiously approached the girl. The girl looked to be in her mid-twenties at most, but she did have a big axe.

The girl’s scowl of defiance turned into a guilty frown. “Oh. I suppose you want vengeance, then?”

Sitala realized why the girl’s garb felt familiar. It was similar to the garb of the reavers, though with pieces of it missing. Rage flared up in Sitala, and she advanced on the girl.

The girl hefted her axe, resignation in her eyes, then started sobbing and dropped the axe again. “Go on. Kill me. I don’t deserve a warrior’s death.”

This behavior change gave Sitala a pause and made her think. On the one hand, the person in front of her was one of the people who brought down her tribe. On the other, she was a sobbing young woman, expecting and accepting death at Sitala’s hands.

“What is your name?” Sitala asked, trying to buy time and learn more.

“Sigrunn.” The girl choked out. “Sigrunn of tribe Beigarthdottir.”

“Can you tell me why you are here, Sigrunn?” Sitala continued with her questioning.

Her question opened the floodgates. Eventually, after half an hour of Sigrunn crying and rambling, Sitala got something coherent out of her.

According to Sigrunn, she and her friends were living comfortably in one of the southern reaver clans, which revere both physical and sexual combat, when a man claiming to serve a great leader called Kragen offered gold and weapons for those who would sign on for a raid into the southern lands.

The clan’s chieftains refused the offer, but Sigrunn and her group were born into a time of peace and we’re itching for a good scrap, something which the man claimed to provide.

Naive and foolish, they snuck away from home to go raid with the man and bring glory to their clan. When they arrived at Kragen’s rallying point, there were some of the northern reavers, too, and while most of them were honorless scum, there were some of the more honorable ones.

There was also a small man who had strange powers, being able to summon tentacles from his hand and had made a construct, a man who looked chiseled and moved strangely, jerkily. The man had a huge cock and lightning crackled around him occasionally.

This was Kragen’s right-hand man, a warlock of terrible power. Sigrunn didn’t like him, but she never really interacted with him, so it was fine.

Kragen had convinced one of the even more southern tribes, those who abandoned real combat, venerating only sexual duels, and together they marched to their target.

When they arrived, the battle was short, and while Sigrunn had met warriors powerful enough to challenge her, the more skilled from the reaver clans and also the southern tribe started complaining. There was little of value to take and no worthy foes.

Morale was not helped by Kragen’s warlock calling on whatever woman he pleased, captive or ally, and claiming her with his tentacles, which would result in being drained, and severely weakened as a result.

When the warlock called on one of the northern reavers, the ones with honor left. Some of Sigrunns group tried to convince the rest to leave, but they failed, the rest not wanting to return with nothing to show for it, with Sigrunn left uncertain.

It was when one of Sigrunn’s group was called on, that the decision to leave was made. Sigrunn took the place of her groupmate and the rest of her group left the camp.

Sigrunn had intended to buy time and then catch up, but during her escape, she cut off the warlock’s hand and slain some of the rabble that came from the north that was tasked with following her.

She headed away from her group and ended up here, though she suspected that there were still some on her trail.

Hearing this tale of bravery and bad life choices, from someone who, again, was most likely around twenty-five-ish years old, Sitala decided she couldn’t blame her.

“You can come with me,” Sitala told the still sobbing girl. “While we are only two so far, me and a – a – a companion of mine have a cabin with food and warmth.”

“But – but – but you should hate me!” Sigrunn exclaimed in disbelief. “We let your clan be broken!”

“The man who organized it all – Kragen, as you call him – is to be blamed. You can come with me.”

Sigrunn calmed herself. “Alright. Yes. I will go with you, and I will help you get your revenge.” She decided.

Willcock, meanwhile, had stumbled upon a naked [vampire]( She was running through the forest, her alabaster skin marred by scratches and what looked like marks from lashes, branches tangled in her pure white hair. Will stepped in, drawing her attention: “Hello there, stranger.”

She looked at Will and froze.

Will, slowly approaching, tried to calm her down. “It’s alright. It’s alright. I won’t hurt you. Do you need somewhere to stay?”

The girl stood still, like a deer in the headlights, as Will approached. As he grew closer, Will noticed she was shivering.

Eventually, she answered, her voice quiet, almost whispering. “…Yes.” She sounded resigned.

“There is a cabin near here. You can stay there. Follow me if you want.” Will said and slowly headed back to the cabin.

Will and Sitala arrived at the cabin at about the same time, along with their new companions.

Explanations were exchanged, and the two separated.

Sitala went to the bathroom, while Will went to the attic with Sigrunn and the vampire to look for clothes, healing tonics, and food.

As Sitala got water for the bath, Will was sifting through the crates, trying to discover things of use. After some time, he found a healing ointment, along with some simple clothes, and sent the vampire to Sitala to have the ointment applied (he was not foolish enough to do it himself when the vampire flinched just from him taking off his jacket).

As Will was considering options for dinner, he heard the floorboards creak behind him. He turned around just in time to grab Sigrunn mid-tackle, holding her under her shoulders while she flailed in the air.

“What’s this about, then?” He asked sternly.

Sigrunn tried to escape for a while more, then slumped in his grasp. “Sitala said you were going to be this clan’s chief.”

“And so you wanted to take over and claim Sitala for yourself?” Will questioned.

“No! No! No, I was just trying to see if you were worthy of having a beautiful and strong woman like Sitala.” Sigrunn hurriedly explained. “You proved you aren’t some lucky idiot, so you can let me go now. Please?”

Will wondered for a moment, then started lowering her to the ground and tickling her armpits at the same time. He kept tickling her until she was lying on the ground, out of breath.

As Sigrunn recovered from his attack, Will crawled over to her, standing on all four, with his hands pinning hers to the floor.

“Do you submit, or do I need to fuck you silly to make you accept me?” Will asked, grinning at a pouting Sigrunn.

Suddenly, she smiled back at him and said “Sorry, old man, but it’s a sexFIGHT.” and put a knee in his crotch.

Shocked and in pain, Will dropped down onto Sigrunn. He stayed like that for a few seconds, as he recovered and Sigrunn realized her stunt hadn’t achieved anything other than making Will angry.

Will didn’t waste time on words, opting to lick Sigrunn’s nipple instead. There was no way for Sigrunn to retaliate: her hands were pinned, all her legs could do was flail, and her head couldn’t bend far enough to stop Will from teasing her nipples.

Will kept teasing Sigrunn’s chest, alternating between licking, biting, and sucking the nipple, and kissing and biting the flesh around it. Sigrunn was powerless to stop him, and her moans spilled freely.

After ten minutes of this, Will lifted his head from her nipple and spoke to Sigrunn. “I can finish it. If I let go of your arms, will you be a good girl and not interrupt me?”

All Sigrunn could do was nod. Will let go of her left arm, and used his left hand to finger Sigrunn. She came in five seconds.

Will spoke again. “Are you alright?” Instead of the mocking Sigrunn expected, there was nothing but care in his voice. “I overdid it, didn’t I? Sorry.” His apology seemed genuine.

Sigrunn slowly recovered from her orgasm and turned to glare at Will. “If you’re really sorry, you’ll fight me fair and square next time.” She said.

“Sure.” Will agreed and stood. “Do you need help getting up?”

Sigrunn considered his offer for a moment, then shook her head. “I’ll get up when I feel I can.”

Meanwhile, the vampire girl returned to the bathroom with the healing ointment and clothes in hand, finding that Sitala had drawn a bath while the vampire was away. When she noticed the healing ointment, she beckoned the vampire closer.

“First we need to clean you up.” Sitala declared. “Get in the bath. Do you want me to wash you?”

“…Yes… Please…” The vampire nodded, put the clothing and the ointment apart, and entered the steaming bathtub, the water reaching just below her shoulders, followed by Sitala.

Sitala began with the vampire’s hair, using a brush to remove leaves and small branches from it. As she worked, she started a conversation with the vampire.

“What’s your name?” Sitala began.

“…Lenore. …Lenore Frost.” The vampire divulged.

“And why are you here, Lenora?” Sitala asked, having removed all the branches and just brushing Lenora’s gorgeous, silky smooth hair to remove tangles.

“…I ran from Kragen,” Lenora said, haltingly. “…Then your companion…” a hint of a blush spread across Lenora’s face, made even more visible by her pale skin, “…saved me…”

“So now you like him and want to stay with him? Make him your mate?” Sitala asked, understanding, and an almost imperceptible edge, in her voice, as she set the brush apart and hugged Lenora from behind, cleaning her smooth stomach with a sponge. Lenora blushed deeper and nodded.

Sitala let go of the sponge. “I love him too.” She said, causing Lenora to turn around, panic in her eyes. “You don’t have to be scared. I’m willing to share, especially with a beauty like you.” Sitala said and cupped Lenora’s breasts.

They were large, almost as large as Sitala’s, and so soft Sitala almost envied Lenora, but were also covered in scratches and what seemed like shallow cuts made with a blade rather than thorns.

Sitala coated her hands in the healing ointment and started fondling Lenore, enjoying her quiet whimpers and leaning over her shoulder, and seeing the injuries on Lenora’s chest disappear.

“Just remember he is mine,” Sitala murmured into Lenora’s ear. “And so are you.” She pinched Lenora’s nipples. “Any issues with that?” Her hands started roaming Lenora’s body, both healing Lenora’s injuries and remembering what Will did to her to make Lenora feel good and repeating the movements. Lenora’s soft moans were an encouraging sign.

As Sitala explored Lenora and applied the ointment, Sitala noted how perfect Lenora was. Lenora’s chest was large and soft and heavenly to the touch, her stomach was smooth and without blemishes, her hair was silky smooth, her thighs bigger and softer than Sitala’s and her face was beautiful, with a cute little mouth and nose, and large, blood red eyes.

Sitala decided to be rid of these feelings by finishing her conquest of Lenora, and once there were no more injuries to heal, Sitala gently bit down on Lenora’s adorable pointed ear, watching as it flushed red before her eyes, then fondled Lenora’s tits again while letting her other hand slither down to Lenora’s pussy and finger her.

Even Lenora’s quiet cries of pleasure as she came were adorable.

After Lenora’s orgasm, she sagged, leaning into Sitala, who whispered, “See? I told you you were mine.”

After that, Sitala and Lenora left the bath, dried themselves, and Lenora put on the clothes Will picked out for her: modest underwear, and a frilly black dress.

Will brought down some supplies and made pancakes. After eating, Sigrunn and Lenora were told to play nice and familiarize themselves with the cabin, and Will and Sitala ventured out once again.

Will walked for barely fifteen minutes when he bumped into [someone]( seemingly headed for the cabin.

The stranger had black hair, its tips turning white, and wore a black cloak, in addition to a grey outfit. Notably, both of her hands were missing, stumps just below the shoulder, and a shining hand, presumably made of magic, floated beside her.

Will greeted her: “Greetings traveler. Where are you headed?”

“No use keeping that a secret if you’ve seen me, I suppose.” The woman said. “For a cabin in the woods.”

“And why are you headed there?” Will asked.

“To hide.” She answered derisively. “To hide from fools who would claim a magician to be a heretic.”

“Then I believe you are going to the cabin I have been told to hide in and am living in right now. I can show you the way if you want. There is enough space for all of us, and supplies galore.” Will explained, as he walked, having turned around and heading back for the cabin.

“I will take you up on that.” The woman accepted, and they headed back.

Sitala also met someone very soon. As she was walking, a [beast girl]( stepped out of the forest.

“Oh my, what is a cutie like you doing out here?” the beast girl asked, leering at Sitala.

Sitala took stock of the beast girl, and her jealousy flared up again. The beast girl had larger breasts than Sitala did, and larger thighs and ass, too. Her hair was just as long as Sitala’s as well.

Sitala imagined Will going out and encountering the beast girl, being drained and taken by her, and realized she didn’t like that image. Better put her in her place now before it became a issue, Sitala decided.

“Establishing myself as the toughest bitch around.” Sitala said cockily.

The beast girl’s eyes narrowed. “You dare challenge me? I’m gonna fuck you silly, and then make you my sex slave. Take your mate too if you have one.”

Their first clash was a titfight, their well-endowed chests crashing into each other. The beast girl was slightly bigger, but even though the beast girl was surprisingly strong, Sitala was stronger still, resulting in a rather even clash.

After the initial impact, both women wrapped the other in a bear hug, trying to flatten their opponent’s chest by pressing their own pair against them.

To Sitala’s dismay, the beast girl was firmer, in addition to being larger, and her chest flattened Sitala’s. “Looks like mine are better, cutie~.” The beast girl remarked.

Not to be outdone, Sitala pushed against the beast girl hard, forcing her to lean back, then take a step back, which led to Sitala immediately closing the distance with another impact, and eventually, she toppled the beast girl, sending her sprawling on the ground.

“Not so cocky now, are you?” Sitala shot back, getting into the competitive spirit. Sexfights with Will were good, but Will was too considerate for their confrontations to be called sexfights, resembling more loving competitive sex. This, though, was a proper sexfight, that had pride at stake.

“You’re strong, I will say that.” The beast girl got up. “But that doesn’t change the fact that mine are better, does it?”

Not dignifying that with a response, Sitala lunged again, pushing the beast girl onto the ground. Their chests lined up again, though by unspoken agreement, instead of clashing, they rubbed against each other, attempting to arouse, and thus weaken, their opponent.

Sitala enjoyed her position on top of the beast girl and enjoyed feeling the beast girl trying and failing to get Sitala off of her even more.

“Not so cocky now, are you?” Sitala mocked the beast girl beneath her.

The beast girl knew she had to do something if she wanted to keep her pride, so she snaked her hand down to Sitala’s pussy and started fingering her.

The beast girl cherished the gasp and the moans she forced from her new rival, even as Sitala fingered her in retaliation, drawing those same gasps and moans from the beast girl.

After several minutes of progressively increasing the tempo, the beast girl broke first, her squeals and meals of pleasure echoing through the forest.

The beast girl’s eyes burned with shame. Yes, the battle was not over yet, but the first major loss, the first orgasm, had been hers. To make things worse, the newcomer, her rival, was still in a dominant position, and the battle could very well end like this, with her pinned and fingered into unconsciousness.

Sitala saw the despair of her opponent and realized that her time with Will had changed her, for she couldn’t enjoy the beast girl’s shame. Sitala was the challenger, the invader, to her territory, after all, and she was challenging the beast girl for an imagined offense.

Sitala got off the beast girl with a sigh and offered her a hand to help her to stand up.

“What are you doing?” The best girl asked, with shame and suspicion in her voice, starting at the offered hand. “Why are you giving up your advantage?”

“I worded my challenge poorly,” Sitala admitted. “I was just making sure you wouldn’t try to ambush my mate and claim him for yourself. You’ll agree to that, won’t you?”

The beast girl saw how nonchalant Sitala was being, and the mercy she was offering. But her pride wouldn’t let her submit this easily. “You challenged my territory. I cannot let that slide.”

“I apologize for the insult. I had gotten carried away. If you want to continue from an even footing, perhaps even in comfort, we can.” Sitala offered to the beast girl.

Seeing the newcomer, who was on top, lowering herself by apologizing, stunned the beast girl. She ended up taking the offered hand, not sure why she did so.

“Great. Now, do you want to continue here, or in a warm bed or bath?” Sitala asked the beast girl.

“Here. You won’t lure me to a trap that easily.” Suspicion had returned to the beast girl’s voice.

“But you will agree that regardless of the outcome, you will not take my mate.” Sitala stated, leaving no room for argument.

The beast girl was not in the mental state to argue about that, either. “Alright.”

“Good. Now, up you go!” Sitala helped the beast girl up. “And to make the next few contests fair,” she led the beast girl’s hands to her crotch, “finish me off so that we are on even footing.”

The beast girl stared at her rival, confused, then decided to make use of her rival’s apparent stupidity and plunged her fingers into her rival’s pussy, swiftly bringing her to orgasm.

As Sital came, she removed the beast girl’s hand from her crotch. “What now?” She asked.

The beast girl eventually made a suggestion: “How about 69?”

“Alright then.” Sitala agreed, then tackled the beast girl to the ground again. Once she had her down, she turned around, so that they each had their opponent’s crotch within reach of their mouths.

Without further prompting, both girls started eating the other out, willing to prove their superiority once more.

As Sitala was licking around the beast girl’s clit, the beast girl closed her thighs around Sitala’s head. The angle was not good enough for them to choke Sitala, but their softness was nonetheless distracting, so Sitala returned the favor and closed her own thighs around the beast girl.

The beast girl felt her rival’s thighs close around her. They were soft, but one could feel the flexing of strong muscles beneath. She felt her rival’s attacks, and continued her own assault, laying her tongue on top of her rival’s clit and quickly moving her head.

As the two girls felt better and better, Sitala transitioned from licking around the clitoris to using the tip of her tongue to attack it directly. The pleasure from this caused the beast girl to purr, causing her tongue to vibrate.

This new stimulation quickly overwhelmed Sitala, causing her to lose the round.

The beast girl enjoyed her victory, until her rival resumed her attack, quickly bringing the cat girl to her second orgasm.

Then the newcomer rolled off her and stood up.

“You got me,” Sitala said glumly. “We’re one and one. What now?”

The beast girl licked her lips. “There’s only one way to tell the better woman once and for all.” She sat on the ground and spread her legs.

Sitala understood immediately and joined her in a scissoring position.

The girls started grinding against each other, the two opponents gasping and mewling and moaning and whimpering, each delighting in their opponent’s every sound and every twitch.

Sitala felt she was gonna break. The beast girl, even after being defeated once, had the aura of a predator, of someone to whom Sitala was just prey, about her. When she met the beast girl’s gaze, she saw her face, and couldn’t help but feel outmatched. Nevertheless, she would not yield before she was unable to withstand anymore.

The beast girl felt her defeat looming over her. When she heard her opponent’s challenge, she wondered she was just a spoiled princess, free for the taking by a proud predator like her. Their first encounter proved her wrong. While she herself was a little bit sexier, her opponent was much stronger, and her crushing defeat in their fingering contest had shown her who was the better woman.

She wondered that maybe it was just a fluke after their 69 contest, but she was being at least equally matched by her rival in a scissoring contest, and she felt herself slipping. She met eyes with her opponent and saw not a princess, but a queen. Someone better than her, someone to submit to, someone to obey. A new alpha of the area. She hated it. She hated it and would, in the darkest recesses of her mind that she would never acknowledge or act upon, plot to overthrow her. For now, however, she had no choice but to submit.

The beast girl broke first. She came, screaming her defeat and submission and humiliation for all to hear. She then slumped and fell to her back, offering herself to the new alpha as their toy and slave.

Sitala saw the beast girl’s submission and knew she could not let it be. She offered the beast girl a hand. “Come on. Let me help you up.”

She helped the beast girl up. “I don’t want to force you to do anything. If you want to leave, you can leave. If you want to go with me, you can go with me. I live in a cabin, not far from here.”

The beast girl wondered for a while, then stepped towards Sitala.

“Alright. Now, what’s your name? Mine is Sitala.” Sitala introduced herself.

“Mika.” The beast girl said.

“Alright, Mika. Let’s go.”

The two women walked in silence.

Once back at the cabin, Sitala went back to the bathroom, intending to clean herself up from her romp through the woods. Unbeknownst to her, however, her day was not yet over. As she entered the bathroom, she noticed her reflection in the mirror was wrong. It showed an entirely [different woman]( The woman in the mirror had brown hair, a see-through blouse, and see-through skin-tight pants. She was also floating and leaning against the mirror.

Sitala, confused by this, reached out to touch the mirror. The moment she did, the woman from behind it grabbed her wrist, and when Sitala quickly backed away, the woman from behind the mirror came into the bathroom with her.

“Ahahahaha! At last, I am free!” The woman exclaimed, letting go of Sitala and floating in mid-air.

“And now,” the woman flew behind Sitala, “you are mine for the taking!” and started fingering and groping Sitala. Sitala reached for her, but before she could grab the woman, she dissolved into a puff of smoke, before reappearing in front of Sitala, her hands again on Sitala’s crotch and breasts.

“I’m going to make you my slave!” The woman exclaimed, and before Sitala could reach her, reappeared behind her again and resumed her fingering and groping. “And I’ll take your man, too!”

Sitala couldn’t get a hold of the woman, and she had already fought a sexfight shortly before. She fought valiantly, but the strange woman soon forced an orgasm out of her.

The woman was about to resume fingering, laughing maniacally, when she suddenly gasped. Sitala turned around and found Will had entered the bathroom and used the woman’s focus on Sitala to sneak up on her and grab her by the neck.

“Get your hands,” he slammed her face first into the floor, “off my mate!”

When he lifted her again, her face was intact, and she wasn’t showing any pain.

“Oh hello, handsome~.” She twisted her head 180 degrees and cooed at Will. “Don’t bother with her. I just proved I’m better than her.”

Seeing that despite the hit against the floor not doing anything to her, she hadn’t escaped his grasp, he decides to experiment and gave her a spank.

From her yelp of pain, she certainly felt that one.

“I got her, Sitala. Do what you will with her.” Will told Sitala and grabbed the floating woman’s wrists as well.

Sitala walked up to the woman. “I see you’re like the beasts around here. Territorial, and intent on being the best woman around.” She slipped her hand to the woman’s crotch. “But I’m the best woman around here. Let go of her, Will. I have to show her why I’m on top myself.”

Before the woman could disappear again, Sitala also grabbed her by the neck, fingering her at the same time.

The woman reached out to finger and grope Sitala back, but her hands quickly grew limp as she moaned more and more.

“You’re not a good sexfighter. You just rely on your strange abilities, but due to using them as a crutch, you cannot win in a direct fight.” Sitala told the woman, who couldn’t reply, seeing as she was making one continuous moan now, which built until she orgasmed and slumped in Sitala’s grip.

“You can stay, but never forget your place. Is that clear?” Sitala’s voice was cold.

“Yes, yes! I will know my place, so please let me go!” the woman pleaded, terrified.

Sitala let go. “Good.”


The next post will not be a part of this series. It will be a palette cleanser with more fantastical creatures sexfighting.

I was wary about adding the mage to the story, seeing as she is an amputee and some people may be uncomfortable with reading about amputees in their erotica. Should I involve her in future chapters, or should I have her make some kind of golem or puppet or zombie that will fight in her place?

I have a couple of chapter ideas left for this arc, in more or less any order. One is a battle royale between the newcomers; one is a chapter of just Will and Sitala having a good time together, both sexually and not, while retaining their good-natured competitiveness (in-universe, these two would be happening simultaneously); one is the group sexfighting actual enemies; one is another Willcock flashback (to see the reason he left home and is only returning after five years); one is about the relationships between the characters, with mostly not competitive sexual encounters; and one is a shopping trip with some sexfights with the city’s inhabitants. If you have opinions on what order these should be in, feel free to say so.

The arc after that will be a road trip by Will, Sitala, and possibly Mika, as they accompany Will on his visit home and meet the characters mentioned in Will’s flashbacks.

If you have any things that you would like less or more of (gimmicks like the ghost disappearing if no one is holding her, for example) feel free to say so. Any feedback is appreciated.

NSFW: yes